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April Pink Moon Zodiac Messages

Updated: Jan 12

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Pink Full Moon
Photo by Avery Lewis

April Pink Moon

If you're experiencing more unexplainable feelings than usual, April's Pink Moon may be trying to tell you something. The full moon arriving on April 6, 2023, brings us the balancing of Libra energy. The planets are shifting and may cause some hesitancy from a trying period to feeling a spring timing of rebirth and renewal.

Zodiac signs resisting change will be moved to Cut the Cords and start a refreshing jump into a healthier mind, body, and spirit, receiving well-deserved opportunities to begin a new journey built on the equal balance between all four elements. Air, earth, fire, and water will be in the energy coming toward all zodiac signs, ready for a spiritual makeover.


It's the time to rejuvenate our inner body and bring what we've been thinking into reality. Saying no more to crippling relationships, additive situations, and negative habits will have the opportunity to be gone for good.

The planets are aligning in a spectacular row showing what was hidden, exposing opposing rival energy and people for removal. The holding back will vanish as we attune our clarity and physical endurance.

The universal nudge to create a spiritual wellness maintenance plan will begin to surface in the unconscious mind and unseen realms. Once it arrives, there's no stopping any zodiac sign that pursues their Life and Soul purpose.

Lotus Flower
Photo by Jay Castor/Unsplash
Spiritual Maintenance Wellness Plan

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Each zodiac sign has astrological messages for the full moon's energy.


Pushed to meet goals and deadlines, a reprieve is on the way. Flow with the stars, releasing overburdens and capturing newfound energy with an open heart allowing the cosmos to drop in abundance and vitality. Energy clearing, refreshing starts.


After a long slumber of feeling seasonal changes, Taurus will catapult into overlooked possibilities and know what to do. Fatigue will leave with a negative pattern-enhancing mindset to see new, new, new. Heightened senses and spiritual growth creates a positive energy shift.

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Overworked and overlooked will get a jolt of energy through an energy-clearing session. Kiss fatigue away and get ready to become motivated to enjoy life with a new social group or person. The stars signify a work-life balance will be a regular part of your life going forward.


Work with the universe to remove boredom, frustration, and fatigue. Jump into a newly formed plan highlighting self-love, awareness, and social engagements as a simple lifestyle change. A new group or organization will follow where feeling safe to have an abundant life prevails.


Leo will feel the moon's transition throughout their physical and emotional bodies, with a push to take action. Domicile for months, Leo will regain confidence and boldness heard for miles around. Refreshed in the rebirth of body and spirit.



The need to be perfect will be leaving, replaced with a courageous inner desire to enjoy what consumes Virgos time. Family and friends will be showing up with this transformation. It's time to create a spiritual wellness maintenance plan and return those old, worn-out vibes where they belong. Positive shifts and fulfillment in everyday routines are highlighted.


If Libra was thinking, "Where did everyone go?" The cosmos show it's time to give back to the ones near and dear. A freshness of balance creates abundance and fun to return with a simple gesture. Cut away the manipulators and greet the centered inventors.


Start Today!

Photo by Freey

Release, let them go, and find restored confidence.

Use our cutting cords course and find instant relief in disconnecting what and who are no longer needed in your future. Access immediately - start today.



Let the Cord Cutting begin; releasing someone draining Scorpio will be favorable as the heavenly rewards appear in life. A powershift in relationships will be highlighted over the upcoming weeks. Confidence, equality, rebirth.


A dominating need to control will be leaving for the healthy-minded Sagittarius, creating an energy flow of abundance and rejuvenation. Stale relationships filled with negativity are coming to a final end as the cosmos test for the truth to shine through. Heightened senses and spiritual growth are here to stay.



Seeds planted a few months ago will begin to show the rewards and create an inner peace of being on the right path for Capricorn. Rebuilding connections and starting new projects will provide the key to unleashing hidden desires. Taking action will come naturally and prove favorable as the planets highlight stability and spiritual alignment.


A special time when feelings will sway decisions, particularly if dealing with the disgruntled. Anyone pushing your buttons to prove a point may be in for a surprise when love knocks and changes the situation as a win-win. Being open hearted never means being weak; instead, healed and ready for new birth.

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Ask yourself what it is you need to start fresh. The full moon in Libra will be helping to create equal give and take and bring Pisces an overdue blessing or wish to come true. The words "no more" will sound like a heaven-sent message promoting the restoration of peace in thoughts and being ready to love life to the fullest.


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