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Aries New Moon, Eclipse, and Retrograde

Updated: Jan 12

Zodiac Signs New Moon Forecast
Photo by Ascending Souls Journey

Aries New Moon

Get ready to use your sun sign to ascend into a new plateau. The Cosmos opens new opportunities, spiritual growth, and celestial celebrations—a psychic forecast.

The new moon in Aries and the powerful solar eclipse will arrive on April 20, 2023. These two powerful combinations will create change for all zodiac signs. Prepare to feel like a burnt ember fades out, and a rocket emerges! Spiritual empowerment will carry us into divine wisdom, enhancing our thoughts, words, and actions.

The month of April has been playing havoc with our emotions. The urge to walk away from something accompanied by breathlessness and some worry has given a grand finale of release, hitting a home run in our hearts through the natural energetic flow of the cosmos.

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The jittery awareness of something big grows as Aries pulls toward working with the eclipse, highlining endings, and new beginnings. Inner knowing, we must take action to find what and who we are, followed by the steps to make them appear in our daily lives.

Over the next several weeks, our sun sign characteristics will be blaring for us to follow our inner logic and tie in the heart to produce an opportunity we won't want to miss. A fiery Aries energy will overcome the dull and mundane, and a big cosmic kick comes with it!

If you've been wondering what your new path is, now is the time to reflect and create it with the help of the universe and shifting planets. According to author Helen Felix of, April's new moon "is rooted in the idea of reflection, intention setting, and manifestation." By following our intentions and using the energetic planetary shifts, we can make great strides toward improving one or more areas of life.


Each zodiac sign will have something to celebrate over the next few weeks. Those stuck in low vibrational energy can find themselves in a backward pull of Mercury In Retrograde, which starts its prime peak on April 21, 2023.

No matter our sun, moon, rising, and all other astrological placements, we will feel all angles of the three unseen vibrations poking, prodding, and pushing us into a direction to create a great new beginning over the next decade.



It's all about Aries in this exciting time. The planets will be nearby to help move away from a dogmatic situation, climbing into a cosmic cab and speeding through the universal positive flow. Abundance highlights those pushing away mercury retrograde and diving into dreams and desires. Make a plan and take action to manifest it!


The temptation to get the ultimate outcome will be challenged as a new opportunity appears with a fruitful appeal. Walk lightly to catch a star while letting go of the old stigma, and start walking the path less followed to prosperity. Breathing techniques will be a valuable asset in utilizing energy shifts. Reduce caffeine and cream-based foods.

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Troublesome thoughts will begin to disappear as the heating Aries vibes roll in, giving Gemini the advantage of getting a dream set aside over the past months. A new idea or tweak will be necessary to adapt to our changes, making this opportunity a sparkling gem. Healthy habits are highlighted for mental, emotional, and physical body gain. Nutrition adjustments may be needed.


Dreams may begin to come true for Cancers working on opening their heart to brand new concepts, ideas, and romance. A new or improved relationship will appear out of the blue, so keep maintaining positive thinking and let the cosmos bring it in. Energy clearing and exercise will help to let go of blockages. Natural and organic foods and products increase vitality.



Those Leo's experiencing a lack-daisy attitude will find themselves standing up in a are found empowered position. Career is highlighted with a focus on improvements and pay increases in the work arena. Self-confidence grows with spiritual coaching. Reducing alcohol consumption will prove most beneficial at this time.


Perfectionism will become obsolete with a cosmic push to increase confidence, making life easy to manage. Charming and alluring opportunities will help bring a dream partnership to reality. Watch, observe, and take action toward the final goal. Walking, running, and reading will give a feeling of grounded energy to make wise choices.

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An injustice causing many problems will rear around, and show now is the time to take action and kick it far out of sight. Family and romantic situations will highlight where the truth reveals deception, releasing Libra to take a leap of faith into a better solution. Facials, energy clearings, and letting go of chemicals will mold into a positive lifestyle. Avoid saying, "I told you so," and move forward.


Hearts may flutter from a long-awaited offer that will reinstate energy, joy, and vitality. Career and romance will highlight the optimal results attached. Keep awake through fatigue and increase exercise, reading, and positive thinking; the results will bring abundance. Psychic reading, reducing caffeine, and listening to music will help the cosmos bring positive energy.



A deep desire to do something will appear quickly, followed by realizing a recent error. Opening the heart and communication lines will reduce guilt or embarrassment. Take action to speak up and clear the karma to get positive results. Reducing starch and sugars will create a physical shift toward improved consciousness.


A dream will set off determination to find the truth hidden by lies blocking Capricorn from obtaining a new beginning. Use the energy shift to take a chance of stepping in to solve the dilemma, and a spiritual blessing will show up. Awareness comes through physical movement, particularly in the sun. A general check-up will improve the quality of health needed for a new opportunity arriving over the next several weeks.

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It's time to be the star! The words spoken will bring abundance and love back in, but this time from a different angle. Tear downs eliminate toxicity and create a minimalistic approach to something spectacular on the way. Speak up and take action to make a dream come true. Let go of an addiction blocking the positive flow. An energy clearing is needed for manifesting. Research and jump into action.


Hearts begin to flutter with a dream of someone presenting a gift or offer that will be important in the coming months. The stars push career, romance, and self-enhancement to help Pisces start a new beginning. Hydration, a spiritual reading, and increased organic products will help with clarity and vitality. It's time for Pisces to stand out in the crowd!


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