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Awakening vs. Ascension

How do we know which phase we are in or have already completed? Here are two essential pieces of the spiritual and human growth cycles that lead to awareness and completeness of the mind, body, and soul, leading to empowerment.

photo by Jametlene Reskp; Unsplash

What is the difference?

"Why this and why that" are two of the most common words from our clients. As they search for the meaning of life events, the reason for repeating life cycles, and wonder if there is more than what is happening today, the brain begins to thirst for nourishment. Our minds crave knowledge and truthful insight.

Living our daily routines, we learn to do specific things at specific times, and everything will put us in a place of receiving goodness, joy, and prosperity. These teaching come from all different areas, including our family, friends, society, and core beliefs.

For example, we may have been told that if we graduate high school and going to college will bring us good fortune. That saying is true for some; however, others follow that path only to get into debt for years with a low-paying, low-valued job, feeling failed by the outcome.

Another example is getting married by a certain age and having children will bring all the love and joy we need. Again, it's proven true for some, but the theory has been proven wrong for others.

Past ideologies may have worked for that period, but today we are waking up to something different. Independence to create a life we love is the main focus worldwide. The concept would entail that we choose on our own accord. It simply makes no sense to the person that followed the status quo.

So how does this apply to the awakening process, and does it bring us to Ascension?


What is the awakening?

The awakening is each breaking free from the beliefs of others, the social projections of what we should and shouldn't do in our lives, and seeing the truth in the life we've created. Easy, right? Not necessarily.

While we travel through the different stages from childhood to adulthood, we encounter many of the wonders and pleasures in life. Equally, we face pain and stress that can make us bring out the emotional side that seems to make no sense to the mental or logical side of ourselves.

Romance seems to be a high point that triggers many into the wake-up process; however, it isn't necessarily true. The awakening process comes from heightened emotions within, referred to as triggers. Our feelings are attached to anything or anyone we love. If we have a deep emotional connection, it can be easy to get poked, stirring us into bliss or frenzies. Love of a career where years of dedication and energy were our primary focus, now changed or gone, can quickly flip the lights on to see life in a new way. No matter what we open our hearts to, it is now on a perch for reflection. Poking and prodding move us to make sense of the experience attached to our feelings and emotions.

For decades, most notably seen since 2020, people have been looking deeper at what we do and who we associate with in our personal lives. Questions have swirled around the minds and hearts of many as they dive into an unknown depth.

Unexplainable emotional outbursts seem to take control as if we've handed them to an out-of-this-world realm. Stubborn energy that once gave us the upper hand no longer works, as tears fall for something that carries no actual value.

A repressed feeling of defeat overpowers us, once again forcing us to prepare for an unseen but felt in the moment. Shortly after, we can gain remarkable strength to keep searching for more information and validation.

Accountability for our choices is brought to a boiling point as we remove and recycle the lives we've created. The missing pieces of mystery unfold in front of us while adjusting ourselves to a different lifestyle.

All our decisions on who we commit to and allow in our lives continue to grow. The impacts of the choices leave us letting go because there's no point in carrying it any longer. As we silently rejoice, knowing we have made inner accomplishments, we feel the desire to make a difference in helping others reach a bright twilight of confidence.

Helping Humanity

The desire to create a better world has returned to a heightened level compared to years prior, and yet we may still be wondering how we can contribute, if at all. A heavy presence will be in our thinking to make sure we take action to stop overthinking.

To help others, we must thoroughly understand who we are and our essential role in creating a life we love. If we become emotionally attached, will we soar high, or will we? If we carry the old paradigm, this may come to a partial completion because the old is still lingering in the desire for the new with additional or further confusion.

The new attachments will bring us forward and lead us to the thinking associated with what we are doing. If the thoughts don't align with the feelings, then we will not progress as we imagined—an unseen energetic block forms, which affects other areas of our progress.

Seeing the authentic self means we must invest in ourselves to dive deep into a consciously unseen area that is stuck. Being stuck in anger, jealousy, and wanting revenge from someone that hurt us will distract our new beginning. The unseen emotional and mental attachment to these old beliefs will become entwined in our everyday life without us knowing.

Knowing who we are, makes us see that none of us are alike. There are things we believe are good and evil, while others see them differently. So which side do we choose? Hopefully, we are saying outside. If it doesn't feel right to be around someone, we must leave without malice or anger. A "knowing" that releasing them will free us up and allow us to create newness.

Let's look at a person who was an interior decorator for the past decade or two. The changes we are facing in the outside world today will most definitely trigger this person into an awakening. The scope of work has always been to meet clients in their homes and go to work to create a fair haven for them. However, today, this would no longer apply due to the creative apps that allow people to do it independently.

The designer must find a way to adapt to the new paradigm that stands at the forefront. They must wake up to their realization they can no longer do it the same way. If they are stubborn and believe they will revert everything around them to return in time, they will stay in a stuck pattern for as long as they choose.


Diving into their analogies will pull out everything taught, leaving a blank canvas for them to create a new path using their talent and skills for a new career. When they remove the anger from feeling forced to change, cry out their emotional attachment, and open to see they can create what they want, amazing things will begin.

The awakening process is the awareness of what is no longer working, so we must find a new way that will trigger us into all stages of grief. Imagine it as the old version of us is leaving, and a new, improved form is beginning. Seeing the truth about ourselves goes deep; those stages are an automated process for anything that leaves our lives.

Now that we have secluded ourselves and go through the anger of having to analyze and change, crying out the attached, we can accept the real "us." Creativity, the ability to be a loving and loveable person that can proudly walk in society, emerges. We can see the realism of every person around us and Micro Vibe our way into blending into modern life.

The Ascension

The globally recognized transformation process of the inner core alignment is also known as the Ascension. Scientifically it's been proven we have two separate "brain thinking segments." One is logical thinking, and the other side uses emotional thinking. One is on the left, the other on the right side of the brain.

Spiritually referred to as the DM (Divine Masculine), and the other is the DF (Divine Feminine). DM represents logic, and DF represents emotions. Both are attached to our inner beliefs and ways of functioning in life.

When we are out of balance, the two begin to perform in separate ways creating a split-mind effect. We can go back and forth from the emotional to the logical and repeat it until we see the solution. The outcome can come instantly for some, while for others take a longer time. Everything evolves from our inner thoughts and beliefs; typically, the growth process takes one to two years to complete.

Often we will become exhausted and stop thinking, which leads us into isolation and begins the analytical process to figure out what is going on and right into the awakening process. Even after we have gone through the self-evaluation and truth cycle, we will continue to revert until every situation is examined.

The word Ascension means going up. Moving forward and climbing the mountains of uncertainty and unfamiliar territory because we know the outcome will benefit us. The rise always comes after the fall. That is seeing the truth internally and externally where emotions and logic unite.


Centering our beliefs, thoughts, and feelings is difficult, especially if we are repeating old patterns. The cycle continues to pull us back into the awakening process. It can often give us the feeling we are doing something wrong and need to complete something. However, this is not the case.

As we review everything and sort out what works for us and what doesn't, we move forward like playing a game of chess. Although we move through the game board with accomplishments, the game doesn't end until there is a winner. When we have fully completed everything in that area of focus, then we ascend.

Is there more than one Ascension?

Yes, there is for most humans. Because of the years of living our life built on what our parents thought, what school taught us, and not creating the life we love, we must go through different levels of completion.

Our brains and hearts can only handle one serious issue at a time. We may see outcomes that represent the fully ascended self. However, the entire breakdown takes time and patience. When we master the beliefs of money, we will begin to create a new path toward financial gain that will remain with us for years, possibly our entire lifetime.

When we master both the positive and negative sides of romantic relationships, we will be open to receiving the perfect relationship partner, but only if we choose. The beauty of our newfound love of self will always come first. It may be going solo and enjoying our life as one rather than two; however, there is a true partner for everyone. Again this is a choice we make internally and will reflect in our outside world.

If we choose to focus on ourselves for the next several years, it is a place where ascending to feeling loved and adored comes naturally. If we love ourselves and benefit others, then others who should be in our life will love us too. No matter what area of life we face, it will lead to Ascension in our present days.

As we grow, we can only accomplish full completion by taking action toward our goals. Each growth spurt brings in new plans allowing us to see more, feel more, and gain more. It can bring awareness to different dimensions co-existing with us in modern civilization, including the unseen energies surrounding us. The growth also opens us to look at the universal complexities of higher realms and dimensions that seemed so far-fetched yet now seem to make sense.

Balancing the mind with our emotions leads to the growth of our core - the oneness. The expansion allows us to understand there is so much to learn about the outer realms and how they affect us, such as astronomy, astrology, psychics, mediumship, and the reality associated with them. There is no right, no wrong, but instead, what is right or wrong for ourselves. The collective consciousness movement brings us the information we seek to expand into the different ascension processes that occur after we've mastered human reality.

Are you in the awakening process or the Ascension? Which level of reality have you attained?

Leave us a comment and let us know; we want to hear from you.

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