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Blue Jay Love

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

I continue to see two birds that hang around when I walk out the front door in my travels. One on the right, whoosh! from the left flutters its wings in front of me as it lands next to the other bird on the grass.

Every day I walk outside, they fly by. Sometimes they're only 6 feet from me, acting like I'm one of them. Each time I see them, I think of my grandparents. Could it be that they are the true loves of that type we all want in our lives? My family thought so. It is my interpretation of what true love is from a spiritual perspective.

Have you met two people who looked like they could be brother and sister but were a couple? Two peas in a pod, or two that become one. The inner connections they both have brought them to their union's interconnection.

They think alike and have the same dreams and goals—those two unique individuals are in complete sync. The soulmates, as many would call them. They have a vibration that feels like we've known them forever. It is a push of energy that casts off others to believe they have known each other for eternity. For example, the server asked how many years you've been together, and with a giggle, we said no, we just met.

The person we can call at 2:25 am, and they will talk to us. Maybe even sing to us, comforting for whatever we need. Now they have become our best friends and romantic partner. Together, we create our new family. Together, choosing if we will grow and multiply with babies or blend into the earth through travel and passion.

The two people can kiss for an hour and hold hands while watching a movie together. The steadfast love that never lets us believe we have no value. They hold us up when they are around and give us the freedom to move, creating our happiness with and without them.

So many romantic love stories have come from true-life experiences. A soulmate reunion happens, often never reaching the heightened passion that we desire from the other—a familiar something about them we love to be around, to have, and hold each other.

The two blue jays are soulmates. Perhaps they reincarnated from my grandparents to the birds that greet me daily. Standing outside, I think a question and one of the two will fall straight down from the prime point on the oak tree. They are so straightforward and fast it looks like they're going to splat onto the ground - but they don't. Both always stop just before their feet touch the ground.

Synchronicities come from those we love. My grandparents have been with me for several weeks through the birds. They fly in at the right moment for me. The minute I need confirmation, they stand a few yards from my reach. Never scared of my presence or even body movement. They are familiar inside my soul. I know who they are and why they are around me; blue jay love is everywhere. Psychic enhancement is here.

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