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Breaking Barriers Through Words

Updated: Sep 11, 2022

Undoubtedly, our world has changed over the past few years, along with millions of people. The type of colors we wear, where we work, and who we spend our time with will forever keep us moving into a new modernized society—an empowerment perception.

Going with the flow doesn’t rule out giving up on our beliefs; instead, it creates a beginning to allow specific people to take action and become a contributor in standing up and pushing for what is right, fair, and justified. At least, that’s what we hope is happening. One thing is for sure, people who have adapted to using paths that no longer could be of potential harm toward racism, fascism, sustainability, and other areas are awoken more now than ever.

It isn’t to say there are some still stuck in the past or are too stubborn to accept the new changes; there are plenty. These individuals have no desire to change or broaden borders that contribute to a dividing society across the globe.

Often they are viewed by others outside their regular groups and spiritual communities as lost souls that will take a long time to see reality in its true meaning, if ever. One can even say they have embarked on an egotistical way of living, most definitely through their speaking habits.


Over the last decades, people have become enlightened about the power of words to create positive or negative flow in our lives. We’ve seen it played out through some people in the public eye who have discussed the power of wordplay. Many have awoken that there seems to be truth in this belief. We are also looking at the words we speak and their impact on society.

A negative or stuck person may place a derogatory comment on a social media post that can influence the readers that follow. An unseen undertone emerges through spoken and written words that can create more havoc or increase emotional responses simply from one post. As we move forward in making life changes, these types of comments and people will become isolated and eventually obsolete.

How do we know when someone is unable or unwilling to break barriers and create a modernized peaceful society?

Many signs won’t come in spiritual synchronicity but through a humanistic programmed trait. Typically, through customers and clients, those in the service industries that work side by side with these individuals can hear them talk the talk without walking in sync with their words.


Often, these individuals may not realize the old patterns they impose or may feel it is still socially acceptable, but ignorance is no longer bliss. “Micro Vibes” by LA Gonzales describes many clues to help us out with the negative people around us that cause deep-rooted problems; however, our language carries many clues to find out if someone is stuck or unwilling.

Using the old language paradigm gives a subtle clue we may in for a long walk with a person who isn’t fully understanding what peace and community in society are about as they continue to walk in the old cycles.

Here are some examples of the words and phrases from the past and stubborn and the newly modernized meanings we are referring to listed as “old” and “new”:

Old New

  1. New normal New World

  2. Culture Community

  3. Circle back Pulled lessons

  4. Boots on the ground Grounded

  5. Give 110% Give high-energy vibes

  6. Win-win Ebb and flow

  7. Move the needle Move energy flow

  8. Growth hacking Awareness

  9. Think outside the box Seeing beyond

In reading the words, particularly out loud, we can hear the negative undertone surrounding the old vs. the new. Through the terms listed, one can detect that hidden meanings related to particular areas of defeated energy can be sent to the listener, leaving them “scratching their head” in wonder because they feel the darkened undertone. A negative energetic vibration signals to the body, brain, and core that something doesn’t feel right with what we hear.

For example, if a listener hears the words “new normal,” it may be construed as defeating and typical of the past, whereas “new world” sounds brighter and uplifting. The words “win-win” can be viewed particularly by those in their late older years as a negative way of someone getting more than the other, yet “ebb and flow” sound in balance and equally positive.

The word “all” can also be considered a derogatory word, perhaps in both the past and present aspects. Clumping everyone under the same umbrella is like saying all tarot cards are evil, which is not the case. Tarot cards are not magic and hold no power but rather the story of life. The reader or interpreter is the one that finds the messages and gives them to the other person.


Each person will decide the tone and meanings behind the words of others. Many understand energy vibrations from another without seeing or proof they are dealing with someone in the stuck or stubborn category. The core, or authentic self, has an internal mechanism that can detect negativity from all angles. We can refer to this as an intuitive radar or gut knowing.

Perhaps it is time for us to speak the words that welcome everyone into the same available space and paths in society. Using the new words removes many of the separations that have created many problems throughout history, which is a great asset to everyone who walks the earth. The land we all call home.


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