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Colorful Gifts For All Zodiac Signs

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Gift giving for zodiac signs

Give the present that emphasizes their presence in transforming your particular person's life.

We all have someone important we want to give a holiday gift to, even if it is ourselves. There are many ways we can help someone raise their vibration or clear the cobwebs from their minds. We are opening their hearts to healing and bringing a powerful punch to help with stability.

Empowerment Colors

Color is an essential piece of us that contributes to our human life experiences. When we find our perfect color, we can dance the night away, wake up and keep going stronger. Each zodiac sign has a color that brings empowerment to them. Even if we don't consciously realize it, the hues and undertones vibrate into our natural surroundings. From our undergarments to the overcoat on top, we have a mysterious attachment to colors.

Wearing or holding the unique color isn't only for the zodiac sign believers; it is for everyone. The exchange of vibrancy unconsciously helps each person. Choose the color that represents your special person to make the perfect purchase and give the gift that keeps sending the messages you care about them.

Selecting a bold gift of mystery and accuracy can also set your present at the front of the line. People are growing their awareness of the value of holistic healing, including tarot readings and psychic empowerment coaching. We have the ultimate opportunity to give them something that will bring value. Your special someone will gain clarity through our services, find and begin removing energy blocks, and make changes to their benefit.

Fire Signs

These individuals bring us a deep passion for starting new projects, taking on exciting adventures, and mingling with others that stimulate them and those they love. Look for items that invocate the mysterious side of life through travel. A magazine or ticket to a new destination will surely win them over!

Red is a fiery burning color activating action! Orange and yellows may be an option for our spicy zodiac signs under this umbrella. Bold, audacious, and daring colors are essential to winning the vote on the best gifts this holiday season. Stay clear of blue, as this may lead the gift to be tossed in the unwanted closet or regifted later.

  • Aries - Red

  • Leo - Gold,

  • Sagittarius - Purple, Fuchsia

Earth Signs

Our earth signs love to blend with nature. Skiing equipment, renting a cabin, or a piece of vibrant art emphasizing the outdoors and animals will be a safe bet for this group. Wrapping a present of coins or stocks will also be a winner in their book.

Furnishings with brown wood involved or an article on eco-friendly clothing would be another fabulous idea. Green is favorable for all born under these signs. Mixing in yellow and cream will create perfect harmony. Stay clear of reds and bright yellows, leaving those for the fire signs.

  • Virgo - Cream, brown

  • Taurus - Green

  • Capricorn - Black, brown, khaki

Empowering Gifts

Energetic clothing and jewelry for your favorite person at an exceptional price. Noracora has a stylish fashion to empower all your favorite people on your holiday, especially you!


Fashion by Noracora * by using our link, we may receive a small compensation.

Water Signs

Float in the flowing streams of watery emotions; our water signs love, love. Whatever inspires them to open their heart would be the beginning step toward the perfect gift. Look deeper if you hear them bringing up something that makes them happy—drawn to nature with water in the mix, like waterfalls, swimming pools, streams, and fountains. Schedule a hiking or tour in the nearby mountains or spend the day in a market venue displaying their favorites. Not only will they happily engage in the fun, but they'll also show you exactly what they want.

Soft and silky fabrics and items made of fluff will strike the positive button! Their colors are a big part of who they are, and they are proud of it!

  • Pisces - Pink

  • Cancer - White, Silver

  • Scorpio - Black

Sale $27 - Holiday Special Offer

Air Signs

Riding the waves of the air, the high-intellect communicators of the zodiac signs are like a unique blend—of colors representing light energy, including flying high through the galaxy. Excellent choices would include numbers, internet apps, telecommunication toys, and other areas of air. Buy them a ticket to a music concert or the local art gallery would be happily received by our air signs.

Striking and audacious clothing and jewelry are on the top of the list, but make sure it is in their tones. Their colors give a boosted empowerment that helps them soar to new heights in their careers and family lives.

  • Aquarius - Blue, Electric Blue

  • Libra - Light Blue

  • Gemini - Yellow

Perfect Holiday Gift for our Aquarians. Visit our store for more ASJ designs.


Holiday Sales

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