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Combining Faith and Intuition

Updated: Jan 12

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Combining faith and intuition leads us into exciting times where the possibilities are endless. We are changing - growing our creativity and spirituality and expanding into our true selves, including Intuition.

With all the changes, there comes trepidation and uncertainty. In previous experiences, we've had to alter our personal lives where everything crumbles in front of us, creating low vibrational energy. These feelings instill fear and doubt, and other emotional triggers until we reach the new chosen path. However, looking back, we can see our situation became something better or more suitable for our lives.

The transitioning phase can be a challenge. A period where we are moving from one life phase to another or one soul's journey to a new one. This time allows us to connect for a higher purpose for ourselves and others where our spiritual gifts are needed. Every person is in this phase in at least one or more areas of their life.


Each of us will encounter testing of Faith and intuitive abilities. Both are for strengthening our connection to the universe, God, and ourselves, all of which are part of our spiritual and humanistic interconnecting journey. It can happen in many ways, unique to our experiences and spiritual contracts with others.

For many, the realization of transitioning came through a soul connection that evolved into the twin flame journey. A puzzling situation that takes us into a deep introspection of ourselves and everyone around us. The Divine Masculine represents our logic, and Divine Feminine represents our emotions. Both remind us of our purpose in this life, where Faith and Intuition play primary roles. The revelations that happen are astonishing. Bad choices, good choices, and everything in between show up at the right time for us to examine our karmic ties and soul contracts. Who is valuable to help us achieve our spiritual growth, and who or what keeps us in the cycle of negative karma that must be released.

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We can clear our karma and tear up our spiritual contracts without the other person. Again the clearing, tearing, and rebuilding will play out in various ways. Some karma will be received and may not feel good, while others arrive as a reward for completing the cycle.


Faith is a deep connection to the universe, God, And ourselves. Asking, meditating, and praying for something and believing it will happen. There is no doubt.

If we have any thoughts of doubt, it will cause confusion and immediately remove our request from above. Faith keeps us in a higher vibration removing blocks and allowing us to be open to receiving.

It can be one of our most valuable and liberating experiences. Validation and acceptance are sent to us, wrapped in warmth and love.


We all have Intuition, and great things can happen by using it. Now is the time to understand what types of spiritual gifts we have while increasing our inner knowing or gut feeling.

Intuition is felt through the body, drawing the main focus to the solar plexus area. The small space will be filled with tugging, pinging, and a centered calmness. The invisible cord that connects to the source sends information back and forth with the answers and guidance we need. It activates us to take action or do something.


Sometimes we can see a glimpse of something or hear it in our head and in other ways. We are born with various specialties, and each will pull us to our center space for intuitive confirmation. Everyone has this tight-woven connection for guidance, so we begin to realize what we think of someone can be felt miles away without speaking a word.

Faith and Intuition benefits

Faith and Intuition have significant benefits that are endless when we master them. There are vast possibilities for us and others if we are aligned with the unseen outside energies; for our earthly selves and our souls contract for each lifetime.

Most favorable results for Faith:

A deep connection to the universe and energy vibrations

Builds a deeper bond with God

Aligns us to have the highest form of love through self-love, self-confidence, and humanity.

How our thinking affects our life

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Most favorable results for Intuition:

Building higher self-esteem

Prevents possible upcoming negative situations with situations and people

What food to avoid

What people, places, and things to remove

Using Faith and Intuition for a positive outcome. Extremely ill for two years, my daughter was being tested and treated like a pin cushion. She had tears streaming down her cheeks. Shaking and trembling. Her eyes were filled with terror and pain. My Faith and Intuition kicked in to give her relief.

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The benefits are truly endless. We can use them to avoid traffic collisions, pass exams, and choose who we associate with, including romantic partners. If we ask and see what we want, the guidance is there. Every decision we make will produce the best outcome that we envision.

We are all born with greatness! Mastering our Faith and Intuition benefits us in every way. If, for any reason, we feel It may be hidden, forgotten, or gone, that is incorrect - they are always with us. Negative experiences happen because of the spiritual bond, soul contracts, and the people

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we decide to allow in our lives, people's beliefs, or fear of a karmic tie. Now is the time to finally let go of the negative and use our Faith and Intuition for a favorable outcome.

Ask yourself if it's time to clear out your karma? Your Intuition may tug at you that it's time to let go. It's time to tear up soul contracts and start new ones. Not sure? Read more below.

Join us in the big event! Karma can have severe and painful side effects lasting multiple lifetimes, not just today. If you constantly think of someone or a situation from the past, it may be time to clear out the binding karma and start a new spiritual contract. If you feel repeating cycles of guilt, inadequacies, that you have a curse on you, or continuously returning to someone, this event will help eliminate the heavy vibes and negative consequences and set your soul free to start new.

We will cover the following:
- The meaning of karma in our current and past
- A soul contract in detail
- The effects if one person not completing their side of the contract
- How to call the universe, guides, and angels for support
- Guided method to clear out the karma and tear up the contract with your guides in a deep energy cleanse

We will call in your higher forces to help you clear, tear up, cleanse, and start a new contract.

Find out more about this Grand Event and book your seat with discounts, free gifts and more.


MICRO VIBES Is a step toward clearing Karma

Using Micro Vibes by LA Gonzales can set us free to feel alive and vibrant again. We can understand if our situation comes from our soul's contract or if we're dealing with a narcissistic person trying to throw us off track.

From the author:

I was guided to write the book "Micro Vibes" to help others align with their spiritual gifts - Intuition. Using these special birth rites combined with micro expressions we can become a human lie detector.

Identify toxic people, including narcissistic players and avoid negative situations from happening.


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