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Community Updates

Hello beautiful souls.

While the energy is changing everything around us, our community is changing too.

Here are some of the changes that will be of importance for everyone.

Single private sessions will become unavailable over the next several weeks. We have been offering them for the past four years and will bring them back this summer at selected times.

Currently, we have some great discounts that are offered to our community, including a $26.99 quick insight review. Check out the others and place your orders before they close.

* 30-day, 90-day, and multi-group plans will continue to be available.

The Energy Shift Prediction blog highlights certain areas that we will need to review, including becoming part of an organization or new community of like-minded people. We are excited to introduce two new Focus Group Plans. Both are fantastic ways to engage with others and much more.


Women's Empowerment Focus Group Plan

Creating a new you and bonding with other empowering women:

Includes (1) FREE reading, monthly virtual group focus discussions with fellow members and guest speakers, discounts on upcoming events, and more.

This is an annual plan with a small fee of $39.99 to cover business expenses - the rest is on us!

Wellness Maintenance Plan

A spectacular for staying grounded and feeling fresh through our worldly changes, including:

(1) free reading, a digital plan with suggestions for each day of the month, monthly virtual focus group discussions, and more.

This is an annual plan with a small fee of $39.99 to cover business expenses - the rest is on us!


Intuitive Tarot For Making Money - Course

Learn how to interpret the tarot by combining your intuition and making extra income. Our new (8) weeks course is now open for a small group of individuals who want to make extra income. The course will cover everything you need for beginners and those already practicing. It also includes recommendations on how to set up a business for profit. With over 40 years of psychic visions, energy vibrations, and other skills, you will be learning to begin to master a true art form, have fun, and earn more.

(8 ) Week virtual course begins soon and is limited to 20 people. All you need to do is enroll and bring your tarot cards and yourself to our virtual class.

To find more information and invest in your earning potential, please click the button below.


Let us know!

Let us know how you like the new website. Is it creative and flowing? Easy to find what you want? Any problems with links or buttons? Contact us and give feedback to help be a diversified and friendly place to hang out.

Ascending Souls Journey is here to help humanity in a big way. Join us in our free and paid programs and together make a difference in the world. Join our

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