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December Is A Month For Empowerment

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

December is a wonderful time of the year. A glance at the prior months can give us a point in a new direction and return meaning and purpose to our future. Fresh and fragrant scents of positive abundance and prosperity are in the coming months. We know it. We feel it deep within our souls.

Personal empowerment is here and growing in the new year. But are we there? Can we find out through motivational and inspirational videos and quotes? Our opinion is yes, absolutely! What better way to gain helpful information than listening to an intuitive or psychic medium giving predictions of what to avoid and when to take action? Even better, many motivational speakers share knowledge and wisdom for free through social media.

When we hear someone sharing an experience similar to ours, the message resonates with us on a deep internal level. Triggers can go off to create excitement and also include paying close attention to what to avoid.

Our personal lives are changing and ramping up to keep up with global changes. If we don't see past the emotional and mental attachments, it can bring us back into another repeating cycle. Encountering the same type of romantic partners because we didn't remove blockages from the past is not something we think we want, yet we need to learn how to move out of it.

There are delightful, heartwarming movies, videos, and music that can help us feel the connection to someone we miss and even another that may have wreaked havoc around us, encouraging us to cry. The triggers are spiritual warnings that we still have some work to do to avoid another repeating cycle.

If something feels familiar and safe, we are prone to dive in without caution. Opening up because the person or situation reminds us of something that brought delight, and we wish we could have it back again.

But is it the right time for a reunion?

Without closure, it can make our heads spin with many questions, and never receiving the answers creates conflict and confusion. Thus, a divide is formed that keeps us in an unbalanced and non-productive position. It returns us to that exact situation while the inner divide inevitably creates the same outcome.

The closure never comes from someone else but from our mind, body, and soul. Therefore, we must work hard through the muck to become clear on finding the answers within. Sometimes there are no answers other than we were involved in a situation where both sides needed to be on the same page. Somewhere we disagreed even if both sides said they agreed.

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Hearing general messages in the free videos and forums is a great start to begin the closure process. Something mentioned can help us see a different perspective than what we had prior. It can bring us more information that helps us get the personal support to become enlighted through our intuition, our inner psychic soul. They are a great beginning and continuing support as we look further to find real familiarity and meanings.

Do General Motivational and Inspirational messages give us full completion?

To sum it up, the answer is no. Because there are hidden elements, it can alter the general messages. If something is triggering us in our thoughts, it is excellent but usually does not bring healing. Each person goes through past traumas that others have not experienced. Some have domestic violence and abuse, while others deal with being a victim of a shady giver. Although they sound similar, they are not necessarily so.

Listening to the positive messages keeps us working to find solutions and have the strength to address the issues head-on and heal them once and for all. Deep self analyzation is the best route to take that leads us to closure and completion. Whether we choose to work with an intuitive empowerment coach, a social worker, or both, it is our focus to get it resolved that makes the completion fulfilled.

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Starting over

Starting over and making life changes is only easy if we have the perseverance to make it happen. Filling our minds with valuable and truthful information is a vital component, along with opening our hearts and learning to block ourselves to prevent a repetitive situation. Everything we think has relevance to the way we see ourselves. Everything we feel makes a difference in connecting our inner self to the outer world. Each action brings us closer to creating new experiences and meeting new people - this time without being triggered. Hearing that person's name no longer brings up anger. Driving by the old building no longer provokes us to cry.

The completion is what brings us back to our empowerment. Valuable insights that we are born with guide us through life. It can be challenging to stand up for our beliefs alone until we find a group of like-minded others. Finding specific groups that encourage a raw perception is essential to continue moving toward our goal.

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2023 will be an amazing year. There will be many similarities of past events coming back in; however, with our empowered self returning, we won't walk down the same paths. Even if we find ourselves moving into a place where we must guard ourselves, we can find the culprit and remove it. Full personal power to find, fix, and remove quickly to avoid disasters and know what to change.

It will be an exciting time filled with high competition and high rewards. Optimal health of the mind is imperative. Exceptional physical and emotional health is crucial. Understanding ourselves and what we want is the key to unlocking a fulfilling new direction with or without others from our past.

There is no doubt many people will not complete their repeating cycles. They will stay stuck and move into relationships and toxic experiences that may cause us to go backward. The real question is will it be us, or will we choose to find, heal, and remove to produce the positive outcome we dream about, the vision we've seen where we are the best version of ourselves?

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