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Dream Interpretations

Daydreams and night dreams are unseen, inner knowings often telling us a hidden secret message. Each one comes filled with multiple messages from our unconscious mind that can move into our conscious mind allowing us to use the unfamiliar to help us.

When we think about the dream, we ask ourselves, is it real?

Is there a meaning behind that person or idea that keeps coming back into our thoughts?

Why do I keep having the same dream?

Often we can find the answers when we transmute the unconscious to the conscious. Many hidden universal synchros guide us through our dreams toward an opportunity. Triggers take place in us that speak volumes of depth in a simple and small repetitive dream sequence.

The translations can include a broad spectrum of areas like; learning new skills that bring something better to us, a career change, a new person who will get back the love we were missing, or an idea that can turn into lots of income. Equally, they can be indicators that trigger our intuitive side to walk away from a negative situation.

Dreams hold power from our higher self and can:
  • Inspirational to us to something new

  • It gives us a brief escape from reality

  • Warnings to go in a different direction

  • Develops mental focus

  • Bring awareness we can do or say something

  • It shows us an unconscious knowledge of the truth

  • Fantasy can become a reality

  • Restores hope

  • Increases faith

  • It leads us to feel empowered

What are your dreams telling you?

Understanding how to break down the fun-filled fantasies from the potential realities is an asset that will help us through life. Gaining knowledge of the ebb and flow of giving to get something better is a lesson. Learning is easy and should be on our daily to-do list. A push from the cosmos that we have a choice, but it's up to us to take action.

Dreams are about to get real! Universal energies in October through December 2022 will be a highlighted season as rewards for putting our dreams into a tangible part of humanity, particularly around human kindness.

Have you found the hidden messages and now know what you must do or not do?

We invite you to join our Dream Interpretation Workshop.

We will look at each highlighted area, giving methods to translate and understand the hidden meaning of our dreams. The webinar calls attention to everyone ready to solve these unseen signals, especially spiritual advisors, professional psychics, certified energy healing, empowerment coach, and anyone wanting to apply these skills and interpretations to make positive life changes.

Dream Interpretation Virtual Workshop with Q/A
Saturday, July 9th
12 - 2:30 pm EST/9 am PST
Visit our website and find out what your dreams mean.
Limited enrollment due to Q/A. * Minimum of four attendees

*Please bring a few dreams you've had, and let's see what they mean to you.


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