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Empowering Moon Cycle Benefits For 2023

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

by LA Gonzales

For All Zodiac Signs: The full and new moon cycles will benefit all zodiac signs in January 2023, including a future psychic astro forecast.

photo by Steve Sharp

Moon phases occur each month through the year, giving us opportunities. They present us with a brightly lit path shining down upon the earth, streaming ideas and crisp fresh beginnings that can happen if we choose. Each occurrence is the universe's way of restoring hope and belief in the impossible. It is a special time that can alter our lives for the better!

Guiding our life with the planets and stars can enhance and empower us in different areas. Learning the different astrological meanings gives us an opening into the universal flow to gain closure and start something new with each cycle.

Many different planetary placements can bring value to our lives if we understand the meanings and how to use them properly. The moon gives us a boost of intuitive hints to take action or release and recoup, depending on the cycle. Although our astro charts are significant in giving us a road map of what to move toward or eliminate, we can always count on the moon to guide us without costing a lot of investment.

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Astrology goes as deep into our shadow side as the depth of the cosmos. Each moon cycle holds a purpose for guiding humans into a change. Negative or positive is up to the interpreter of the phase at hand and what attaches to inner feelings. Everything associated with moon phases occurs regularly, such as half-moons, quarterly moons, and full and new moons. Many names are associated with the planet's array of human inspiration.

Society is still feeling the effect of the New Moon, which began on December 23. We are in a crossover portion where the Full Moon is preparing to join us on January 6, 2023. What do they mean to our earthly inhabitants?

Let's look at the full and new moon cycles and their importance over the next few months.


Full Moon

Full moon cycles light up areas of life where something may be hiding. Enlightenment is a discovery of the components that we must see. It can be anything from secret love affairs, old childhood issues, getting a different job, etc. Indeed, it will stir our intuitive side in a broader direction to find the answers. Our gut will feel or "just know" something is calling out for attention. When we see it, we have an opportunity to do something about it or not. It is our choice how to handle what we see.

Learning about the planets and stars can be of great value to some of the mysteries we face when cycles occur. With the moon's energy, healing happens. We may start to cry for no reason. It can shake our soul into a small spiritual mission to go deeper into why we cry or a larger triggering into an entire awakening journey.

Time may slow down through some of the moon phases. The human clock ticks differently than universal time. Its energy shifts and can make us feel things take a little longer than average, delaying what we must do in everyday life. Trickles of unidentifiable impatience can rear their head as we attempt to pick up on the energy vibes. When this happens, it creates a depletion of energy to complete our to-do list, often giving an unseen vibration that we aren't doing a good job or would instead not do anything the rest of the day.

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Get prepared for the next Full Moon or Wolf Moon. According to Starwalk. space, this will be the time we can "use vocalizations to communicate, reinforce social bonds, and coordinate hunting." It's the perfect time to open our throat chakras and speak to others. Gain closure, release anyone that creates negativity, and cleanse it for a good while getting out in social circles. If we are ready to cut ties with unseen energy, people, places, and things, this is the time to perform a release ceremony.

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New Moon

The January New Moon cycle arrives on January 6, 2023. Cafe astrology says, "this is a time during which we should solve problems that require thinking outside of the box."

The new moon phase is different because we see what we need to do from a new angle. It's a glorious moment to start a new project, open a business, or speak up about the changes we want to implement. A defining period where we can begin to take action to give birth, start new beginnings, and it brings us to a position to take action for change. Even if we don't do anything during this phase, the cosmos will inevitably present something to help create change in our lives.

Ideas will pop into our dreams at night and during waking hours. Our inner voices from our higher self will tell us to look over there, hear words, read this, or do that, so the awareness sinks into our conscious state of mind. New inventions, scripts, and musical delights begin during this period. Anything to start new will fall into alignment giving an incredible sense of clarity and purpose.

When we get the sparkling cascade of inspiration, it speeds things up and gives us a boost of energy to get things done. Whether the area is small or grandeur, it will be for us to take action. The finalization will continue as we put more energy and effort into the change.



If we look at those two cycles alone, we have a monthly cleaning and create opportunity. That's twelve months of letting go of old past traumas and problems and manifesting something to replace them with the potential of being in our favor, but only if we follow through.

Marking the calendar for these two cycles on our calendar means we can use that time frame to end processes that don't work. The ex that seemed to steel our hearts - bam! We can erase them for good. A job loss or anything that sticks into our core is now at play to be removed.

With each elimination, an emptiness occurs that makes us pull our heads down to heal and release. We have a few weeks before the new cosmic effects open a gateway to pick ourselves back up and move forward. It is the replacement we must double-check to fill in the hole with something holding value and meaning in our life. We become empowered to make our dreams real because we fill in the gap.

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The healing time is different for each person. If we are triggered to reflect on a deep wounding stuck in our core, it may take a few complete monthly cycles before we are ready to leap forward. There is no specific timeframe, and opportunities are generally still there. They may be different from what we had expected if we take years to resolve and release, yet there will be something similar to take its place.


One of the beautiful aspects of the universal elements and rotations is that we can pursue or recoil. If we are depleted, we step into a holding pattern that lasts longer than the cosmos want, and we can feel tempted to return to the same situation again. Repeating the same cycle and reliving the experience can also be done by choosing someone or something similar to what we walked away from in the first place.

A yearning to fill in the gaping hole will usually trigger every emotion we carry as humans. All stages of ending, or grief, are in play, including nostalgia. In a place of anger, we want to give them a piece of our mind, blocking our throat chakras and keeping the significant opportunity at bay. Denial through completion, we mark each one from our attachment to the interconnected universal energy. It's part of the whole package.

Craving for a food item or emotional fix will become a challenge we face through the release. That is where we can take back our power or give it up to satisfy and quench the appetite. Yearning or longing for the loneliness to leave will also be a trying time to overcome. One that, when achieved, will create inner joy and gleam in our eyes to return.

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The three months timing perfectly aligns with the start of the new year, 2023. An unseen push to start something or go further will beckon us to take action. It is a glorious time to make these creations because the universe has our back this time. How far we ride, the wave will be like flying a kite. When the air is at its peak, the kite flies higher and stays up longer. These few months are the perfect point to exceed beyond our imagination - but only if we take action and follow the Must Haves For 2023 coming in the January 2023 newsletter.

Empowerment comes in with the moon cycles. Make the year 2023 a year to remember!


Zodiac Signs Moon Cycle January 2023 New Moon forecast

Aries - March 21 - April 19

This period will be one of the most valuable times of the year for Aries. Luck will be on the side of those making plans for a new section of life. Positive thoughts will become an everyday way of life for many and bring fulfillment if shiny dreams and objects. Take action and get going!

Taurus - April 20 - May 20

Restoration of your energy as you revel in what already exists, but wait! Something is going to show up at the precise moment needed. Inspirations, dreams, and even a potential romantic partner arrives. New is looking good on the bull.

Gemini - May 21 - June 21

Any uncertainty will be replaced with deep knowledge and desires. Sparks of future possibilities show up and trigger gems to move into a new adventure. Highlights career and travel that will broaden all areas of life. Set reminders to take proper care of the mind, body, and soul.

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Cancer - June 22 - July 22

Weepy or not, the stagnant energy slowly lifts in this period. Improved confidence arrives when we need the most to begin a new journey that can lead to great success. Romance is highlighted for those cancers ready, while others throw their love into a new hobby or project.

Leo - July 23 - August 22

The feeling of boredom and blah days will begin to retreat and quickly put Leo front and center. Get ready to ace the job interview or say "I love you" because the lion is starting a perfect partnership. Abundance grows.

Virgo - August 23 - September 22

Stop yawning and start cooking in life's kitchen. New hobbies and small groups will capture Virgo's attention. Nothing over the next several weeks will be ordinary but maybe become extraordinary in the future.


Libra - September 23 - October 23

Rest and rejuvenation are a priority while the imagination hits a high point. Focusing on finalizing family affairs, broken items, and empty bank accounts will be wiped off the to-do list as new potential resolutions arrive—an excellent time to start new or revived relationships one day at a time.

Scorpio - October 24 - November 21

Absorption of every detail will be an asset that can become financial strength—stepping out of the shadow side, opening up a new door that awaits to bring excitement back. Step by step, a new lifestyle is coming in that will send Scorpio's heart a flutter. Proper sleep and nutrition are essential at this time.

Sagittarius - November 22 - December 21

Checking your finances will bring relief from the spiritual side and follow with a new opportunity in your bank account. Faith and firm beliefs fly in from nowhere and lift your spirit and energy. Revitalizing partnerships will be at the forefront in all areas, particularly romance and friendships. Focus on inner balance and breathing techniques will signal a new doorway is opening.

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Capricorn - December 22 - January 19

Lazy and hazy days will soon be replaced with high-vibing energy and new friendships. A new zippy way of life will be arriving in career and finance, making Capricorn want to take a leap of faith. Proper rest and exercise will prove favorable to see beyond the ordinary.

Aquarius - January 20 - February 18

Honor yourself first at this time will begin an awkward and exciting time. Focus on what is desired and begin to act, and the results will show almost instantly. There will be an inclining for "off and on spiritual naps" to keep vibrations high as you connect to your dreams and, this time, make them true. Excellent for new business partnerships, with love that will sneak in when least expected.

Pisces - February 19 - March 20

Amori may have seemed off-kilter or out of reach, but there's something exciting stirring for Pisces. Focus on getting proper rest and attending new events. Opportunities lie around doing things differently with positive results. It's a glorious time for healthy-minded and action-taking Pisceans. Utilize this cycle for a positive change.


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