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Full Moon Vibes

Updated: Jan 12

Energy Shifts For All Zodiac Signs

Universal planets
photo by Alexander Andrews

Full Moon Vibes

Grab some hot cocoa and sit by the window as the Leo Full Moon Vibes reveals itself in the middle of the day on February 5. 2023. All zodiac signs will feel the effects of this bright, radiant energy flowing toward us, maybe directly in our cups with some chocolate or love. Spiritual blessings are definitely on the way.

Closing old paths without stability rumbles through us with an uplifted energy vibration - the time is now! Use the moon phase to clip energy cords from anything or anyone constantly in our thoughts with nothing in return.

Tanaaz of Foreverconscious stated, "with the volatility stirring from Uranus, the Universe is likely to send a clear sign of what is no longer stable in our lives." I know Ascending Souls Journey has been feeling this creeping in over the last few days of January, and wow! It's a big deal this month.

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Gain spiritual guidance and let your main flow in the energy like the mane of a brave lion. Focusing on L-O-V-E is a must to stay balanced through this sparkling event. New projects will be emerging, which can be anything from seedlings from a small pot to a larger one, making a new ultra-hot car cover, to creating a spark of interest with a potential romance partner.

February represent love and relationships, so what a great time to try something bold and new. We never know who's waiting for us on the other side of where we've been until we get up and go!

Starting a new healthy habit as a hobby may turn into a lifestyle change for years to come. 2023 represents incredible opportunities for those bold enough to take a chance, especially with the help of Leo Full Moon season backing us up.

Additional universal energy guidance between February 5 - 28, 2023, for each zodiac sign. Focus points for spiritual empowerment through the Leo Full Moon energy:





Taking proper care of your body is a must through this moon phase. Walking and deep breathing will help keep oxygen flowing as a new opportunity arrives. Be bold and take a chance if you are in sync with the planets. Your dream lover may show up with a single gesture that will have your heart singing into the night.

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Worry never wears well on our Taureans, so let your cares slip away and enjoy fun with family and friends. Take a new dance class or whatever keeps your feet happily moving forward while celebrating your accomplishments. Release and enjoy the feelings of love with someone special. It may be better than expected.


Something or someone arrives just as you are ready to throw in the towel. Self-love looks so good on Gemini others will envy to follow. An offer for a leadership role will arrive when least expected. Enjoy and wallow in the feeling of victory through Libra season.


Loneliness leaves with a family gathering that will open up any Cancer to feeling abundant. Maintaining your home and removing anything that doesn't suit your new path will be a priority. Searching for a new property or land will be of value through this moon phase. A new door opens to alleviate boredom and return the positive vibes.


Use your imagination and allow the positive full moon effects to bring in some new excitement. Plan a trip for the summer. Book a cabin in the woods or a concert. Keeping positive vibes will help Leo roar all month. A new opportunity will arrive at your doorstep to help you feel secure with money and home. Mindfulness is a crucial area of focus.


The ending of an experience that left you feeling low and drained is getting ready to be swept away for good. A new cycle is coming that will bring in an uplifted feeling after some tough gloomy days. It is a time for Virgo to bring back life and vigor to change the worn-out tempo. Meditation will benefit Cut The Cords for good and look ahead.

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Taking foolish risks will be challenging when a loved one brings unwanted news. Find your inner zen and bring yourself to peace before making this important decision. An exciting offer comes in after exhaling the last piece of negative breath - one you will want to join in the fun. Breathe, dance, sing, and enjoy connections with others.


Evaluate offers recently dismissed while still focusing on the wish you've been wanting. A special reward is in store for those transitioning into a new line of work or relationship. Feelings of joy will override insecurities and help lift spirits as you focus on opening to abundance. Faith replaces hope and brings in new vitality.


Change is in store for Sagittarians who have been working hard to start something new. The feeling of fatigue and loneliness fades soon after the full moon rises high, bringing in the one thing that brings happiness and joy. Proper sleep and eating a balanced diet is a priority.


A big decision is needed to reevaluate healthy habits of the mind and physical body. A big opportunity awaits a critical decision that will have lasting effects through the year's end. Focus on what is logical and what brings joy to make a new offer that creates security.


Something is coming to an end at the right time with the full moon phase. It was outdated, and now universal energies guide Aquarius to use internal wisdom and follow the soul's path. Ideas will pop in to increase revenue with many rewards in store. Focus on digestion and sleeping habits to feel happy instantly. Good luck awaits!

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Universal signs will be guiding Pisceans in the right direction. The moon brings a fantastic and exciting offer that will be presented soon. Rewards are in store after completing an old cycle of life. The new proposal will last for years to come. Meditation and organization point to creating success. Good times are on the way.

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