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Forever Soulmates

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

A letter from the heart.

I look at you and see what others do—your coated armor which fills with intellect, determination, courage, and simple fun. The shield masks your grace and natural beauty that you hide so you can't be hurt.

As I look closer to see your eyes, I recognize what others can't see. A raw and vulnerable soul whose uniqueness is like a gem to be cherished and respected.

With one glance at me, I know you trust me. Your voice pops into my head. Words asking for protection, truth, and kindness ruminate like the sparkle in the dots of your eyes.

I think the word "yes" with nothing spoken and watch your head nod up and down with the affirmation you heard me loud and clear.

Visions of us dancing together come to me from out of nowhere. An unfamiliar feeling comes over me as if the universe is watching us and bringing us together to help each other as lifetime teachers.

Through painful experiences, you teach me to trust myself and that I can make good choices.

Through touch, you teach me to feel alive and reborn again.

Through adventures, you teach me to live with passion.

Through love, you teach me to open my heart again.

Because of you, my once empty heart now embellishes with love never experienced. Because of you, I now love myself again.

I know who you are; My friend, lover, partner. You are my eternal soulmate—the restorer of faith, knowledge, and love who has reconnected me from heaven to earth.

We are forever soulmates whose union will always be there, internally, no matter how long we're together or what happens along the way; the love will last for eternity.

I send you my eternal gratitude and love.

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