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Free Gift For Souls Growth

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

The stress of life, especially during the year-end holiday and new year season, can take a toll on our life. Anxiety plagues our minds and keeps the complete sleep cycle from taking place. Worry can cause our minds to overthink things while we as ourselves if we have completed everything needed at this time. Fear of overspending and meeting with others we don't want to see can be overwhelming, creating a negative cycle—an intuitive empowerment perception.

Photo by Jason Leung

Balancing our work life of closing out each month to show profits, gains, and losses can be trying enough with the added family responsibilities. Add some holiday shopping in the mix, and the equation can be trying to say the least.

To-do lists grow as we work on eliminating the old to prepare for the new year ahead. Questions grow to make life choices that may affect our spirit and budgets as we move forward. Compound the gift giving for our favorite loved ones, which can add more stress and anxiety.

All is happening at the right time, in the right way for our life and soul's growth.

The divine universe is working in our favor to transform our lives and our soul and turn the leaf into something greater than we could imagine if we allow the energy to work through us and in our minds, bodies, and soul.

Many of the tasks we must accomplish are easy; however, it may be time that creates the agitating effects. Lack of money is merely and mindset that can alter by being open to the help of the energy shifts. Negotiating payment plans, homemade gifts, and more can be critical factors when we await the arrival of prosperity.

We are all meant to have abundance, which is brought on by the following:

  • Mindset: our mental awareness

  • Planning: Write a plan with methods and sequences to aid completion and beginnings.

  • Action: Thinking and speaking about specific areas must be followed through with physical movement.

  • Faith: Believing in something that hasn't happened; we can't see it, but our intuition signals that it is on the way.

We may already be aware of this. However, there is always the doubt that creeps in, questioning our perception. Is this going to happen? When will this happen? Once we repeatedly ask the same questions, we can lose faith in our connection to the divine source and ourselves. The doubt often moves quickly into a loss of faith, which stirs the energy into a negative pattern, producing negative results.

Our holiday gift to you!

This holiday season, submerge in a new way to calm the mind, relax the body, and open the soul with our Water Sunrise Mediation. A big thank you to our subscribers and humanity that something better is in store. Free to watch Sunrise Meditation below.

Make the time every day to be still and regain faith with meditation. It's simple, and it's free. Start your morning with smooth, vibrating energy to create peace within that follows through the day. If you find this video needs to hit different chakras for your situation, order a Personalized Meditation Video. With an intuitively guided session, we look at your situation and the right colors and tones that will work to enhance and gain empowerment. It may be one of the best gifts we give ourselves—a perfect unique gift for our family or friends dealing with life's trials and tribulations. Find out more information and follow your intuition.

Unique Gifts For Empowerment

As we have grown in metaphysics, intuition, and wellness, our loved ones may need that blend too. Giving gifts from the heart is always the best solution to sending messages that say, "I love you." But what if our dear ones need more internal knowledge to help navigate their lives?

Ascending Empaths Podcast - New guidance, stories, and experiences to help empathic people grow.

Podcast: How To Identify Other People's energy.

A free and enlighting podcast to find out if we are carrying other people's burdens and not our own.

Everyone has been triggered into a self-growth, self-love, and healing journey. The choice to accept the nudges and follow through to completion is up to the individual. When we have someone around filled with despair, anxiety, and answers to direct their life changes, it may come easier than we think.

Many have become awoken to powerful options of inner knowledge but may need to learn how to tap into it. Intuitive empowerment is a gift that we can choose to utilize or not, but if they don't know where to go, then a little universal and loving help is needed.

Give them a gift that is rare and specifically for them. A calming Energy Cleanse Session or A Psychic Reading may be precisely what they need and want. Showing them how to find their inner guidance is a beautiful expression that will be a valuable asset in the new year.

Here are our top spiritual guidance, empowerment, and soul growth items.

If they are dealing with or need the following:

Breaking old patterns and blockages to create and grow into the New life patterns

Intuitive Energy Combo

Wellness and Energy Healing

Energy Clearing Session

Getting answers to the repeating questions

Psychic Tarot Reading

Planning, insight to aid in the new year

90-Day Video Intuitive Remote Reading (pre-recorded)

Creating a healthy pattern for peace and faith

Intuitive Guided Session and Personalized 90-day Meditation Video

January Workshop

Love and Boundaries Virtual Workshop

Water Sunrise Mediation

Use it in the morning to start a calming and productive day.

We wish a Happy Holiday to you and your loved ones from Ascending Souls Journey!

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