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Welcome to LA's Blogs

Hello, World and fellow psychic, wellness, holistic healers, and leadership coaches. Thank you for what you do to all those who inspire, heal, and help humanity.

As a spiritualist, wellness promotor, and empowering psychic leader, LA blogs address topics with universal guidance from all angles. What does it mean to be a psychic in today's World? How does wellness fit into our everyday lives? What does empowerment mean in the Age Of Aquarius?

Join Lori Ann as she shares psychic guided messages, inspiration, and valuable life attributes to awaken fully in our changing lives. She focuses on multiple topics and keynotes to ascend into empowerment through society's growth.

LA Gonzales -
Author, Speaker, Blogger, Psychic Energy Healer, Empowerment Leader

Lori Ann is a Minister holding a degree in Metaphysical Humanistic Science, ABH-NLP Coach and hypnotist, and a certified energy healing practitioner. A good balance from multiple areas that inspire and guide others, with the combined guidance from her guides.

Psychic-Medium and Metaphysical

LA's blogs will include topics that fall under the Metaphysical umbrella. There are so many areas to share that will grow our senses and awareness of the spiritual side of life. The more information we gain, the more we can understand ourselves and our place in the unseen World next to us; we can feel it but not always see it.

Wellness of the mind, body, and soul

How do soul connections and meditation fit into human existence? As certified energy healing practitioners, we have a path to walk that helps others understand the inner connection and interconnections to universal energy. Join our Wellness Maintenance Group Plan and access information to help you soar.

Spiritual Empowerment

Being spiritually empowered allows us to see the naughty and learn to navigate through the human World. Sharing life experiences is what makes LA's blogs super exciting. Particularly regarding empowerment in the Age of Aquarius. Openness will grow.

Much Love and Light

I will continue to share guidance and answer questions through my posts, vlogs, tarot readings, etc. Together, the awareness of the new age of defining honesty, integrity, and peace will evolve for the greater good.

I invite you to subscribe to our free newsletter and receive your copy of "Universal Energy." An empath's simple guide to understanding the universal energy and entities. Join in our Women's Empowerment and Wellness-Self Love Group Plans and enjoy "knowing" you are never alone each day.

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