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Making Life Easier

Now more than ever, with the help of the internet and streamlined searches, we can see all the business and benefits available to us.

It may feel as if we are alone while we tear down the old and bring in the new evolutionary changes; however, it is just another illusion. Many poorly qualified workers are harming the companies they work for, and we have all met at least one in our lives.

They insist we have no clue what we are discussing with them, only to be given wrong information and directions. The occasional bill arrives with charges that aren’t ours, and now we have spent hours trying to resolve these issues. Wasting time and money seems to lead some of us to lose our hair or develop temporary insanity. It’s painful in any area of our life to have to deal with incompetence, and rest assured, there’s more positive than negative for us to grab.

The good news is, with all the new transparency, we are now able to see what doesn’t work for us and find what does. Through the adversities and joys of creating a professional business, here are the companies that have made our life easier. After months or years of using their services, they have helped our community fix, repair, and replace anything that doesn’t work for us.


Our Suggested Affiliates:

Gusto - No longer do we have to spend time researching the new or old rules and regulations when it comes to payroll. This is one area we have to get accurate for compliance issues that may arise. Gusto has helped us with a user-friendly system and direct instructions without all the jibber-jabber. At least that’s the language of payroll, human resources, and much more. Check out all they have to offer at a price a small business or organization can afford. Click here for more information.

Our rating: 5 stars!

Canva - I spent hours of time learning how to upload, edit, and create designs that would be appealing to our viewers. Frustration intensified when we were left without the help of a former assistant and it was painful to add in the time to create the visual aids. Canva's creative designs saved time and gave a feeling of delight while using their templates. The happier we are the more creativity came through. This is an opportunity we should all look at when it comes to our social media status alone. Click here for more information on the unbelievably affordable app we can’t do without.

* All links will direct viewers to the affiliated business and a small referral fee may be given to us.

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