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October Full Moon Psychic Forecast

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

October 9, 2022, will leave us in awe with the powerful full moon's arrival. It will be a planet shift that will define new endeavors with a hint of the old dangling to drop off. All zodiac signs will feel the moon cycle's effects in various ways, particularly in a positive state—a psychic forecast.

NY Moon by LA Gonzales

Although Mars in Gemini will still be present (through March 25, 2023), temperaments will be complacent for a short time, giving us a week of rejuvenation to help restore balance. Taking advantage of the energy shifting period will help gain energy to last through most of the holiday season.

The Blood Moon, as it's often called, is a time to prepare for the cold season, giving us time to get warm by the fire and elements that display romance, emotional attachments, and sensuality.

Relationships will be a focal point for all zodiac signs as the temperatures change with the Libra romantic season approaching. Rekindling sensuality and passion will ignite several zodiac signs, inviting others to come in and enhance their expressions and communications with the ones they love.



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A psychic forecast for each zodiac sign on what to focus on through the full moon phase in October.

Aries - The planning and preparation will be beneficial as it begins a new cycle that will balance your emotions, logic, and finances. Being detailed with budgeting will be a new project that will show a way to create abundance by mid-month. The realization of seeing in the mind will bring into our lives will be exciting and rewarding.

Planning for the holiday season will be on the brain for the ram as they charge forward with the energy shifts of the moon phase. Romantic encounters can lead to something unexpected and victorious for those willing the be open to the chance meetings through the month ahead.

Taurus - Following the full moon as it arrives will give intellectual ideas a chance to become a reality for many Taureans awaiting a new opportunity. Listening to our instincts can become captivating in finance and family. New lessons in love will arrive through the secretive energy flow that will creep in subtly leave with a significant endeavor.

Romance will create a new start with a current partner or a new relationship. Signing documents will be favorable for those waiting for the perfect timing to arrive. Now is the time to begin the project that brings delight to helping others in humanity. The enlightenment of giving will become a focus through the end of October.


Gemini - The feeling of lack when it comes to finances has a shift with the full moon. New opportunities will arrive that were delayed from Mercury in retrograde. Look through emails, including spam, where they may be that notice to sign up for a new project or potential job application. A new friend will help fade the emptiness that has seemed to take a toll.

Starting a new project to work on in our spare time will prove favorable to help release pent-up emotions and may trickle into a profitable endeavor. Relaxation will be in Gemini's favor to rekindle excitement and even light a fire in the bedroom. Revving up the engine and going for a drive in the mountain area will be uplifting and give the feeling of freedom a chance to begin.

Cancer - Walking away from situations where arguing and destructive words are shared will prove favorable to the crab. Marking it off as lessons learned when it pertained to someone trying to gain control over Cancer's finances and thought process is a bonus. The energy will be challenging and worth it to carry on.

Taking control over the finance and employment arena will be an advantage throughout this period. Determination and willpower will bring in the offer held off through the planet's trio that happened in September. Focus on creating a relationship with new co-workers, friends, and family will bring the expected and carry forward into the holiday season.

Leo - Someone will reveal a truth through the full moon phase as it lights the path for a hidden discovery, particularly around family. Walking away and releasing the emotions dangling for several months will be a breath of fresh air for Leo.

Relocating to a new home will begin a new path leading to security through the end of October. Following the advice of a legal council will help resolve matters in a financial lockdown that will finally be resolved. Continue to persevere through the energy shifts and follow your dreams and goals to get the wishes the lions have wanted.


Virgo - The October full moon will favor Virgo's wanting to create harmony in the romance and family situations. It is an influential healing period to resolve and move past anything tugging at the heartstrings and start over - brand new.

Making plans to spend time with loved ones will be wavering in the background of handling everyday obligations. Practicing patience and working on something daily will make goals real. Reunions are favorable toward the end of the month and into the holiday season. Celebrate!

Libra - Celebrating Libra's special season will become an asset for those looking for employment for several months. Embracing the upbeat energy from the moon cycle will help to make this happen and release the feeling of lack. Focus on completing a certification or education will begin a new cycle opening to abundance.

Relationships will be favorable through this energy shift, particularly in the relationship is new or reignited. Joy, celebration, and spending time with loved ones will help balance Libra, who has longed for fun. Romance will highlight single Libra's who want to have fun.

Scorpio - the energy shifts from this full moon will be in favor of Scorpios, particularly when it comes to family and friends. A feeling of wanting to share in new experiences and endeavors will bring positive results, creating harmony and balance and lifting the heart.

New opportunities await those preparing for the new phase to arrive. It is a glorious time for Scorpios wanting to start a new business or as an independent contractor. Making sure legal documents are in order is a significant factor in gaining positive results. Recheck existing papers for any corrections before sending them out to others.


Sagittarius - Ending old habits and patterns will be most advantageous for Sagittarians who have had struggles, particularly with family and romantic situations. The full moon cycle will allow the release of negativity to leave, giving newfound freedom to this zodiac sign.

New opportunities await those courageous enough to allow them into the areas of career and finance. Something long awaiting has finally come to a completion and will usher in a fresh start. It is a glorious short time to start a new project or business in the beginning stages. Using the end of the year to form alliances with others will blossom as the new year begins. Transformations within will yield high rewards.

Capricorn - This zodiac sign will feel the effects of the energy shifts in a big way. Letting go of an addiction that Capricorn was already working on removing will prove favorable by month's end. Escaping anyone that has been holding Capricorn back from fixing and repairing family and romantic situations will bring multiple opportunities.

The career will be spotlighted in the galaxy as a change bringing a new beginning. Choosing the area that has been a focal point will be the most advantageous way to go, and making sure it feels right with the mind, body, and soul. New is essential for Capricorn. Focus on creating what is wanted and needed.

Aquarius - The planets are aligning with the full moon to help Aquarius bring an idea to fruition. The dreams and ideas plaguing this zodiac sign will be front and center, knocking on the door of reality. Balancing the body and spirit will be highlighted to make the magic happen.

A new opportunity awaits that will bring balance to finances and investments. Manipulating energies surrounding Aquarians will leave for a while, giving enough time to restructure and reorganize, allowing the planets to bring security. Focusing on the elements of air, earth, fire, and water will help this sign soar into the holiday season and beyond.



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Pisces - A family member or close friend will apologize for an argument that led to struggles over the past months. It will be an uplifted burden weighing heavy on the hearts of those afflicted Pisces, giving them a feeling of independence and freedom.

Career opportunities and financial investment will come through just in the nick of time, bringing security to those in need yet filled with faith. Doubting the offer will become a double edge sword that will bring a turnabout for the fish. Believing in higher self abilities will restore broken relationships in time to enjoy the holiday season and the new year.


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