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Pain And A Chemical Alternative

Pain just plain hurts. No matter whether we are dealing with emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual pain, it hurts every person on some level.

All of us are well connected to identify pain until something or someone hurts us. There are many alternatives for healing our pain after we figure out where it originates.

Finding it can take a while and the pain grows tenfold while we wait. I found a fantastic option to help with that ever-lasting physical pain. No medicine, no leaving your house, just relax and turn on a button.

How we create our own pain

Sitting too long or improper positioning can create pain that may not be detectable on the outside, but we can feel it on the inside. This is one of the most common causes of pain to the physical body that many of my clients and even myself face daily. Muscle knots that form along the base of the neck and across the back of the shoulder blades will cause physical pain down our spine and into our lower back. If we do not address the issue, the pain will continue all the way into our big toe. From top to bottom, we accommodate the pain with the altered walking or favoring on a particular area of the body.

Workdays with a huge amount of pressure and responsibilities are enough to throw our body “out-of-balance”, but now we add in the home maintenance and it grows. As we focus on our to do lists, we may deal with some unseen stress and anxiety which mounts on top of the physical pain, creating exhaustion. All the spellings for the word O-u-c-h!

DNA Vibes is an incredibly safe and user-friendly product that works. I order my personal DNA kit and couldn’t wait for it to arrive. My lower back and neck were hurting from the overworked hours I spent writing, editing, and rewriting my books and lecture series that was coming out for 2022.

It arrived super quick and within a few days; I was falling in love. It is very easy to use, and hook up to your cell phone where you have control over what the device does. It’s fantastic! I positioned myself so I could use my DNA vibe on my lower back. Turned on a fun-loving flick and found myself almost instantly drifting off to sleep.

The pulsation points hit the area affected with pain, and within a short time, it relieved my pain. Now I know your thinking maybe a little skeptical, and I was, too. Until I tried it.

A product just for me with no chemicals, no addictions, no side effects, just relief.

I have pasted a link below for you to investigate it further. The ultimate Holiday gift for you and the ones you love. Athletes, teachers, mom’s and dads are feeling better than they had been with no nasty residues of chemicals that hurt our internal bodies.

*by using the link below, we may receive a small percentage for any purchases made by using the link. We thank you for helping to support our community.

Check out DNA Vibes here. The perfect chemical alternative that works.

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