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Past Lives

Have you ever known about something in great detail and never studied the subject? Past lives and the new year, 2023.

Photo by Peter Herrman

Some specific information appears to pop up inside our brains from out of nowhere - with no actual memory attached. Those moments when intuitive empowerment shows and we say, "I don't know why I know; I just do."

As if we have an internal dresser with twenty drawers in our heads where each drawer holds memories right next to a clean pair of socks. A quick inner brain search instantly reveals the answers leaving us or others in shock. Explicit details that feel a bit "fishy" and also completely confident.

Placed in a tidy box all lined in rows filled with information like astrology, accounting, investing, people, and anything we experience is a world that we know isn't part of this life. Deep in the bottom of our gut, we believe in something unseen but felt.

The out-of-this-world, evolutionary moment of the soul's existence where the word infinity makes sense. The concept of the soul's rebirth, the never-dying, and always coming back as someone knew in the human reality also makes sense. Understanding these specialties, including conspiracy theories, can be challenging, yet we still believe and will see if they are true.

So the question that comes to mind is, do past lives truly exist?

How can we know areas we haven't studied, and there is no one around us that we may have overheard or observed to gain insight? No one in the family we grew up with was a doctor or nurse, and here we are, patching up another person with the right ingredients or modalities.

With each life of existence, we experience joy and pain. We go to school, learn, mastering the craft to succeed in the world. Our families and friends leave imprints of memories in each lifetime, similar to anything else we've learned. Each one is locked up until we need it, and we must dig into them until we remember and find the answer.

Our subconscious buries positive and negative details in our core. In the center of the soul's history, everything ranging from fear, family, education, and the most extraordinary love story is held tight. Thoughts, phobias, and experienced stay idle for years, decades, and centuries.

We can bring ourselves from a place of pain to jump hurdles to victory by grabbing the past, and it pushes us toward our goals. Overcoming defeat with triumph is when we consciously are aware of what is in our dresser drawers. We do this through internal self-evaluation.

When we dive into the truth behind our turning wheels of fate, there can be some intense and delusional tidbits of life from a different period — when the conscious mind and the subconscious intersect.

Can we create karma in this lifetime?

The wrongs and rights of what we believe are also stored internally. It does not mean we walk a path of continuous joy or pain through the same experiences, but they feel familiar with what happened long ago. We may create repetitive cycles of guilt, fear, suffering, and lack of closure. Another part of completion that we must master, or balance, in this lifetime.

If we cause injury or pain to another or can't make choices for ourselves, we create karma. It does include negative thinking of us and others as well. Some believe karma is only for awful situations; we get zapped for being terrible. Some equally believe in the work of dharma—the opposite side of karma. Neither is right nor wrong, so we shall stick to the original word "karma" for all experiences.

Walking our souls path in part of our destiny. Are you walking in both the life and soul's purpose for this lifetime? Let's work together and empower your soul.

The path we walk today creates the world around us now and in the future. If we have been unkind and unfair to others, we will face the opposite side of our actions later. We may meet people who say they must have been "blank or blank" in a past life.

We can watch someone we love relive old patterns and see their world change. Meeting new people and having a feeling we've known them forever, giving complete trust without listening to our intuition. After engaging with these people, we can see we missed shady traits because they felt familiar.

The soul's price to pay for what we do and do not do must be accomplished. As human beings, we may continue to go to jobs and romantic relationships that give us a warm fuzzy feeling and have no memory of why we feel that way. We call it a soul connection.

A Soul Connection In Today's World

A soul connection takes us back to the good and bad of anything already experienced unless we can create closure and forgiveness. The interconnection inside us is when our past lives show in our thoughts and memories yet seem to play out in our current lives. They shake us up to go beyond the normalities of human existence and see what we missed in our prior lives.

We may also be drawn to a particular location that pops into our thoughts when we think of the soul connection person. Synchronicities come out from the universe to give warning. The memories are activated; now, we recognize and can verbally describe areas in other places in great detail. This clearly indicates we were there many lives ago, and something was most likely left undone. It may also indicate a soul purpose, part of our charts, and growth mastery process.

Cut the unseen energy that ties us to the old. Cutting Cords Virtul Ceremony $15 in December.

As we move into our changing human world, we all receive vibrations from the universe to make completions. The planet placements, reenactments of old experiences, and those unique soul connections are rattling us to release, cut the energy cords and wipe every encounter clean. Once cleared, we can ascend to a different level in our soul, creating new human life experiences.

Nothing happens by chance but for a purpose. The reason always leads to stirring our inner psychic vibrations to become empowered in each ascension. Leadership is on the horizon for all those that release and make a decisive move in our soul's journey.

2023 Preparation and Possibilities

The new year is almost here, and it will be a memorable year for the books. As we've seen many changes and struggles over the past few years, 2023 will also hold a powerful presence.

The possibilities of starting new have been highlighted and will be at a peeking, boarding tipping point for us to grab the dreams and make them come true. It will be remarkable at the number of lost souls roaming looking for someone the help them in their journey.

New adventures will also carry the clearing of old karma; however, the road to abundance will be smoother with the gained awareness. Universal testing will present itself at the most inconvenient times, equally giving us the inner confidence to make bold moves for our benefit. Not from greed but rather for prosperous rewards.

When we encounter situations with the "old familiarity," we can see it as a signal to use Micro Vibes and find the right path. Focus and use the inner spiritual blessings combined with our humanistic lessons to find success in the life we are creating. Empowering ourselves is essential as we roll into the new year and go forward. Taking action and making change happen for the positive will be a priority as we move into the true life and soul purpose process.


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