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Pushing To Destiny

Whether we are clearing out the cupboards in our home or people in our life, the leftover residues that have lingered will leave soon. The distinct “inner knowing” is taking over and feels exciting. A vibration coming from deep within the soul, crying out, “it’s time to complete.”

Some of us may see or hear the universal plains communicating through synchronicities.

They can be Bold letters spelling out the word completion, or perhaps “walk away” can be continuously popping up around us. The feeling and intensity are real!

It can come to us like a person pushing us as if we are a button to open an app or any other type of repetitive form. The deep subconscious mind is waking up to movement. A place in us where we feel its time to rise into the over adrenaline-flowing mode we had before the pandemic or global awakening. Where we pushed ourselves harder than ever to achieve a goal, work overtime, or any other life-changing occurrence we’ve experienced.

As spring is popping its buds of beauty throughout the world, those areas feeling the warmth of a new beginning are in for an awakening experience. The experience can range from those new to the journey filled with anger, fear, and shame to other levels of our path completion. Closing out, finalizing the end of a chapter, and planting more seeds to harvest in the fall of 2021.

Following our hunch! After all, that’s what has allowed us to be so successful at helping others become successful. Over givers in life know what to do when rescuing a stray, human, or otherwise. These individuals have given all their energy to growing others into something better—often left behind when meeting the goal.

2020 is the illuminated tear down of truth and transparency, and as we rolled into the first half of the new year of 2021, we see it. I’m not referring to the outside world, but the truth about ourselves. Who we are, and what role do we play in the world? Are we supposed to change careers or seemingly feel forced to change into something new? If there are any hiccups, it could create a spiral backward, yet again invoking the feeling of being used, rejected, unwanted, or a “lack” of some kind.

Over the next several weeks, many of us will pour our hearts and soul into ourselves rather than something or someone else. Most likely, it will be the first time we have done this for us and may be uncomfortable. Now is the time to do what we’ve done for others and replace the player with a new one- Ourselves!

It’s the time to push hard in making compatible motions in conjunction with the universe. An opportunity to move the wheel of our destiny requires a deep focus and concentration so as not to cross the line of force, but actions of implanting and believing they will bloom at the right time. The intense work and research have allowed us to regain focus and clarity.

Many of us may find ourselves in an auto-pilot stream, however, we can see and understand what’s happening around u. We may find we start something unusual, like writing or filing a document before a deadline. It can be any spectrum of action, from a tiny fragment to standing at a podium where all eyes are focused on us. No matter what the fiery action step is, it has everything to do with our future.

Visions, voices, and synchros will ask if we want to continue down the path we were walking before, or learning and growing in a different direction? Many are asking themselves this question as they effortlessly accomplish more in one day than they noticed before.

Putting all of your creativity, intellect, wisdom, and expansion to work to make life-altering decisions for us. Gaining the information on “how the universal energies and entities” can work with us or against us. An invisible sphere of push, pull energy that gives a weighted feeling of guidance.

Why are you feeling this energetic bubble?

Universal testing sifts through the summer breeze and creates situations that will test all we thought we knew. How badly do we want something or someone? Will they tempt us to turn back and rescue the victimized worms of the past that play on our emotions and return us to the old negative cycles?

The strength and courage we need to walk away from something or someone we love can engulf our every thought and action we take in life. If we succumb to the feeling of guilt because of the love we have for the other, it will spin us backward in life during fall and into the following year or decade.

The universe, the divine, gives us the time to wrap up the tiniest seeds and push them deep into the soil. Continue to feed your mind with new information and communication. Continue to nurture our bodies back to the full strength to endure anything that comes our way and remains connected to our inner child.

Our heads and hearts will be lifted toward the sky, confidence restored, guiding us into the positive new beginning.

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