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Role Models Stepping Up And Out

What if we are meant to fight an invisible battle where we define new boundaries to instill compassion? Not in the external world, but in the world in our minds, bodies, and souls.

An unseen inner battle to pull ourselves away from those that cause harm to others and even ourselves, where we know action must happen. The sneaky hunch that makes our minds think something doesn’t feel right. A gut feeling we are about to do something significant, but we can’t seem to decipher what it could be.

The calling that comes to us while we witness a tragedy like a hit-and-run vehicle accident, where the driver never turns back to see they altered another’s life. It may happen while watching the verbal and emotional beating of your best friend’s mind from their partner to overpower and weaken them. Realizing that you are to help humanity through a terrible situation comes in various ways, often subtle yet profoundly obvious.

Being a contributing asset to humanity in a way we never dreamed would be part of our lives isn’t always immediate; it can take time. Often, the simplicity of listening to others without monetary gain is part or all of our leading attributes. Not treating people with advice like a counselor, so they don’t feel alone. When we help them release, our lives change for the better.

A role model is a leader in the life we create. It is equally important to lead our lives into our perception of success as it is in society. It has nothing to do with our family, friends, or others that influence us, only our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs and how we choose to use them for betterment.

Role models are stepping up and out

Many of us look at specific people and industries as role models. But what does it mean?

To search it online, Merriam-Webster states, “a person whose behavior in a particular role limits others.”

We are all role models in some form in our lives and have been for years.

When we define rules and guidelines with our families, organizations, and even ourselves, we are taking action to be leaders in our lives.

When we set boundaries, it brings in those who agree with our methodologies and thinking and releases the others who don’t. It is the quality of a proper definition of leadership. Without the clear communication of these established lines, others will cross them knowingly or not.

What if every human being can turn the chaos into peace by being a role model? If we unite with like-minded others, we will unify the same thinking and actions to make colossal changes around us.

Perhaps we have a significant leading role in the Age of Aquarius, where “the teardown of lies, betrayal, and abuse dominating” our lives shows in multiple ways and all directions. The shallow mentality and lack of empathy have revealed ugliness “thrown in our lives by those that choose to turn the other way.”

Our role as leaders can be to help guide others to see beyond the turmoil and create a peaceful unity or help others walk away completely. Whether in the small worlds we build around us - through our neighbors, friends, and family or farther into society - it is part of our life path and our soul’s purpose.

Some define a teacher as a role model, shaping and molding our children’s minds for assuming leadership roles. The parents go to work and don’t worry about the child because they trust that the newly declared role model will teach their child well.

With less or no effort from parents who have given their leadership power to another, they also throw blame when at the other if their child has issues. The same blame returns to the parent for trusting in someone they don’t know now, creating another ongoing cycle that puts our children in the middle. Defenseless and unable to understand, the children change by blocking their hearts to love. The disbelief of love of school and even family can create disconnection in the mind of the young.

We pick our social leaders based on a brief snippet or synopsis of what they share with society, often not with the whole story, but a murky depth that hides behind them. Searching to see what they have accomplished honorably and dishonorably seems forgotten as we wave our gratitude in their honor based on limited facts. Some people select the leaders around us because they look or speak captivatingly—enticing groups of others to follow that one person without the backing of reality.

When we choose someone to lead us in any area of life, we often give up our power to them. We trust they will honor the boundaries established and reveal way too much information. It may not be clear that we hand over every detail about ourselves, but slyly and subtly, where it can take years to realize who we’ve chosen to trust. Our internal compass now swings all over the place to regain what we lost. That can comprise many areas, including love, monetary, and our right to make future decisions.

We feel defeated when we give the role model too much, and the loss is more daunting. We must ally with others that will back us up to get it back. If we are alone, we may feel defeated. Many people go through the same situations hidden from others to see and may take years to speak out loud.

If we can’t see them, then we forget they exist.

But that’s not true.

Stepping Up and Out

The age of Aquarius is about truth and transparency. It is a battle internally and externally to find those poor examples of role models and pull them back to allow an authentic leader to fill the new role.

Whether it is us in our own life or a representative in our external lives, we - in groups with regained power to create new definitions and boundaries that will benefit all involved.

As leaders, we must fight for inner freedom in our minds, body, and soul. Including making choices that might determine the future based on a hunch. An opportunity to “Micro Vibe” our way into a better life and a dynamic contributor to society.

Those filled with anger, fear, and shame have lost empowerment to something or someone else. Now held captive in displeased minds, they are swarming with the same negativity as the one that hurt them, creating the perpetual motion of yet another negative cycle.

As a commander in our lives, we must understand how to put ourselves back on track toward the goal we’ve set, including rewriting those guidelines created. It may include reflecting to see beyond ourselves and perceiving the future, which is difficult, especially if we have attached our emotions.

Tearing down our inner self means we must go through all the stages of grief. Letting go of the low vibe emotions that keep us stuck and isolated. The denial is challenging, and the anger stage can be overwhelming as we contemplate revenge filled with loathing.

But that’s not what this historical universal time shift means. We must remove revenge as we continue forward in completing and, this time, mastering ourselves. If we stay around those filled with detest and hatred, we will become like them.

Feeling powerless can cause us to injure someone else because it temporarily fills the void. If we do this, we have become a poor example of a leader that might damage many, especially ourselves. When we pause and cut off the lowering negativity, we can feel whole again. Sanity restores, and we will select a suitable role model in our lives. Whether it’s someone new or ourselves, we will be proud of the newly defined individual.

Now cleared from negative experiences, we can march forward in our inner and external peace. We set the perimeters to allow others to listen and learn from our knowledge and experiences. These are character traits that will lead many and change all areas of life itself.

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