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Spiritually Empowered Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Updated: Jan 12

by Lori Ann Gonzales

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Spiritually Empowered

Our society celebrates one of the most spiritually empowered individuals in our history. We honor the birth and life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., born on January 15, 1929, and died on April 4, 1968. A man filled with spiritual empowerment while facing rapid diversity became one of the most influential leaders in our history through his words.

Dr. King had an impact that changed the lives of many. He advocated for civil rights, stopping racism and segregation for people of color. In addition, Dr. King fought for justice and promoted peace for all men, women, and children, no matter their backgrounds. He was a successful leader in ministry and philosophy and held a degree in Systematic Theology, receiving his doctoral accreditations in 1955.

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One of his most famous marches occurred at the Lincoln Memorial in 1963 in Washington, DC. It is where Dr. King gave his most memorable speech, "I Had a Dream," in which he shared his dream of promoting nonviolent tactics and that every person was a part of his vision of freedom for all.

Breaking down the barriers that divined human beings from peace-filled relationships, he spoke of remarkable feats accomplished through social justice—an advocate of civil rights and equality for everyone.

His life and soul purpose did not come easy, as he managed to find ways to fight a war without violence; however, his perseverance and intellect gained him the honorary vote of the people.

"Our lives begin and end the day we become silent about things that matter."
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

As a spiritually empowered person, he walked in his life and Soul purpose to make changes for people of color and remove blocks to lift every human spirit to align with the divine. His influences were significant and impacted businesses, families, and communities everywhere.

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There was no fear but courage and determination to complete his soul's mission with valor. In listening to his speech, it would be easy to see that he may have known the march would last a very long time, and he may not be with us physically when the final unity arrives but will be in spirit.

Inspired by his Christian beliefs and the nonviolent resistance through Mahatma Gandhi, he led targeted, nonviolent resistance against many forms of discrimination. Dr. King's ability to use systematic theology helped to encourage those less inspired to take action toward a peaceful society.


We recommend historical reference to honor a man filled with spiritual purpose, universal knowledge, and love for humanity:

Solitude for spiritual empowerment
photo by Amy Tran | Unsplash

The power we hold as unique individuals can create positive changes that benefit every man, woman, child, and animal. We all must find empowering groups that we can take action toward promoting our strengths and achieving our souls' mission.

Taking action and participating removes our weaknesses and brings in unsurmountable courage. Participation in what we are called to achieve begins with us. Find your group of like-minded people and march in your victorious ability to see beyond - into a world filled with nonviolence and peace. - LA Gonzales

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