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Team Of Angels

Remember, we have a team of angels ....

There are angels all around each of us. They’ve helped us through tremulous times we didn’t believe we could handle on our own. The challenges and struggles in our laps seem to disappear but soon forgotten.

They pick us off the ground and carry us when we have no strength to move.

Sometimes we don’t even remember we were once lying on the floor, unable to see clearly. Unable to feel love, broken and weeping, there was a team of winged beauties to pick us up, carrying us to our destination.

We could feel them like a soft breeze that passed over our heads, ever so slightly on our bodies as they put their tiny hands on us.

We felt them with a slight chill and a soft, subtle kiss on the cheek when we wiped our tears away.

That was our team of angels.

They’ve always had our back, even when we were angry and unable to open our hearts.

When we were gossiping about someone, they heard our words, yet they continued standing by our side with loyalty.

When we were angry with life for being taken advantage of through lies and betrayal, they guided us to clean up someone else’s deceptive mess with honor and grace.

Our flying team helped us to be a leader while handling more than we thought possible.

The reward came later when we regained our energy as they held one arm under their wings to comfort us gently. Out of nowhere, something came to us.

A new friend to share in laughter, a bill that seemed to disappear without a trace, or extra money in the bank to have fun with our family. It was them - remember?

The unseen whispers that echoed the night we walked away from a situation that was hurting us gave us the confidence to continue in a new direction.

Remember, the pain of leaving was intense - and it was them that sat next to us while we cried ourselves to sleep. The feeling of loneliness can overtake us and trick our minds into believing they aren’t real. Remember that moment and see they were there when no one else was around.

Reach out and take the gifts from them. Ask for guidance and feel the warmth of their unseen wings overhead.

Our team of angels are always near, ready to stand and fight behind us, so we don’t trip and stumble.

And if we fall, they will lift us again and again as our soul reaches its destined journey.

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