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The Jolly Light-worker

‘Tis the season to be jolly….

Who wrote THAT rule? What, we can only be jolly from late November through January 1st?

And then? Don’t we have permission to be jolly anymore?

Light-workers, do you feel this?

Let’s first understand that as a Light-worker, we are not responsible for other people’s “jollying.” We set an example. We live our truth and aim to be the best versions of ourselves, and then hope others join in… 365 days a year.

Second, Light-workers aren’t always JOLLY. We are human and get angry, frustrated, and sad, just like everyone else. However, we have an awareness that allows us to move through the emotions quicker to pull us out of victim-mode and bounce us back to the realization that we are co-creating our reality.

But enough about that!

Light-workers, as a collective, can lift the vibration of Planet Earth. Light-workers can shift someone’s perspective on something perceived as unfavorable to a profound AHA moment of psychic growth and expansion. This moment can change the trajectory of someone’s life.

But we can only meet people where they’re at, right?

Circling back to the Most Wonderful Time of the Year (again, who writes these lyrics?) is, in fact, an opinion. The Most Wonderful Time is always right now, in the present moment, where we harness our power.

But most people aren’t thinking about their power in the present moment. Light-workers rejoice because it’s what we live for! It’s quite entertaining to remind those WHY we call it the PRESENT moment because it is a GIFT. REMIND is in italics intentionally because everything about our life here is about peeling back the layers, remembering, and unlearning.

Deciding how to unlock the power of the PRESENT is the greatest gift a Light-worker can give. Whether it’s on a random day in June or December 25th, this is the gift that keeps on giving. And what better way than to embrace the reason we’re all here.

Happy holidays from your lovable and jolly light-worker.

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