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Timing And Spiritual Balancing

Updated: Jan 12

Balancing rocks representing our spiritual alignment
Balancing photo by Valentin Sulija

Timing And Spiritual Balancing

Are you in spiritual balance? If you find things challenging lately, you may also get messages or hints that something is about to change, an indication timing and spiritual balancing are needed. It may come through as a knowing or feeling we must take action. Our thoughts, filled with excitement, apprehension, or both, begin taking control while wondering about the "what and how" required from us to make adjustments.

Time speeds up as we focus on the life riddle, inevitably bringing worry and doubt. Those two negative vibes steal our energy and lead us to isolate ourselves to find the answers to solving our recent internal puzzle.

Let's discuss the following:

  • Inner psychic and spiritual messages

  • What is spiritual balancing

  • How we know when it's time to take action

  • Moving forward


Inner Psychic and Spiritual Messages

The spiritual world is a fantastic place of "openness" for balance and creating connections that can help us in various ways. Through the assistance of others and unseen energetic forces, we gain insight that helps us see a broader scope of reality, including the answers to our questions.

Whether we're dealing with #negative people or energies, they bring positivity toward the outcome. Our new quest affects our thinking and lifestyle, leading us into a universal and humanistic journey. Each step holds power from our inner balancing. No matter how bleak it seems, abundance and joy can be ours if we follow those synchronistic patterns and listen to our inner #psychic.

Sometimes we can see a picture of the future in our heads. A vision of a full spectrum filled with details of how we look, where we live, and what we are meant to do can continue to show in our minds. Sometimes we have an inner knowing without details but stand firm in our conviction.

Through this time, our intuition speaks volumes and will most likely say which path we can manifest. However, those challenges may indicate it's not the right timing, or there might be an energy block inside us that must be resolved. Once we remove it, we'll get the green light (or orb, hahaha) to get up and act.

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Spiritual Balancing

The world between us and the highest form of energy vibrations isn't as far away as we think and can be attainable when we change our inner beliefs and core values - our morals. In "Open-Mindedness As A Moral Virtue," Nomy Arpaly discusses the theory of actions vs. non-actions of attaining open-mindedness and says, "The state of open-mindedness itself - the one we can try to reach and sometimes fail."



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We fail to achieve the mental and spiritual place of openness when our moral compass is off. To fix this, we must go through the challenges that allow us to re-evaluate ourselves and change our perception of reality. When we allow the universal energy to connect with and through us, we become enlightened to understand that our intentions hold power. Our thinking intertwines with our core beliefs. These are buried deep within and found through troubling life experiences that push us into faith, defined as "great trust or confidence in something or someone."

Without faith, we can easily fall into the cycle of feeling stuck or victimized with no positive solution. However, we see the situation entirely differently by balancing our inner core. There is where we find the answers we need.

Balancing not only our chakras but allowing ourselves to be ourselves. No baggage and self-judgment create an opening where we can see everything clearly to create our reality. Our perception of painful experiences can limit our visions and alter our growth.

Through clear and pure thinking, we can take responsibility for what we say and do or even don't do. Accountability can bring abundance in faster than anything we can imagine because we accept our capabilities.

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With pure clarity, we find the hidden gifts, talents, and faults and realization we can change them if we want.

Not only can we understand ourselves equally, but we also understand others, allowing them to be themselves. Whether they are great people, lightworkers, famous individuals, or a thief, we accept we are not the ones to chase nor change them. Only they can take action and have their account for their actions. Simply put, we let them be. If our paths cross again, we will decide whether it's the right time to be involved. Until then, we must focus on our highest form of self-love and inner growth.


We walk in the center of our logic vs. emotions and find the centering where our inner psychic and the unseen forces send cues that lead us out of the negative situation and into a brighter direction with discerning thinking and decisions. In this place, we feel empowered and happier - lighter than usual.

Messages arrive from out of nowhere and impact our centered bodies. Birds that stop and stare at us only inches away begin to send hidden signals that are undeniably positive. The land, grass, trees, and flowers can help us stay in the center, where we let go of trying to control the outcome but have faith that everything we need is on the way.

A subtle tug in our gut that makes us stop eating our favorite go-to chocolate bar and create a pattern of taking good care of ourselves. And putting our energy and effort into something or someone that gives back the same way nature does for us.

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Smelling the sweet flowers outside or the snowstorm blowing in through town can send spiritual vibrations through us to start making a move or sit silently and allow the flow to move through our mind and body and enlighten our souls. Touching the bark of a tree can help us reconnect to the inner self where we put our lives first, not from ego, but from spiritual balancing.

There comes the point in our lives when we must stop and reflect, no matter our age. Even if we are climbing the metaphoric ladder to success, we must stay balanced to avoid falling one or more ladder rungs.

Gaining insight into all sides of ourselves from air, earth, fire, and water energies is essential to stay upright and in a forward position. When we understand how to use these elements and combine the beautiful nutrients of nature, we truly can feel blessed with the vision to become a reality. The knowledge from within helps us to avoid disasters. They can also help us create momentum and jump higher.


How do you know if it's time to take action?


So if we are in balance and the timing is right, intuitively, we will know what to do and when. Words we usually never use will flow through us, yet they connect to others correctly - leaving both sides in a positive state. We feel alive, vibrant, eager to proceed and have faith that we are making changes for our highest good and the betterment of others.

If we are filled with worry and doubt and can't seem to get into our spiritual centering, then it's an entirely different story. We must begin to dive deeper, seek the centering and balancing, and use the help of the unseen to move us into clarity.

Humanistically, there will always be a specific moment when we know it's time to take action. Our physical body can begin to get sore and have considerable pains. Tight muscles and pains from being in the same position day after day are a big sign we must move and increase physical exercise. Indigestion and stomach pains arrive after we eat something our body doesn't like, and our skin looks dull and dry from a lack of hydration are also some of the symptoms we can expect. Many signals tell us to take action to make changes for better health. Our mind also sends signals to take action. Having difficulty sleeping and focusing are high on the list.

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It's not really different in a spiritual way, either. The difference is that we will get the messages internally from our chakras, soul, and other people. The universe works magic through us to help in subtle yet noticeable ways. Such as someone saying something out of the blue helps gain insight into the situation we are dealing with at that time. The old phrase many people have said is, "are you psychic" or "you must be reading my mind," which is a likely possibility. The unseen moves words, thoughts, ideas, inspirations, and more from one person to another. Self-analysis through meditation sends lighted colors that connect to our inner core, where we begin to know the answers.

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Repeating names, numbers, colors, and patterns will be our greatest ally as we regain the spiritual balance we were born knowing. Each will lead us to research the meanings of what we are receiving to aid our life puzzle and changes. Sometimes they will indicate yes, it's time to move on, and others will feel like an invisible hand is holding us down where we continue to see these synchronicities without the ability to take action. Again our intuition is at the top of the list for guidance. Ordering a psychic reading from a trusted psychic advisor will also be of benefit for confirming what we are dealing with and if we are in balance.

Moving forward

"It's always darkest before the dawn," a famous quote by Thomas Fuller, is a simple way to remember there will always be challenges while we change into something better. Hope begins to change to faith as darkness becomes the sunlight. We feel that change is coming and our struggles are in our favor, but it rarely feels like it at the time. If we stop and become grounded, centered, and spiritually balanced, we keep the openness to move forward.


As the moon crosses through planetary cycles, its powerful brilliance lights our souls and shows what's hiding in our inner dreams, memories, and beliefs. Practice spending time staring at the stars and moon at night. Ask for the unseen to guide you to find the mysteries that hold the key to finding the answers and timing.

Never give up on yourself. We are our greatest asset in life. Our strength comes from within, not from others. Set healthy boundaries to keep negative people and experiences from interfering with the inner centering. Practicing staying alert in mind, fit in the body, and openness in the soul will eliminate the worrying and fears that come with change. Get a spiritual balance reading to align the chakras and thinking filled with clarity to restore confidence. Keep going toward your goals. It's okay to change direction, but belief and faith will ultimately win.

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Arpaly, N. (2011). OPEN-MINDEDNESS AS A MORAL VIRTUE. American Philosophical Quarterly, 48(1), 75-85.

Thomas Fuller Quote


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