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Virgo New Moon Unwinds Chaos

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

by LA Gonzales of Ascending Souls Journey

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The Virgo New Moon opens a new path to take action in a new direction, which will be a big one! A psychic astrology forecast.

On September 14th, 2023, the new moon begins in the sign of Virgo—a zodiac sign that enhances organization, efficiency, and fluidity. Each zodiac sign will feel this welcoming moment to unwind the chaos that swirls around our minds, emotions, and spirituality for a positive impact.

Hold on tight as the Virgo new moon unwinds chaos and works with another gateway - a portal opening for about 7-10 days where the impossible becomes possible. No matter what has been holding you back, supernatural and spiritual guidance will arrive from the universe to overcome the setbacks and create a dazzling effect in everyday life, thus giving us a second chance to begin a new direction or enhance what was already in play over 2-3 years ago. Although there will be a thirty-day cycle accompanying the moon transit, the week between September 14 - 23rd will be the most significant time for advancement for those working hard at making course corrections and changing their destined life path.


The Virgo New Moon Unwinds Chaos

For those experiencing constant chaos and challenges over the last 2-3 years, there will finally be the moment of advancement of a dream. Fears, phobias, and doubt triggered the separation within for many who felt stuck and unable to see the way to the visions and dreams, now are turning in your favor. It doesn't mean sitting back and doing nothing - quite the opposite! Taking action to pull out and toss out the prickly pieces that seemed to hold back the changes is more important now than ever.

Staying focused on your quest and having absolute faith that beloved friends, family, and partnerships will also see the quest as an experience of not a lifetime but a soul's life purpose. A reminder that we can't change others, but we can change ourselves will bellow through the clouds and whispers in the winds that will be the calm before the major significance occurs. They will catch up, or they won't, and the meaning of learning to love from afar will finally make complete sense. All zodiac signs in the astro line will feel the deep emotional turns in the unconsciousness as hearts open larger, perhaps even for the first time. Past traumas will reveal the remarkable, unique abilities within you, leading to a glorious time for balance, creation, and self-love.

Using the highlighted knowledge, we can overcome any setback with the power of the cosmos and inner thoughts by taking action and making it a reality in the human world. Each zodiac in the constellation has a psychic forecast to guide us through illusions and master reality if we choose.

Here is what will be of the most importance for each zodiac sign through the energy shifts coming in:


The hard-working rams will be ready to plow their horns into a dream and bust open new ideas with a fast, speedy return. Fire, Air, Water, and Earth will align for the first time in the past few years for most, even longer for others - giving a positive spin on something that felt bleak and lifeless. Revival of energy will come out of nowhere with a nagging to clean up, clear up, and shift into the new experience. Action toward a career, financial investments, and love heightens during this cosmic time, so sit up and wake up while taking steps toward the delayed things, including romance.


Finally, the inner light shifts with the cosmic energy the new moon brings in, and with it comes feeling more centered in the connection with the stars and earth. A quick move to relocate alters finances and homestead just at the right time. Following your intuition will lead to something remarkable happening again, just like it used to years ago. For some, an awakening moment will return spiritual structure and positive blessings to those hard-working bulls patiently waiting. Smelling the softness of life will open a tantalizing romantic surprise for those bewildered about their love life. A kind helping hand and gentleness bring love back with a bang! Health and fitness are vital necessities, and a new realization shows through the chaos of which elements will provide the most benefits and attach to materialization or manifesting. Use the powerful energy for security.

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Those Gemini who have been overthinking will finally find themselves making a decision, and it's a biggy! Tossing and turning with disruptive sleep to choose a new direction or stay in the same will explode with the perfect answer for you. Open your arms and say "yes" to an offer arriving in the cosmic gateway week, and love will soon come wrapped with a big red bow. Whether it be career, family, or friends, this surprise opportunity is something to celebrate. Romance may have created an imbalance between your solar twin, but now the answer will be clear. Glowing, healthy, and fiery experiences will usher in a glimpse of what is coming your way.


Sealed lips are getting ready to reveal something so big it wakes up the cosmos as the truth spews out for Cancers to grasp. Finally, an awkward situation turns in our crab's favor, particularly in both job and security. A soured partnership that leaves you in a quandary seems to transform miraculously and brings with it good luck through the next month. Use the time well by putting action behind the chaos, and clearing up any doubts will now fill your life with abundance. Creating a new indoor exercise routine will be highlighted for the following month, and with it comes a romantic encounter with someone worth the wait! A new pet will be an added benefit in the family circle.


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Those in limbo with a decision may have a supernatural visit from a spiritual encounter showing the right direction. Whether it's a dream, a new person, or a psychic, the answers to a dilemma will come at the perfect time. A new job offer will be tempting, so make sure to wish upon a star for the one best suited for you. Travel may have been disappointing over the past few months, but good news about a memorable trip is coming. Making plans to take on this adventure will create excitement and may expel the vibrations of love for a romantic encounter. Sensuality and sexuality are highlighted. The only question is: are you ready for the good to show up?



The new moon will bring some solar power for our Virgos, particularly regarding stability, business endeavors, and new career paths. The feeling of lack will dissipate as a shift to life and soul purpose emerges with action taken toward humanitarianism. Family ties that separated over the past several years will now see a shift with a reunion for those who have broken free from constraints led by other's ill will, unveiling a harmonic meet-up. Stuck romantic vibes will be delighted with a tingling toward some overdue intimacy. Focus on grounding with nature and natural remedies that will open all senses to something amazing!


Unsurprisingly, our Libras will feel the new moon effects almost immediately. The laid-back and barely participating will move only a little bit along, but the action-oriented and ready-to-go will now balance the scales and begin something to create abundance. If romance has been on the back burner, a new person or reformed partner will share plans with star-exploding effects. Singers, dancers, and life coaches will enjoy a change leading to breathtaking new heights. Creating a new daily walking routine with a revised diet, including fresh vegetables, will be a hit for feeling light and free. A new moon destined for new beginnings is en route from the cosmos.

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It's the time you've been waiting for when working with the cosmos, and energy shifts and starts to provide abundance. A happy family affair turns into a prosperous moment lasting for years. New partnerships in career endeavors feel more solid, particularly in the technology and food industries. Nesting will be a high priority in love, creating the perfect haven promoting hours of joy, laughter, and togetherness. The loneliness wanes away, opening a new direction in security and adventure. Making time to meet new people will be favorable through this astro cycle.


The spotlight turns to take a second look at Sagittarius after months, even years, of perfecting a plan and course direction. Things are increasing after using your bow and arrow to remove the draining experiences. Those action-takers will begin this phase with an incredible offer, leading to more in the near future. Take heed to keep focused on your desires in career and security. Participating in a virtual course or in-person class will usher in a new person, leading to a long-lasting friendship, even romance for some. Use the stars to guide you in creating alternate paths for adventure.



Reuniting with long-lost family and friends will give Capricorn more confidence and a bold awakening to the truth about a deceptive person. Removing negativity leads to a sudden surge of prosperity as the roadblocks clear. It is a glorious time to become a master chef at home, learning about nutrition and homemade cooking in the kitchen. Romance that has been on the backburner will feel a fabulous jolt from the cosmos with some well-deserved private time. Spending time in wooded areas with pine cones and fresh flowers will help reduce stress and maintain focus. The saying "life is good" makes more sense than ever through this auspicious moon cycle.




It's no ordinary new moon for Aquarians. Those working hard to create, build, and grow a career will feel the energy shifting from within and know it's the right time to leap with the cosmic forces at hand. A new job or partnership offer will highlight this time, proving your intuition has always been right. Separated family members will step forward just as this glorious new beginning arrives. Years of being off track will create a fabulous reunion filled with honesty, forgiveness, and laughter for many months to come. An out-of-the-blue person shows up with a sparkle in their eyes as they boldly move to capture Aquarius' attention. It's the time to say yes to a date or long-lasting phone call - a game changer for the unexpecting water barriers. Love of career, family, and romance are arriving simultaneously.


A quick review of what's happening in your life - are you on track? Is something coming?



The longing for positive reinforcement is now arriving like a team of knights riding in on horseback. New people show up at the exact moment needed and nudge our Pisces to take action in creating a masterpiece. Combining a pinch of heartfelt ideas, willingness to change, and a dash of self-confidence ushers in abundance in a big way. A new career or job promotion contract will complement the feeling of fitting in. A sizzling encounter with a new person will become a focus as romance is highlighted through the cosmos, lasting for months. The mind, body, and soul hold exceptional value in freeing old thinking and creating abundance.


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