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Water Sunrise

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

Morning Calming Cleanse

Allow yourself to relax in the calm and soothing sounds of nature. The beautiful tones and vibrations touching each chakra stir anxiety and stress, while focusing on the fainted sound of the water and the stillness of the calming meadows cleansing away negativity A universal star's dark screen has been added to let the fatigue go Relax and sleep. Stirs the sacral chakra.

Ask yourself this question.

While listening to the video, ask yourself the following question: Where do the sounds or energy vibrations tingle in your body The mind, mentally stirring ideas, and concentration, or the lower hips indicating money and foundational strength or weakness?

Create your methods to align your inner core. Wellness is a vital part of our authentic self; enhancing the mind, body, and soul will help create a healthier lifestyle.

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