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Ascending Souls Journey

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As a psychic medium, our clients receive all the skills, education, and intuitive energy vibrations to gain clarity and clearing to receive prosperity and abundance.

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Lori Ann, Entrepreneur

About Us

Staying balanced in a transitional world.

Staying balanced and seeing what is beyond is easy when we follow our inner knowing. Learn more about Lori Ann and how she can help in your life.


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What We Do


Psychic, Tarot, Energy Clearings, Intuitive Energy Combo, Love, Career, Soul Connections


Focus groups, Wellness, Empowerment Coaching, Stop Smoking, Relaxations Meditation


Courses, Classes, Webinars, Empowerment Retreats, Focus Groups, Virtual Seminars


Book Promotions, Business Coaching, Wellness, and Psychic Public Speaking

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to help all souls find and heal past interconnected trauma, enabling them to regain empowerment to create a better life and discover their role in humanity.


Our vision is to provide information that grows awareness in creating a break in the dividers of unity. Each unique individual contributes to raising the consciousness to create a better world.


We believe in Diversity, Empowerment, Spirituality, Mental and Emotional Clarity, Universal Energy, Alignment, Equality, Unity, Humanity, and all Souls matter.

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Friends & Clients

Her psychic abilities helped me shed light on my past, the present moment, and how I can improve it, as well as how to optimize future opportunities from an energetic position of kindness.

Meghan ~ New York

Degrees and Certifications

Metaphysical Humanistic Science MHs.B

Certified Energy Healing Practioner

Board Certified NLP Coaching

Board Certified Consulting Hypnostist

Minister of IMH Church and Universal Life Church

Organizations and Memberships

International Metaphysical Practitioners Association

American Tarot Association

International Institute Complementary Therapists

American Federation of Astrologers

National Small Business Association


Universal Life Church Monestary

Navigating in Woods

Ascending Souls Journey

Pick the right path and ascend to a new level in creating the life you want.