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Ascending Souls Journey
LA Gonzales
Spiritual and Life Coach. MHs.B, Minister, Certified Energy Healing; Board Certified Hypnosis and NLP Coach; Psychic, Author; Creator and Public Speaker
LA Gonzales Psychic Author
Lori Ann,

The owner and creator of Ascending Souls Journey was born “knowing” she was different compared to others around her. She spent over 30 years practicing the art of energy and vibrations and is now bringing it to others. LA carries a degree in Metaphysical Behavior Science, studying the spiritual, scientific, and humanistic interconnection with relationships. She is also a Certified Hypnotist and Energy Healing Practitioner specializing in using her psychic gifts to find blockages in the growth of all areas of life, love, and relationships. She also focuses on providing products, services, workshops, and online courses to help find and remove all the old and fill in the empty spaces with heightened creativity, expansions, communication, and interconnections with others. Telepathic communications are only a tiny part of what our twin flames give us. They bring us back to “us.”

The world is changing around us, and we must be the best version of ourselves—the real person.
How can we be the best version of “us” if we don’t know who we are?

Sometimes, we have to look deep to see the beauty that we hide inside. The masks we wear to fit into society, believing we will fit in. The truth about success has everything to do with being accepted; however, it has nothing to do with following others. For us to succeed, we must shine! We will need to be the red beauty in the faded distance—the one that stands out in the mist and haze that encircles our thoughts, actions, and beliefs.

At Ascending Souls Journey, we work with you to look deep beneath the grass's external blades and pull out the rubbish. The old is no longer needed, allowing the new to emerge. The authentic version of each of us deserves to be seen and heard by others.  

Every service, product, writing, and other area is all about guiding others to let go and move forward. 2023 will be the year to be authentic and transparent. It can be scary for many of us unfamiliar with speaking from the inner child based on our beliefs rather than family and society. No one will need to go through any of the significant life changes alone. We are a loving community built on truth, authenticity, and respect. A soul family filled with like-minded individuals here to make a difference in the world, and they are!

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Much Love and Light ~ Lori Ann
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the love dance blog
The Love Dance
Where does love begin and end, or could it continuously evolve in repetitive cycles ~ only we know the right answer.
Sometimes We Have to Take a Chance. 
We are taking a chance by making a life decision to be bold and go beyond the level of life.  The way we think, beliefs, and perceptions of life change, and then we choose.  “Do I or don’t I”?

In 2013, I wrote this poem on a whim.  I woke up and wrote it out.  The words rhymed, and it seemed to flow.  I tucked it away until the year 2019.  I received an announcement that I could apply for entry to a poetry contest.  I knew exactly where to go, which is where I last read this poem.  I recently used it for access and was accepted.  The results will be announced in March of 2021.

I chose to make a bold step.  To enter something where I may or may not stand out amongst the others in the crowd.  If I did nothing, I guaranteed nothing would be the result.  The empowerment that we bring back to us just by taking a healthy risk can make all the difference in our self-confidence.  Our confidence is what propels us forward in life.  Should I win the contest, I will be delighted and share the joy with others.  For me, I have already won just by submission and acceptance.

Are you ready to make a difference in the world? 

Are you moving toward your soul’s purpose?

Let’s find out.
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