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Lori Ann
Ascending And Beyond

The perfect combination to go beyond

Awakening Package

50-minute Intuitive Energy Combo and 10 minutes to gauge your chakras, energy flow, and blockages. Our session includes a personalized guided meditation video to help the Mind, Body, and Soul growth - created to calm, soothe, and enhancement for: Anxiety, Sleep, Focus, Balance, or Energize. 60-minutes total session w/private link to the personal video to follow.

Energy Clearing Session

Promoting healthy growth of the Mind, Body, and Soul. Clearing to Restore Balance, Focus & Energy -40-minute Intuitive energy reading/consultation followed by (1) Long Distance Energy Clearing session (separate 20 minutes a long-distance; the client is not present).

Self Love Plan

Self-love Wellness Plan

Maintenance is a must to keep our aligned mind, body, and soul centered. Blocking out the toxins from negativity and releasing them back into the universe is essential to clear our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies.  

Each month includes a pre-recorded video for Cord-Cutting, Protection, one live or recorded from our Circle of Wisdom Series, and a service discount. Returning soon.

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