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August Community News and Updates

Word of the month

August Word of the Month: Flowing

No matter how we look, the word flowing will be a highlight throughout August. From flowing streams of income, love, and joy, we will work with the planets to create a positive flowing movement to achieve our goals.

We can create the stage to get what we want by using organizational charts, to-do lists, and anything else to maintain balance to produce an inflow and outflow our way.

August is the month for New Beginnings; when getting back, the gains will happen for those that stay grounded and keep a high vibration. Go beyond your typical expectations and remember ebb and flow to ensure a flowing stream that connects us to the earth and planets.

Using this word will help both the divine masculine and feminine sides of our brain to keep equality and balance, particularly regarding our finances and career goals.

Our influential minds should never forget that we deserve adequate compensation for everything we give our time, energy, and investments. Thus we should also be practicing walking the same path we give to others.


Live Energy Shift Predictions with Psychic-Medium Lori Ann

Join us in the upcoming Live Energy Shift reading on our YouTube channel. Mark the calendar for this incredible opportunity to advance your mind, body, and spirit with us on August 29 @ noon EDT. We invite you and your friends and family to subscribe to our channel and click the bell for a reminder to join our progress reading for all zodiac signs.


40 Signs Of A Keeper For A Prosperous Relationship

Read LA's new blog post:


Quote of the month:

~ by Squall

"Forever Soulmates" LA's blog post.


20 slots for readings are available and on Sale!


Weekly Love reading posted: "Love Is In The Air."

Extended by zodiac sign is in our Soul membership community. Thank you for supporting our channel.


What's New In Our Community?

We moved!

We have relocated to North Carolina. We have been finishing our home and business setup while taking a grossly overdue vacation.

It is beautiful here, and the energetic connection overwhelms my head and heart.

Captain Luv Bug loves his new home. Although he missed his NY fur family, the squirrel chasing and big smashing fill him with joy.


Virtual Focus Groups and Events:

We will be replacing single sessions with group sessions. An excellent and affordable way to bring individual answers to each person's questions while learning new awareness for the following:

August WOMEN EMPOWERMENT & WELLNESS MONTHLY focus virtual will be on 8/21 @ NOON. Sign up for our membership and receive emails for updates, topics, and more.

The "How To Manifest" virtual workshop will be held on September 10 from noon to 4:30 pm EST. Find out more information and sign up to use all the gifts you were born with to create a life you love.

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