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7 Signs You Are Re-Writing Your Akashic Records

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Old Books and Journals - LA Gonzales

There are so many things that happen that can make us believe in a spiritual awakening, but are there signs you are rewriting your Akashic records? Billions of people are going through this deep analytical process of self-review. All the good, bad, and in between of what we are here on earth for; what is our purpose? With all of the world changes, it has become easier to see hidden truths about ourselves—the real things that matter to us and what we want.

Right now, many are flowing with the energy shift that is taking place. That would mean you must already know your soul's purpose. Perhaps you remember signing your soul contract or writing out your entire, extremely detailed life. You may feel like writing and writing more and need to figure out why. We will look at 7 signs that you are rewriting your Akashic records, but first, let's discuss what the book is.




Akashic Records and Soul Contract

At one point, you were a sheer outline of a person sitting at a large, old, dark wood table. Its massive length and thick legs gave you plenty of support to write the following learning lessons of your soul's new lifetime. Thousands of books sit on the shelves of floor-to-ceiling bookcases. Each book is bound differently. Some are old and tethered, others are maroon solids or have golden etchings on the fabric. All the Universal Wisdom is stored in these books. Pages of more information than we can conceive, but yet we know it must exist somewhere. It does . . . in the massive library in the clouds.

The Akashic records are a highly evolved, detailed listing of every experience we have as an individual soul. As you sit there writing, you are filling in the way to "master" something. It can be an already tried-out experience you want to re-learn or something new.

We choose the details on what, where, when, and who will be involved. On a soul level, we know the meaning and value will come from living the experience and allowing divine help to arrive when needed. Everything from the color of your eyes to your zodiac sign to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual lessons is selected. You outline challenges and joys. Past, present, and future blueprint. What you need to overcome and how to grow - enlightenment.

Once everything is well thought out, planned, and written in the book, we are almost ready to start a new soul's exciting adventure. The final piece is to sign our Soul's Contract. Imagine it as a legal document listing the sections of our Akashic Records that must be completed this time around. Then, you are ready to begin what you chose.


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The life you're living was planned out before you arrived. Our soul contract is in the Akashic Records, the book of your soul's existence. Each lifetime, each experience, is recorded in this big universal book. Remember to "Ascend" or graduate. We master the light and dark of what is in our contract. Closing old karmic (past-life) relationships will be a big part of the people who leave our lives.

The life you're living was planned out before you arrived. Our soul contract is in the Akashic Records, the book of your soul's existence. Each lifetime, each experience, is recorded in this big universal book. Remember to "Ascend" or graduate. We master the light and dark of what is in our contract. Closing old karmic (past-life) relationships will be a big part of the people who leave our lives.

The awakening journey is not for the weak, as it seemingly forces us to make changes without the logical or emotional leverage we have as humans. We can translate that to mean it's crazy and can make us feel crazy with so many lids and layers flying off. Lessons are embedded in our souls, making it seem like a Don Quixote journey.




Many people have been redesigning or creating a new plan - a life plan. Yep, you have been choosing your next soul's life. The struggles of the spiritual cleaning process, which involves releasing stuck energy, old cycles, and negative belief systems, have opened the Divine channel to you. For some, the calling is clear or feels near. Get ready to see your true purpose. Diving Timing is at play.

Just as the spiritual awakening gives us signs and synchronicities that we are encountering something off the wall, like a red or blue tablet, this portion of our destiny comes with them, too. Rewriting our soul's story is easy when we are flowing from our soul's purpose. Using our spiritual teams, skills, and gifts will help us make necessary changes to our next lifetime, ascending further beyond. Are you following your passion and purpose?

7 Signs You Are Rewriting Your Akashic Records

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As we look at these 7 signs indicating you are working on your destiny, you may realize you have more. That is okay, just as having two or three is also acceptable. Here are the main signs you are rewriting your soul's destiny and getting ready for the spiritual shift.

  1. Your intuition is rising, and with it comes more knowledge and wisdom. All the details you wrote in your Akashic Records have been showing themselves to help you. Feeling the future and smelling the new life increases as we move toward the year's end.

  2. Food may no longer taste the same, which can quickly eliminate our appetite. This is an excellent time to cleanse for those needing to detox chemicals and heavy metals. When your body is clean, it will want food—probably a lot! But the old flavors won't be satisfying. Change to our diet is on the horizon.

  3. Music and tones are becoming more acute. You may find you have an unknown attachment to a song from long ago, perhaps centuries ago. You may hear a poem or music playing in your head that seems so familiar, but you can't quite identify it. This is a sign you are ascending. Growing your divine connection and inner connection allows us to see things from different planes and dimensions. You will find the sounds that help you in every way, even if it's just silence.

  4. The unfathomable urge to skydive, take off and travel, or fight for animal rights may jump in when least expected. No matter what the outraged action is, it'll get you up and trying new things. It can be an enormous adrenaline rush or a progressive upward movement. The signs will be straightforward for you to know how far and when to leap.

  5. Decreased energy begins to return to normal. But not for long. You may find yourself having more energy than ever before. It may arrive at 3:33 a.m. and kick-start your day much earlier than usual. Over the next while, it will seem like someone else is running your life. More organization and discipline will arrive to help you accomplish your goals. Even if you have yet to learn what the complete future picture is, you'll feel it and complete everything on time.

  6. Unwilling to be around negative people. Well, it may be saying get me the heck out here as you beeline for the door. If people don't connect, we won't participate. The higher one ascends, the more diplomacy is used to push these types away. People, places, and things are changing for the final destination of the new soul chapter.

  7. Daydreaming and even night dreams may keep your head in a constant thinking stream; however, it will be for your benefit this time. Downloads are coming, with many new ideas and creative endeavors showing. You may find yourself pulling away from others while this is being processed. On a spiritual level, we dissect the information we receive and can use it to create. Imagine it is the Scrabble game word tiles lining up in a sentence. You can rearrange them to make a different sentence. The tiles represent pieces of life for the present and future.

Closing and Clearing

Timeline changes may intensify. Not only will you be moving from one dimension to another, but you will be helping to move the energy around you, creating a new timeline. It may start instantly for some, while others will feel gradual shifts through the beginning of 2025. Traveling through the galaxy to meet with others to help you close and create.


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You may feel the need to cleanse your home and self from negative energy, and entities will grow over the next several months. The need will intensify more around October, similar to the year 2020. To ascend or graduate, we must master the light and dark of every aspect of earth and human life.

Here you have it! Seven signs you are rewriting your Akashic records. While going through this portion of your journey, write in your journal about your dreams, experiences, and feelings. One day, you will see them as though they are in a different language that no one else understands, but you do!

Let us know who will you be in the near future? We love your comments!


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