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All Zodiac Signs Mantras - New Moon in Gemini

New Moon Brings Big Changes!

The New Moon on June 6th is a powerful time for all zodiac signs to start new. New businesses, careers, and relationships leading to our soul's purpose now highlight the skies. Cosmic reinforcement will help those zodiac signs ready to take action on what is truly valuable in their lives. Everything from new ways of eating to hairstyles, wardrobes, and lifestyles will help each sign shine in their own destiny.

Big changes are coming! It's time to manifest in a high attuning with the divine elements. As the universe sweeps us through a feeling of renewal and rejuvenation, using a mantra to help achieve goals will bring great rewards. No matter where we are in our transformative soul journey, an abundant and prosperous period is approaching. Using the personal mantra will help in mastering both light and dark to walk in balance on Earth. The balance is where the new takes over, leaving the past behind. Try our mantra below for your zodiac sign as a foundation to work with the energy shift over the next 30 days. 


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New Moon Mantras for All Zodiac Signs

Scorpio Astrology
Scorpio Astrology

I am Scorpio 

I can transform anything I choose. 

I was born to master both the light and dark

I am mysterious and magnetic that is irresistible

I am a highly intuitive being and use it to find the best for me

I am the creator of change 

I am an exciting and passionate being

I am a manifester and create what I want

I am Scorpio

Virgo Astrology
Virgo Astrology

I am Virgo 

I am a powerful part of the universe and can connect to anything 

I was born to master earth with elegance

I am organized and reliable, producing positive results

I am a highly intuitive being and interconnect with others to benefit my life

I let go of worry and replace it with knowing

I am a perfectionist and create what I desire

I am in healthy mind, body, and spirit

I am Virgo


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Sgittarius Astrology

I am Sagittarius

I am magnificent, curious, and intelligent

I am divinely connected to the universe and others

I use my boldness to create better experiences

I try new ways to find the best path for my life

I am born to cross boundaries for the greater good of all

I am Sagittarius

Aquarius Astrology

I am Aquarius

I am an intelligent, fearless, and creative

I am a highly intuitive and use it to improve my life and others

I am connected to the divine and all living beings

I am born to create oneness within Self and Humanity

I use my leadership qualities to better the lives of all

I am capable of manifesting what I want 

I am Aquarius


Libra Astrology

I am Libra

I draw the right people into my life

I am filled with wisdom that helps me create prosperity

I was born to balance my life and those around me

I am a powerful being

I am filled with knowledge that benefits Humanity

I am a strong leader of my life and others

I am Libra

Aries Astrology


I am Aries

I am filled with fire to get things done

I am vivacious in everything I do

I know nothing is truly lost - it will return in divine timing

I know people recognize me as being strong

I am born to harmonize with society

I am a passionate being and push others to achievement

I am Aries


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Pisces Astrology


I am Pisces

I am filled with self-love 

I can see beauty where others cannot

I was born to teach others about love

I use my intuition to see the path to prosperity

I can create abundance when I want

I know humor heals all situations

I am Fearless in creating a life I love

I am Pisces

Capricorn Astrology

I am Capricorn

I am connected to Earth to create prosperity

I am methodical, leading me to higher possibilities

I am at one within and with nature

I can create a life filled with everything I desire

I am stable and secure

I was born to create security for myself and others

I am Capricorn


Cancer Astrology


I am Cancer

I am a spiritual being of love

I am the conductor of and for romance

I fill the hearts of others with hope

I am a powerful being capable of creating a life I love

I walk with the divine in my life

I am ascending to a higher level

I am Cancer 

Taurus Astrology


I am Taurus

I am connected to the Earth and all living beings

I can create abundance and wealth easily

I use my time wisely 

I apply my knowledge to creating harmonious natural surroundings

I teach others how to create prosperity

I vibrate the colors of gold

I am a Taurus

Gemini  Astrology


I am Gemini

I give freely to those in need

I teach others how to find and feel love from everywhere

I am a leader of Humanity

I use my creativity to instill my passion

I thrive on balance in all areas of my life

I am prosperous 

I am Gemini

Leo Astrology


I am Leo

I am a leader of people

I bring solid information from the universe to others

I am loyal to those deserving

I teach others how to live passionately by example

I am mighty and fearless

I create abundance everywhere I go

I am Leo

Make Changes To Create Change

Add to your personal mantra. Make changes that fit your life with a positive tone, no negative terms. Shifting the mindset to a positive position pairs perfectly with this new moon period.

Move forward with peace and faith that you are about to make progress. Remove the old lingering clusters of negativity, transforming a new beginning out of spiritual and mental power.


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