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A Day of Viewpoint, Validation, and Victory

Cupid and his arrow pointing to love
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By LA Gonzales - When we take action and try new experiences, not even Cupid would worry about us at this point—a psychic view for Valentine's Day.

What is Valentine's Day really about?

Could this be the one day a year we can walk up to anyone and say the words "I love you," and magically, it creates a "couple-ship," lasting for years to come ….

Wait, that's not it!

Perhaps it's the one day a year when someone can say "I love you," spilling out their long-held secret to a stranger, kind of like a love stalker's outing day ….

Wait, that's not it!

Valentine's Day is a great time to say those powerful words about love, invoking union, passion, and romance. But truthfully, it is really only a casual reminder day. You see, each day we have love for our particular person or people, we tell them so. By saying the words repeatedly, we create a bond in the hope of erasing any doubt or worry.

Each year, we celebrate a big anniversary or a few small ones with our special person. Cherishing our mutually selected day and night filled with memories of why we said those particular words in the first place. For some, it could be the first time that saying those deep emotional words we all long to hear actually happened on Valentine's Day.

A Day of Viewpoint, Validation, and Victory

February 14th has been declared a day when Cupid's Arrow strikes a single person who roams around the world with a golden cup held out to capture the falling hearts and love arrows from out of nowhere. Piercing us with a stab in our heart to let us know that something better is here. That someone perfect for us is here. It would be grand to see a celestial being flying around for a reason that benefits us, but it's highly unlikely most of us will visually witness it.

But what if this is actually a 3-V day? "A Day of Viewpoint, Validation, and Victory." A unique time when we realize what we can do with this moment by our actions rather than a flying winged baby in a heavenly swathe. Whether it is a spiritual zap or a human snap, we can bring remarkable joy without anyone else's interference. When we take action and open ourselves to new experiences, not even Cupid would worry about us at this point.

That is to say, when we share our Viewpoint, we feel relief from something we couldn't or wouldn't express before. That's when we become excited about our actions. Passion reignights!

In sharing our viewpoints or feelings, we receive Validation. Whether it comes from our heart pounding one hundred and twenty miles an hour or the recipient saying it back, it doesn't matter. There is some type of validation that comes through. A miraculous moment happens when we realize we've got what it takes to say the magical words. To have deep feelings and emotions or a quick look at what fun we can have with the day, there will be a meaningful moment.


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Through sharing and validation, we will ultimately achieve Victory.

We've grown… overcome fears, and released pent-up emotional attachments that can take our breath away when it's held in too long. Victory is ours by going out, letting our hair down, and simply having fun while lifting the spirits of another as a reminder that love isn't always romantic, but it's real life.

Let this be the time to say those words without any expectations from another but a reminder of hope.

It's not humiliating if the other person doesn't say it back… not on this one day of the year. Any other day, we would be insulted or feel like our hearts are broken from non-reciprocation.

It's just a reminder . . . like dipping our little toe in the watery emotions of love so we can get just a glimpse of what it is all about. No matter if they also have feelings for us or not.

It isn't through giving gifts or expensive dinners and things but rather by their facial expressions and tones as we confess our hidden secret wrapped around our hearts. A high vibration that creates a spark of faith that we will soon have those special words said back to us. It is a day of viewpoint, validation, and victory to remember that "to love in life creates the life we love."

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