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Hold The Universal Line

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

Reflective light show
Photo by Joshua Sortino

Hold the Universal Line 

My guides have been saying get ready for the shift for the past couple of weeks. Hearing the words to prepare for a big turn of events …. for the universal split. It's time to hold the universal line to allow improvements to come—a psychic forecast.

What this means is there is another divide on the way, but it's about us, not others—a cosmic alignment with our thoughts followed by our reality. We think of something, and then we create it. We make it happen! The proof will arrive starting 11/11 and continuing through the year's end. 

It's an epic moment for each of us where all the spiritual beliefs of having superpowers will be enhanced. We will see new talent show up from out of nowhere—high-paying opportunities with contracts and documents to lock them in place. There will be an increase in being seen by others that we dreamed about where you reap the positivity of these meetings.

How can you know

The question that may come to mind for so many is, how can you know if this is true? Or better yet, how can you know when the positive stuff is coming?

The "Micro Vibes" I've spoken of will be moving everyone. You feel it! You see it! But most of all… there's no doubt of what's in the way. 


"Micro Vibes" by LA Gonzales

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A guide in using our intuitive "gut" and human body language for prosperity.
Micro Vibes by LA Gonzales


What blocks us from progress?

The truth is what you believe in your head and feel in your heart will show up if You've taken action to make it happen.

Blockages will lift or be created. Because we have to have all these in a straight row, connecting the dots, like the stars in the night sky, can be challenging. 

People around you will be the most powerful to sway, obstacles to trick your mind. That person you love, you care about them, and they say you can't, or there's no way. Or the all-so-popular phrase "what makes you think you can have, etc."

All of the negative comments and others' opinions of your future… your life dreams have to be ignored while you focus on action to make it happen.


Are you on track? Are you ready to Ascend?


Want the job? Then find it! Search again, and begin to create a list of companies that are a priority, and call old connections. Determination with faith that it will be in your life with action, beliefs, and knowing it's on the way.

2 stay away from these people for the next week. If you begin to doubt yourself, the universe will feel it; the next thing you know, that will show up. Now your person is saying, "I told you so, "and worse, you're saying to yourself.

"Feed the Mind, Heal the Body, Grow the Soul"

by LA Gonzales

3. Limiting beliefs can cause more unraveling than we can imagine. Putting a ceiling on something, even like a romantic relationship, can be counterproductive. The universe, the Divine, will receive mixed signals. Set your intentions, but allow for the changes for your highest good and others around you.

Continue to think of the outcome that you want. See yourself in a job or receiving a promotion or whatever you want. Keep it "open," meaning let go of putting limitations on your outcome. For example, the promotion you want may come in the form of a bonus or a new payout structure that gives your desired outcome in increments… and it may actually exceed what you were focused on.

Remember to say this daily: "No weapon can prosper against me!"

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