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New Moon Messages

Updated: Jan 17

New moon
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New Moon Messages

The January New Moon Messages is getting ready to emerge on January 11th, allowing the souls wanting to take a new direction. Our soaring soul shift will occur for those who have released the old and are now ready for the new. Because we are connected to the highest source, we merge with the stars and planets in creation and feel the effects on our existing human life. Equally, we blend with other life forces, such as animals, rocks, and plants. Allow them to guide you through this prosperous astronomical time. Let's look at the planetary messages and zodiac messages for each sign.

Mercury Goes Direct

December started the retrograde of planet Mercury, ending on January 1st. The mercury's backward motion hit many hard. It was a test of courage and power as we thought about old experiences, memories flooded in about our missing loved ones, and the holiday season added more intensity to the mix. The shadow period may have some still feeling stuck or dealing with past issues through January 7th. If you're one of them, rest assured a total feeling of unrestricted movement is on the way! 

In the next few days, you can rest assured you can sign the documents, take the offer, and move forward in other areas without worrying about the magnetic pull backward from this mighty planet. Follow your intuition as you begin your new phase and enjoy the changes. 

New Moon Messages


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Each zodiac sign will feel the new moon energy as it guides us toward a fresh start. A new path of opportunity reveals what we have been working on over the past 12-24 months. A tickle in our ears reminds us of what we were thinking about in each area of our lives. It ushers in a flow of the unseen, supernatural force to achieve victory in our goals. We may hear an echo of softly spoken words saying, "It's time."... 

There will be no doubt that what you are experiencing is real. You'll know to start the new business, submit the application, and do anything else we have been feeling "spiritually" stuck in getting up and going.

This moon phase is significant and holds tremendous importance over the next several months, perhaps several years for some. It is an opportunity to allow your soul to move with the flow of a fresh and vibrant ascension. It is well deserved for those who now see clearly, listen to everyone, and feel their intuition heightening. The shadow work is complete, and you've healed past anger, guilt, and other low vibrating energy.


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Soaring Souls Shift

Soaring Souls Shift with the New Moon. Universal energy is shifting, and it will be a glorious time for those ready to leap into a new venture. The preparations you've been making are now prepared to present to others. A new direction in life will allow each person to achieve your highest goals. 

Every person has been triggered by a person or situation to invoke their transformation. Many have experienced tremulous times over the past few years, if not longer. The spiritual teardown of our memories stored in nice cubicles has been ignored or repressed for various reasons. The shadow work has been an arduous process that most would rather not deal with; however, the selected group that has chosen to see the truth about every piece of their life will find comfort in knowing the positive effects will now begin to show if they haven't already.

For those who have gained mental clarity, healed physical ailments, and remembered their authentic self, amazing things are en route with the power of this January New Moon phase. Look at each zodiac sign to see what can happen by working with the powerful energy shift.

Zodiac Messages

zodiac signs
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To gain optimal insights, we recommend reading your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs.


Family feuds and disputes with friends may have caused quite a lot of confusion. Overly dramatic situations will simply fall by the wayside when Aries lets the situation go. An opportunity you thought was forgotten will reemerge. This is a golden time to start a career, accept the promotion, and begin new endeavors. There is no room for arrogance or finger-pointing, as it will create a new karmic reaction. Stand firm in your beliefs and take action on your intuition.


If you feel exhausted from dealing with past issues, rest assured a sense of relief is on the way. The project or life-changing event that was in focus over the past 12-24 months will be at the forefront. There may be a short period of double-checking references to ensure the risk is worth it for a career move. Family and friends are wanting to return. Be cautious who you let back in, for only positive forward thinkers who believe in you are welcome now.


The entire month of January will be a favorable time for Gemini. The contracts to end the past close and the documents for new beginnings are coming. Use your intuition to guide you in making wise choices while staying connected to your higher self. You are now implementing the ideas and creations that will produce prosperity in the coming months, if not immediately. Stay in a healthy mindset and soar with the energy shift.


Clarity will emerge through the confusion that kept Cancer at a standstill. A newfound sense of empowerment is on the way, with the effects lasting throughout the year. Family issues with reputation damages will be let go as your crabby heart welcomes a new opportunity filled with love, excitement, and passion for a new lifestyle. Embrace the moment!


It's time for the lion to evaluate a situation regarding career and financial security. A new opportunity to gain money and leadership roles is en route. Double-check the background of family and romantic partners that may be worth healing. They will be ready soon, and so is Leo. Stand proud without the ego and will seem to fall into your lap for a prosperous new start.


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If you feel like the "new" will never arrive, rest assured the New Moon will help turn your situation around. Focus on balancing yourself and taking action to heal a family situation restricting positive results. Something grand is getting ready to take off and needs Virgo to be steady and ready. New beginnings and abundance are arriving.


Forgiveness and abandoning old philosophies will usher in a new connection. Soul bonding is in store for our Libras, which will be a treat for months, if not years, to come. A new job or person is steering you to the ultimate success in all areas of life. Not only will you feel the powerful connection in relationships, but it will bring smiles, laughter, and positivity back where they belong. Happy looks good on Libra!


A new chapter of life shows up at the right time. There may be people around Scorpio that are creating a negative impact. Set them aside or remove them to take advantage of this New Moon shift. The rewards will bring in security and love, not to mention peace of mind. A transformation from the old to the new looks great on the faces of those who follow their intuition. Use your psychic abilities to navigate.


Staying balanced as you begin a new phase is essential. Keep a record of your spending and find a way to reduce spending. The extra savings will be invested in your new beginning, which will prosper through the year. Let go of fear and allow romance and passion, once on the back burner, to reignite as soon as the balancing is complete. Wow! Exciting times are ahead for our Sagittarians.


An emotionally out-of-balance family member arrives with a sincere apology for a problematic past situation. The love is there, so the stubborn goat must follow their heart and listen to your intuition to prevent future problems. A new gesture of love comes in at the right to support Capricorn in many ways. It's a time for abundance and new beginnings to be in your favor. Follow your heart… follow your gut!


Write your plan and begin on a balanced path to a new life venture. A person at a distance will want to reunite. Boundaries with your loved one will create a positive flow, restoring abundance and leading to massive prosperity as you stay connected with your higher self. Love will show up from out of nowhere - remain intact and let them in to create a complete sense of strength and grace.


The New Moon will help Pisces release old restrictions keeping you from your achievements. An unhealthy person will be removed, perhaps even incarcerated, allowing you the emotional freedom to build a healthy lifestyle. Support comes from others after a long period of isolation. Self-love will come naturally as the two fish intertwine in a new venture, producing positive results. Let go and move forward to win!


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