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Can They Be Trusted

Have you ever met someone so charming and made you feel an instant connection? The person who has a way of fitting into your life and letting you know we can always trust them with all of your private information and hearts.

Maybe the full sharing doesn’t happen immediately, but gradually this one person seems to fit all the requirements of what a friend, lover, and partner should be, which leads to trust. A bonding that can be strong instantly or over the years will be a tried-and-true asset to our life.

At least it feels that way until, one day, we find out something that made our solar plexus tug and hearts pound. Our thinking becomes questionable as we wonder if that one person will do or say something that can create confusion and potentially any type of pain. Whether it involves our heads, hearts, and bank accounts, we start doubting if anything about that person is real.

There are people we meet that seem to read our minds, and some of them can. Not all these individuals have our best interests in mind and give an illusion they “get us,” and we feel protection, love, and other areas that connect deep in our lives.

It may not be an experience in our lives, but perhaps someone else we see in repetitive, negative cycles. Where these types of toxic people gain power from another, creating a victim lost in a false reality. These connections are not always soulmates or twin flames; however, the bonding can make us feel like they are a forever piece of life.

When we understand how to look through the beautiful hair, stylish clothing, and lavish life they often come with, we can see the authentic person inside. Many clues in the humanistic world can help us determine if they are safe or if we should run away. Equally, we can find many spiritually denoted synchronicities that can guide us within these experiences.

When we learn to “Micro Vibe” in life, we can become human lie detectors. Whether we spot them right away or find out later, we can use critical elements that will lead us out of the path of potential destruction.

Micro Vibes, written by Lori Ann, holds concepts of spiritual and humanistic signs of how to spot these characters and get ourselves back into creating a life filled with love. These experiences are not only in romantic relationships but in careers, jobs, families, and friends. Anything or anyone we love can get caught in a toxic situation.

It isn’t about voodoo, spells, or magical potions. It is about learning to combine our intuition with other aspects such as micro expressions and becoming a leader in gaining prosperity. The book is about finding out how to stop these predators from sabotaging our lives while we keep our hearts open to allow the goodness to come.

Not all soul connections are toxic, nor are they fake. They are people and situations that lead us to find the missing links that can stop us from having something magnificent. They guide us back to a place where we can fulfill our life and soul’s purpose and become happy in what we are building and growing.

“Micro Vibes” by LA Gonzales is now available on Amazon with promotions and purchases. The book can change our approach to who and how we deal with others and bring the magic back into our lives. Explore the facts from the angle of real-life and the spiritual or universal aspect and bring prosperity to you or someone you love.

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