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You Are Invincible, Not Invisible

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

Don't stop now! Unity and alignment with like-minded will create a new path through the changes in the new world called, The Age of Aquarius. An encouraging and inspirational message to all women in the world.

This month is the time for women worldwide to see themselves as invincible—powerful, vital, and beautiful contributors to global society.

Celebrate Women's month with us as we explore our history in March 2022.

In 1870, under the Fifteenth Amendment in the United States, all men were granted the right to vote regardless the race or color. It was another 50 years of women battling and fighting to be declared the same right to vote. Fighting against the law, men, and even their own women friends, a victory came in 1820 when women gained the right to vote.

But was this a genuine victory? No, it was not the complete story. The newly founded law eliminated women of color with the right to vote. It encompassed another 45 years of defending and fighting the same battle for over a century. Countless stories of division and unions to overcome and win the fight to grant this movement were heartbreaking, twisted, and unnecessary; however, in 1965, black women could finally walk to the polls.

Have women won the battle?

Decades of fighting for freedom of speech, equal rights, and equal pay continued and are still a struggle in today's society. Women that support the old traditional silent movement to defend the honor of a man are still browbeating others that deserve the same qualities in life. A continual combating cycle that emphasizes the finalization of actions that decals unbiased victories that never were entirely in effect.

The fight to be viewed as a person, not property, through marriage continued. The struggles to be considered an intelligent contribution to society have grown, yet we still fight for absolute freedom. Women have become empowered more than ever through organizations and outstanding historical leaders; however, only by fulfilling certain conditions. Terms that imply we must be involved with the right group, or they may cast us out the same as centuries ago.

Can we win the empowerment for all women of all colors, races, and denominations? We can climb all mountains and end the battles through a strong together front, defeating the war with a victorious ending at the top.

"You are invincible, not invisible" is an encouraging and inspirational message to all women across the globe. Don't stop now! Unity and alignment with like-minded will create a new path through the changes in the new world called, The Age of Aquarius.

Never be the victim or the victimizer. Be noble, and it will always win in the end.

March Is Women's History Month

Women's day has ended; however, don't despair because the entire month of March is the official month of Women's history. Women, feminine leaders, and empowered individuals have created positive moments and flow that affect others' lives with a prosperous outcome. It is not about race, religion, or any other negative labels - but about inspiration and generosity that leads our women to grow and regain empowerment.

Women who:

  • If you are leading your life, we honor you.

  • We celebrate you if you mold your children to grow and change our world into a better place.

  • If you are making positive changes in your life that show to others, we honor you.

  • If you believe in yourself, we praise you.

Every woman is magnificent and holds an unsurmountable power to create joy, prosperity, and positive energy flow. If you know a woman who has forgotten her role as a feminine leader, we share inspirations to help them back to their authentic female empowerment.

The official color - Purple. Wear it all month long, and remember your inner strength and power that was a gift sent from above.

Famous inspiring women's movies:

Hidden Figures: A story of three black women that worked together to make the first US space flight a success. A story filled with the unity that accomplished what we viewed as unfathomable happened.

Erin Brockovich - A true story Starring Julia Roberts in a powerful movement to find the truth in a plague of bacteria that were causing damage and death to others. Regained empowerment of a woman that helped humanity despite the illicit actions that arose.

Million Dollar Baby - Based on a true story. An incredible feat of victory to pursue a dream of fighting in a league created for men while overcoming a narcissistic family that tried to pull her back into a life of pain and traumas. All it takes is determination and one person who can help us change our lives.

The Blind Side: The incredible true story of determination to help her adopted son of a different color gain the success he deserved. Fighting against others who want to repress them, they achieve a glorious outcome. Inspirational to show just how powerful we can be when we use our heart (divine feminine) and our mind (divine masculine) in everyone.

The Help: As history repeats itself, this story based on the Civil Rights movement in 1963 inspires us to follow our hearts and not be swayed by the clenched thinking of our traditions and beliefs. Inspirational to remind women it's okay to stand up against those that follow the crowd.

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