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Holiday Season Psychic Forecast

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

Family values, the cost of inflation, and beliefs of faith have been creating changes in many people's traditional celebrations—a Psychic Forecast for all zodiac signs.

New Holiday Traditions

A group of us were walking down the aisle of a local supermarket, strolling past the fresh poultry section, looking at those traditional holiday birds called the turkey. Throughout the past 30 years, businesses would give coupons, discounts, and whole turkeys to their employees in the US., A perk to show appreciation for taking the employee away from their family and how much they care.

In December of 2021, a New York store had turkeys priced at $130 for the average 20-pound turkey. We found $60 and a winner at $29.99 for the same size turkeys. The traditional holiday meats increased 10-20 fold compared to prior years. In North Carolina, a conventional holiday turkey was priced at $164 for a 20-24 pound turkey.

Some fair deals may be found for those who can spend hours shopping inside the stores; however, many will start brand new holiday traditions. Needless to say, we felt no need to shop further until the time gets closer to the seasons. For now, we are focusing on finding new ideas and creations to give us all the feeling of baking cinnamon apples floating through our homes.

This year will be different.

The separations of family unity will never return to the way they were. At least not for those individuals who have awoken to respect, gratitude, and the real meaning of love. Lessons have been seen and learned through the hollowed absence of our loved ones over the past years.

Moms, dads, grandparents, children, and friends will soon connect. Baby steps may be involved in the frivolous arguments that led to massive eruptions followed by running out the door without the intention to return. Families will begin to reunite this holiday season. Online may be an option; however, separations from the stubborn and illogical are happening this season.

Between October 15 and December 28, 2022, reunions will take place, giving us those special holiday celebrations that we used to enjoy or at least tolerated.

New Traditions Begin

The return of home cooking will be back this year accompanied by new recipes from all venues of our food favorites. 2022 will be a year comprised of varieties of vegan potato dishes, homemade pot pies, and healthy desserts. Not to worry about the traditional palates; they will be fed with something new that still brings in the heartwarming feeling of love and family.

Creations of sweets and relish plates will overflow with vitamins and a lot of love for those sharing old and new memories. Families will enjoy the home smells again, using the family heirlooms to present the feast for all to share.

This year's main focus for the holiday seasons won't be on the feasting but on the family itself.

No matter where we live, country, or land, we will all start to come together - soul families will begging to rise to a new level. Self-isolators will finally be ready to tip their toe out of their cocoon and feel like being around like-minded people. Organizations will be sharing virtual and in-person celebration soirees to delight and welcome everyone to begin new traditions.

This experience will not be the case for every zodiac sign, but a variety of them are scattered throughout the planetary line-up. Let's look at what is coming over the next three months regarding traditions and family connections:

All Zodiac Signs Psychic Holiday Season Forcast

Aries - (Born March 21- April 19)

Aries may release any stubborn feelings and start searching for lost family and new soul group organizations. Some will choose to host a cozy, warm season of the union in their homes, while others will be traveling to new places. No matter how the ram goes, a unique holiday celebration will begin new traditions for years.

A new offer of love or project may arrive between October 28 - November 12 to ignite the fire when it comes to security. Promotions may not be as large as in past years; however, there is still a significant increase coming in to help get the planning for festivities underway.

Taurus (Born April 20 - May 20)

This zodiac sign may be finding itself in the company of a family from two different areas. Fighting over the earthly loving Taurus, invitations to share in new and traditional festivals will arrive early, giving time to plan, organize, and prepare. Fun, frolic and a feeling of heart-shared good times will be in store.

Two jobs may land in the lap of some Taureans by the end of October 2022. Balancing finances will be needed, including household responsibilities for those working both jobs simultaneously. Equal dispersing will be a focus as the bull watches its pentacles going up and down through the end of the year. Combining with others in living arrangements and paying expenses will be advantageous in celebrating and starting the new year ahead.

Gemini (Born May 21- June 20)

Gemini may be already planning to meet up with family and friends for the holiday season, with the motto "it's better to do it now than later." It can include scheduling flights and travel arrangements or telepathically turning on the inner psychic to communicate your arrival. Whichever way these twins go, it will be a season of delightful challenges to cooking something new for everyone to enjoy.

Heightened senses will be guiding the Gemini, who has been burning a candle at both ends when it comes to creating new partnerships, particularly in business. Resumes and interviews will fill up any extra time to look for new opportunities that will be satisfying to increase finances and security. Positive communication is favorable while Mars in Gemini continues its tour through March 2023.

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Cancer (Born June 21- July 22)

Looking at all the options that will show up through the holiday season will benefit Cancer to create balance and harmony with family and friends. There may be periods of discomfort while finding the footing to start new traditions, and the universe will be guiding the crabs that ask for some assistance.

Finding new jobs and project opportunities to spend time in creating a healthier way of life and security is on the way, particularly around November 1-2, 2022. Perhaps a part-time commitment will give some warmth into the heart of Cancer as new destined opportunities arrive. Balance of the mind and emotions will bring some justice to the undecided to celebrate all the good stuff in store. An art class such as pottery or ceramics will help with feeling ready to pass into a new life.

Leo (Born July 23 - August 22)

Don't be too surprised if friends and family show up at your door unannounced this holiday season. Those feeling tired and exhausted may seem like saying no; however, the joy of celebration will win in the end. Testing out new technology, such as blenders and toaster ovens, will help create magical memories lasting for years.

When it comes to finances and security, a vibrant new opportunity will come in at the right when the feeling of giving up arrives. It will be a shocking turn of events for the Lions that brave out the interview process, and the rewards will come in December, kicking off new vitality and clarity. Communicating what is expected from both sides will put this project front and center for all involved with a happy ending. Make sure to get sleep and eat right.

Virgo (Born August 23 - September 22)

The first week of October may kick up reminiscing of holidays and love of the past for many Virgos. A surprise phone call or thought will pop in at the precise moment to release any negativity with a family member, followed by emotional bliss. It will be a lovely reunion for those who have been feeling trapped in not understanding the truth, followed by long-awaited reunions.

November will bring abundance that will eliminate the feeling of insecurity when it comes time to pay the bills and holiday expenses. Organizing the budget will prove to show more return on investing in sharing the love through festivities and gifts. This year, Virgo will receive the perfect gift to end a cycle of turmoil and confusion. Joy returns this season in all areas of life.

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Libra (Born September 23 - October 22)

Libras may have been dealing with something creating havoc with security in finances and family. By the end of October, discoveries are made, and a decision to remove the culprit from any further interference. November will feel like a rebirth process that has been a long time in the making for those who have been distant from family and loved ones. The important part of holiday celebrations will come at the right moment to balance the inner scales of mind and emotions. A reunion with someone where a once tight bond was broken will return. This time it will be the connection that was meant to stay with Libra for a lifetime.

A new opportunity will present itself before December 1. Proceed with caution and turn on the inner psychic to know if it is the right move. Finances will return upright through a promotion or temporary second job, restoring hope, faith, and money to spend. Travel by plane is

Scorpio (Born October 23 - November 21)

Rolling into the season, Scorpio will find peace of mind that brings out inventions, ideas, and more that can be turned into a permanent part of life. A secret revealed will allow the truth about a family situation that was hidden, and by December, a family celebration will arrive. New recipes, games, and happy moments will follow.

Two opportunities will come in for Scorpios, who have kept up to date with technology. Both will bring in newfound security and drop in some financial relief. Stand firm with the creations that lead to the new offer; it will be worth every moment invested. Developing and maintaining a work-life balance is key to having the energy to continue moving through the transformation of life.

Sagittarius (Born November 22 - December 21)

A decision will be needed to know how to communicate with an estranged family member or friend. Emotions or logic will be questioned by Sagittarius on how to win this person back into good graces. Following the inner psychic or intuition will prove to be favorable for those wanting to send out an invitation to someone missed from long ago—a victorious new type of holiday season in store.

A winning opportunity will show up between October 10-November 12, 2022. This unique offer will come with much investment, primarily of time and energy, and will lead to a reward. Leaving an established job to take on a new project, particularly with non-profit organizations specializing in emotional well-being, is favored. Keeping the body cleared from illogic and toxic thoughts will begin a new path straight into the upcoming year.

Capricorn (Born December 22 - January 19)

The unneeded arguing between a family member will be reconsidered between mid-November and late December. It will undoubtedly expose the reason for a separation, where the other person was not at fault. The healing power will begin a wonderful plan to spend the holidays together will arrive filled with joy and celebration, making it a holiday season to remember. Stay clear of the people who create battles out of made-up beliefs so they won't knock down Capricorn.

Finances will feel challenged until a reconciliation of income and expenses is made. A family member or friend will help Capricorn find a way to create a new income source. Security will come from sorting out old negative patterns and replacing them with new inspired concepts.


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Aquarius (Born January 20 - February 18)

Someone will ask Aquarius to open up and show the newly restored confidence between mid-November and mid-December. A family member or friend reveals the long-awaited moment to share experiences that may have caused disharmony, even a parting of the way. An invitation to share in a new type of holiday celebration is in store for the water barrier as soon as the season begins. It will be downright fun and heartwarming good times to open up blocked communications, all leading to a new way of holiday time. Grab your apron and start making magic from new recipes and pallets; they will be a hit at the well-planned gatherings.

A new opportunity can lead to a new form of abundance for Aquarius around November 1. Use the inner psychic or intuition to feel your way through the situation and ensure it works with your full schedule. There may be a little tone of evil lurking behind the offer. Look twice before acting.

Pisces (Born February 19 - March 20)

A worn-out situation will end between mid-October and the end of November. It will be perfect timing to come out of the shadows of ill-willed actions from a family member or friend who created turmoil in Pisce's life. Walking away from the old traditions and values will increase vitality and energy to create a fantastic gathering and new traditions.

Those Pisces who has been working harder than the others in the office and work arena will be letting go of the need to stay late and overtime. Quitting the struggles of staying or going in a work environment will open up a new offer or project that will reignite the fishes to start having some fun again. New solid opportunities are in store and will create a stable home environment.

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