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Ascending Times Debut

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

So many extraordinary, awesome, and audacious people are helping humanity right now! Each day, they are making a difference in our society and impacting the planet itself.

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The Ascending Times Lifestyle at its best.

Times are changing, we are changing, and everything around us is moving in a circular motion right in front of our eyes. With heightened senses, our inner psychic is saying we must do something to make a difference. Across the globe, each person can feel and know that "Ascending Times" is here.

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Hidden secret gifts and talents continue to emerge, and many awake people somehow see the need to help humanity. The set-aside music talents aid with notes and tones, and comedians bring laughter to help heal deep inner wounds. Non-profit organizations are putting time and effort back into mother nature, and business coaches are sending the message that enough is enough.

No matter where we look, we can see others changing in our own lives and can see changes in ourselves. We will no longer stay in the old paradigm; many feel lost and forgotten. Tolerating abuse from our families and friends breaks apart the dysfunctional ties and, as these issues come to the set face, turns us into the audacious individual we are meant to be.

The time is now to align with the universe and innovations from every nook and corner. Extraordinary people are popping into clear view from our hometowns and television screens. The bold and audacious are taking leaps of faith to shake the tree leading to the earth's core and showing how it's done, and we commend you for your efforts.

We look forward to building community, sharing your journey and your story, and inspiring each other in a way that celebrates each of you as the "Extraordinary Individuals" you are!

The Ascending Times Talk Show

with host LA Gonzales entrepreneurs, healers, business leaders, musicians, and public speakers who have made a difference in society. Find out more about these awesome and audacious people who are bringing joy, enlightenment, and fun conversations with other extraordinary people from around the globe.

The Ascending Times

"Lifestyle at its best."

The year 2022 is a profound moment in our history. If we believe in ourselves and have faith in universal spiritual sources, we can make a difference in all four corners of each country using the elements of earth, air, fire, and water. The mixture is when we gain knowledge, wisdom, and truth to help us in our everyday lives.

It is fantastic to look at social media and see so many posting quotes from the remarkable and audacious that put those words into the air—inspiring others to create a safe and influential community of like-minded people. The messages help others stay balanced in a transitional world, and we thank them for their time and thoughts on what they share.

Embracing our skills and talents is helping others, but only when we put ourselves back into a vulnerable position once again. We are talking about the risk of trusting we will not be knocked down and will somehow continue our contributions with a healthy and prosperous glow. It isn't easy when we still heal from our lost loved ones, careers, and lives that had years of devotion.

As the end of the year rapidly flows in, we will find others needing more of our unique gifts and skills to help humanity, which can add a lot of weight to already full lives. Gaining exposure to promote those courageous acts of kindness leading to prosperity will become even more challenging at the beginning of 2023, which is why we have found a way to help everyone who is making a difference.

The words extraordinary refer to many of us, and we want to hear from you. Sharing your new projects, inventions, music, and businesses and how it helps others in "staying balanced in our transitional world."

We will share interviews with unique and creative people each week, giving them the spotlight on our show! Each month we will present:.

The Ascending Times

Lifestyle At Its Best - to help stay balanced in a transitional world" a heaven-sent publication. Learning about how they work to uplift, inspire, challenge themselves and reach others into the soul's core, from laughter to intense sharing of overcoming obstacles and turning them into a success for our audience. Our mission is to celebrate each individual's gifts with the world!

The Ascending Times Talk Show and Lifestyle Magazine inspire the ASJ community and the potential of every human who wants to hear about the extraordinary feats of incredible and fearless people.

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We are looking for people that are making a difference in the world and want to find experts, writers, and those wishing to share their triumphs in the following areas:

All Healers, nurses, doctors, psychics, intuitive energy healers, reiki masters, and other modalities from the medical and holistic communities give healing to help humanity.


CEOs, business owners, politicians, lawyers, and high-end officials are changing their course of direction and giving toward humanity.

Psychologists, counselors, and therapists shape the minds into a balanced way of thinking.

Invention creators promote products to expand the mind, heal the physical body, and center the core of others.

Beauty, fashion, and travel are necessities when it comes to living a life of self-love, and our ever-popular fine arts and theater bring laughter and enlightenment into homes across the globe.

Non-profit organizations contributing to healing and growing mother nature land environmental changes, cleaning our ocean, and helping the animals to save our planet are welcome to share.

The brave survivors and thrivers who have overcome narcissistic and domestic violent relationships and are ready to inspire others with their knowledge and wisdom.

As we can see, the balance comes from all elements and areas worldwide. Our interconnections with someone thousands of miles away promote our ideals and contributions to society and often grow our resources with the help of other aspiring and inspiring people.

If you would like to submit a request for yourself or someone else, send us an email to: LA and Sandy Please include one or two paragraphs, letting us know what you want to share with the world.

"Feed the mind - Heal the body - Grow the soul"

- LA Gonzales

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The Ascending Times ™

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