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July Brings Cosmic Rewards - All Zodiac Signs

July 1- 31, 2022

July will be a month of achievements, attaining goals, and opening hearts to welcome the kick-off of receiving cosmic rewards. The words "don't stop now" may be echoing through the month as the energy shifts continue to give a gentle nudge in the career, health, and love sectors. Welcome to July's astrological psychic forecasts for all zodiac signs.

Since April 2022, the universal elements have created stirring energy shifts that address reflection, release, and courage. The feeling of lack is getting ready to change for those aligning with the positive side of each energetic transference. The aligned planet's rolling effects will continue to push us to open to progress through the end of October.

If any stagnating energy still lingers, July is sure to show signs that there is still hope in regaining the courage to make changes. Allowing the mind, body, and soul to grasp the hidden notes of prosperity and abundance will be front and center of the conscious mind to ensure there's no chance of avoiding it.

The Cancer new moon triggered unexplainable emotional reactions, allowing for a deep inner cleansing that will continue into the first part of July. Heightening senses will open a further creative expansion with subtle guidance to search for true happiness and completion.

Romantic partnerships may be a bonus for those ready to take a chance on dating and upgrading their existing relationships. Mixing and mingling outdoors will bring a new lit fire toward excitement. Low vibrancy may have taken control, dousing the passion of life where boredom crept in, particularly from January and March. Anything under the blue skies and brilliant sun rays will lift the soul and bring fulfillment from an internal level.

New lit-up pathways toward projects and organizations may have started in the early months, but now is the time to act and make it happen! Embers burn internally, craving excitement and new connections, and this month is a great time to work with the energetic flow for achieving goals.

Hidden elements at play may feel like the cosmos will do all the work, but think again. There will be underlying bits of inner knowing floating around, still creating doubt, wondering if the achievements and rewards will arrive. The mental and physical muscles used to overcome adversities will receive a cosmic gift saying, "job well done."

Any travel plans on hold will be tugging in the background to put them into action to execute arrangements. Scheduling flights and appointments will become needed around the mid-month, so set a reminder and get ready. The movement will usher in new allies as we make extensive changes toward promising new endeavors to see the beauty all around.

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Let's look at the new moon highlights for each zodiac sign that will assist with reinforcement through the Cancer moon phase:

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Aries (Born March 21- April 19)

The Cancer new moon may have been giving those born under the sign of Aries a helping hand, leading to new opportunities in the first part of July. Little beginnings and expansion will come in throughout the month and, with careful planning, will achieve higher through the fall season. An out-of-the-blue encounter will ignite romance that is on the back burner. Joining a new organization to help humanity will usher in more rewards for those that take action in making life changes. Try a tempting new recipe with extra nutritional value loaded with vitamin D, C, and Calcium.

Taurus (Born April 20 - May 20)

The sign of Taurus may be in for a sweet surprise as July begins. Expecting unexpected and open to new concepts will pay off in the financial arena by the middle of the month. A romantic partnership may require intimate time that can turn into a soul connection worth the energy and attention. Harboring resentment and anger will reduce the cosmos' generosity and unleash a delay in attaining the goals. Focus, planning and action are key areas to increase high vibrations for success.

Gemini (Born May 21- June 20)

If a new project began last month in June, the benefits would pay off in the first half of July for those Gemini who focuses on receiving. An intense conversation with a friend or family member will open a new angle of seeing a stubborn side of those with earth and fire in their charts. A new or revived romantic relationship will have awkward moments, followed by blows of passion for the twin duo effect in the latter part of the money. Relaxation through meditation will keep those overthinking from exploding into something that wasn't real. Smiling from the heart will usher in the cosmos present for the hard-working and dedicated ones.

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Cancer (Born June 21- July 22)

An emotional rollercoaster of over-sensitive self-indulgence may be emphasized during the month, leading to balanced energy and new viewpoints with others by midmonth. Job seekers can work with the cosmos to create a new partnership with a corporation or business partner. Romantic thoughts will come in mid-month for the single Cancerians working on self-love and wellness. The rewards will be worth the time to organize and plan how to spend the new abundance by the end of the month.

Leo (Born July 23 - August 22)

Leo's shouting out for change will have multiple opportunities presented from the beginning to the end of the month. Highlights of new prosperous endeavors will show in a dream state letting the lions know positive outcomes are getting ready to show up at the right time. Lions prepared to create a romantic encounter may meet their match with a real connection that can turn into something permanent for years to come. Playing outdoors with family and friends will guide this zodiac sign toward the emotionally lacking areas, followed by joy. Watch for the synchronistic signs as they fly by on billboards, highways, and window panes through the month - a sign rewards on the way.

Virgo (Born August 23 - September 22)

Loving family moments will usher in new high-spirited engagements that can transform challenges into prosperity as the month begins. New hairstyles and people will bring Virgo's to the attention of someone that can help make life-changing events take place. Someone telling a secret may cause a stir around midmonth, with a new outlook on a situation. The cancer moon will be tugging at the hearts of Virgos, wanting something fulfilling to come in, especially in the bedroom. Romance, friendship, and fun are the keywords for this zodiac sign to enjoy a month filled with rewards.

Libra (Born September 23 - October 22)

A need for time spent with family will be honing in on Libras who have aligned with the ones they love. The cosmos will be sending arrows of love to open the heart chakra and begin to feel the adoration of others. A truth revealed mid-month might cause some overthinking to find the answer to a secret that needed answers. The light shed will bring in an out-of-the-blue opportunity leading toward success, especially in the finance and career sector. Travel plans made earlier in the year will be on the backburner to get out there and have some well-deserved fun. Booking a room at a secluded local hotel will turn upside-down scales back in balance. Trust is a crucial element throughout the month, which holds the potential to gain a gift from above.

Scorpio (Born October 23 - November 21)

A new wardrobe or stunning outfit can lift the spirits of those born under the sign of Scorpio. Inner confidence will implode by mid-month, giving a big unseen push to land a contract, new job, and relationship. Romance will return to those taking action in making positive changes in the heart. Dating someone new or already in love with promises lots of fun and frolicking throughout the month. High energy is cast on this zodiac sign to feel safe in new situations that will prove promising for many months, especially with finances. Meditation and prayer will work harmoniously with the cosmic to pull in overdue rewards.

Sagittarius (Born November 22 - December 21)

The month begins fiery and red hot when landing a new job or promotion. Sagittarius will be feeling the universal energy shift and making significant changes that can usher in monetary gains by mid-month. The ultra-confident and chic will want to spend more time with a romantic partner and share the heavenly rewards through July. Sparks fly and aura high; Sagittarius is one sign who will enjoy the months or years of hard work to achieve success. New travel plans will be best to enjoy in the early fall season. Making lists of things to do will benefit those busy and excited to stay balanced and in sync with the planetary alignment. Enjoying a fine meal or a trip to the nightclub with someone special may be the best reward ever. The package of passion, love, romance, sex and more will show up if those high vibes hold their flag up, ushering in a rare relationship.

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Capricorn (Born December 22 - January 19)

The low vibrating cycles will begin to cast away from the beginning of the month through August. Concepts and ideas will have an opportunity to be played out and put to good use in the real world. Following dreams and goals is a highlight for those born under the sign of Capricorn. Outdoor fun and sharing special moments with loved ones will help restore and start exciting new patterns. The stubborn goats may find a change of heart in the last half of the month when someone shares information that wakes up the energy. A secret revealed will seem like a gift to feel restored confidence from an old experience needed to complete the cycles. Career highlights show up at the end of the month, just in time to relish in knowing success is here.

Aquarius (Born January 20 - February 18)

The cosmos will be sending confirmation the water barrier is en route to something big. Energy will be shifting around this zodiac sign giving a high five for months and years of hard effort to receive sacred universal blessings finally. Some Aquarians will be finalizing an over-due completion to a cycle that caused dissolutions, and painful situations followed up with a gift of luck and money by mid-month. New employment, promotions, and partnerships create revenue sources to mix into the pot of prosperity for those who've kept to the tasks needed. The goals and kudos of achievement are now in route and will restore lost hope from delayed events. Standing in the spotlight will bring a new beginning in partnerships of business and romance for those marching in their "life and soul purpose." Planning a move or trip later in the year will begin a new energy shift of favorable ebb and flow movement. Authenticity and honor align to finally allow rewards to appear after synchronistic hints come in from the cosmos. A bluebird will sing the tunes sharing it's the right time for receiving well-deserved benefits.

Pisces (Born February 19 - March 20)

The heart may go pitter-patter as soon as the first week opens for the sign of Pisces. Love of a job, person, or new project will delight intertwine with the swimming energy and show signs of completion. The result will begin to come in for career and finance by midmonth. Those working in art and other creative industries will feel appreciated for their unique style and skills and blessed with the income to show it. Romance arrives in areas spent in natural habitats, particularly around animals. The zoo, animal parks, and mountain terrain wildlife help restore energy and fatigue, giving Pisces a well-groomed appearance for the rest of the season. Cosmic gifts appear a few days after focusing on trees, flowers, and squirrels.

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