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Aries And Aquarius 2021 Zodiac Pairing

We are combined with the four elements of Earth, Fire, Water, and Air, all of which are attached to the twelve zodiac signs.The four most commonly known sign names are - Sun sign, Rising sign, Moon sign, Venus sign.

Astrology, Astronomy, and Metaphysics

There is much to learn about the intersection of astrology, astronomy, and metaphysics. As we listen and learn from everything around us and recognize the interconnections we all have in the universe, we can begin to master our fate.

First, we'll begin with a general basic description of both zodiac signs. We will include their basic characteristic traits in high vibration and low vibration.


March 21 – April 19 (Gregorian Calendar)

First Signs of Zodiac:

Named: The Ram

Ruling Element: Fire

Ruling Planet: Mars

April Stone: Diamond (shared between Aries and Taurus).

Birthstone: Topaz, Bloodstone, Aquamarine, Jasper

Character and Personality Traits

With their fiery energy that radiates an Aries baby, they can't help themselves be considered ultra-charming. Their aura cast off is a "come hither to me" vibe that many find themselves unable to walk away from. Mesmerized and, for some, star-struck. Whatever their ruling planet Mars conjured up for them, the results for many are off the charts.

There's an adventurous and passionate side to these charmers that add an extra dash of a bad-boy, bad-girl vibe. Captivating hearts as they run in the direction that excites them the most, our Aries is known in the tarot as the "Fool" card for this reason.

They have many attributive traits that burst into flames when they introduce themselves, such as Humor, Loyalty, Courage, Adventure, and Excitement. Usually, an Aries has one unique area that will lock others' memory, such as their hair, voice, or smile.

They love a good challenge that leads them to a new opportunity. They are a star spectacular of personality that exudes a firework of brilliance and an array of colors that are felt in our hearts. Captivated by their exuberant gift of speech, we want to listen to their stories. Hear their voice. Feel their presence around us. Enlightening, delightful, and fun is a happy Aries!

Like all zodiac signs, even Aries has negative traits, and there is a reason for being named the Ram.

The curly horned animal runs rapidly, bucking and ramming into anything they see. A stubborn streak can come through on a spark from the words they share, and they won't budge. When this Ram is mad, they will charge to get back in the game and win!

They can be selfish, vain, and intolerant when standing out in the crowd they want to captivate. Boastful and impulsive, especially when jealousy comes into the mix. Much like a ram, they will watch and blindside us.


January 21 – February 19 (Gregorian Calendar)

Eleventh Signs of the Zodiac

Named: The Water Bearer

Ruling Element: Air

Ruling Planet: Uranus

Month Stone: Amethyst (shared between Aries and Taurus).

Birthstone: Garnet and Jasper

Character and Personality Traits

The truth speakers and free world lovers are our Aquarius zodiac sign, being a steadfast humanitarian. An aqua is creative and detailed in its best form, with communication drawing in crowds to listen. The extremely high intellect of the Aquarians reflects in the translation to their peers as wisdom and knowledge. More than the wisdom, the casual approach to their sense of humor keeps their audience wanting them to keep it going with the comedy routines.

The high vibing spirit and love of life energy they cast off draws many to join them in their escapades of humanity and the future. Because these zodiac sign masters the airwaves, they have a built lie detector that works with incredible accuracy, yet often they don't call out the culprit. Indeed, these beautiful, liberating individuals have a high radar to connect with the universal energies and people all around.

Positive traits include futuristic, progressive, creative, perceptive, humor, and independence.

When it comes to our water bearer sign, they are viewed as the givers of hope and love in the world and equally ridiculed for their kindness. Speaking truthfully to others leads to innocently hurting others that don't like to hear the truth. This can damage the hidden ultra-sensitive side of the aqua baby and cause them to run away without warning.

These givers tend to give too much and can drain their own energy and resources. Often, they choose to stay at arm's length from others, creating another negative attachment to their reputation. If anyone has not dealt with an upset aqua, then hold onto your shirt as they blow an invisible gust of antagonizing silence to back up their thoughts.

When an Aquarius gets mad, they will get quiet; then, if they aren’t able to rationalize what is taking place, they can lash out with a verbal whip that will lead to truthful analogies that hurt to the core. These water bearers will break the bonds and walk away.

The Paring of Aries and Aquarius:

When the soul connecting Aries and Aquarius meet, fireworks can shoot off instantly. A force of invisible magnets takes over your legs as you find yourself melting in their presence. When this chic and daring couple arrives at a party, all eyes will be on them.

The pairing of these two zodiac signs can be out of this world if they are both healthy and balanced at their core. They are the dynamic tag team of entertainment and fun! The words a dull party would not exist under their watch.

They harmonize with a graceful and captivating ebb and flow that echo's through time.

A combination that has the makings of a true power couple and partnership. Inspiring and leading others into a wonderland of creativity and movement. When they dance together, no one will want to sit on the sidelines. A trigger, a switch will go off in their crowd, gathering everyone in a huddle of pure excitement.

When a water bearer takes on the world of innovative creativity, it is usually something that grabs their bucking ram to come running—pulling our action-orientated Aries in to put things into place. A couple that works well together toward a goal that others can't quite see. Together, they can build, create and lead anything to a better place.

The weakness of the ego of our Ram may come thrusting out of the gates if their aqua baby is stealing center stage. Unhealthy and out of balanced relationships, these two can best be described as lighting a match and throwing it on a campfire with a douse of kerosene on top.

The birth-taking fireworks will be gone and replaced by explosives that others surrounding them will need to run and take cover.

Our lovely Aries may decide to wrap their horns around the paddle lock and break out the arrogance. Aquarius watching yet, says nothing and walks away, leaving themselves open to being annihilated by their once sparkling diamond of a partner.

Jealousy can hit an unstable Aries when their partner can show a high amount of creativity and attention.

They love to be boastful and centerstage. The Aquarian partner may find this type of behavior ridiculous and act as if nothing has happened, stoking the ciders into a small roar.

Watching this scenario play out will make us see a fool's rose-filled path leads to the dying grapevine of reality. It can go either way on who takes the lead in the irrational and toxic behaviors, much alternating back and forth on who holds more power. One thing is for sure, it would be a rocky path toward a relationship doomed to fail.

When it concludes Aries and Aquarius 2021 Pairing's outcome, there will be no doubt many will succeed. Even in separation, changes will either create barriers or break barriers for our sultry couple. The intellect, wisdom, and desire to reunite will motivate both partners to reflect on their unique characters and make changes for the better.

Whether this couple is a fired-up mess or a star blazing hit, both zodiacs will be locked in the memory of their witness for an eternity.

Aries and Aquarius Live Reading 4/8/2021 - Enjoy a quick break with an entertaining and fun-filled live reading on our YouTube channel. We will look at a couple of different situations between our Ram and Water Bearer with guided messages attached.

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