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Life And Soul's Purpose

To walk every day on the path of our life's purpose can be satisfying. We perform the jobs and careers we feel are for us and have meaningful relationships and even have the things we want in life - we’ve got it all!

Open our arms and say bring it on!

Then one day, we wake up, and something doesn’t feel right. We start to question ourselves on why we are challenging ourselves. Perhaps asking, “if I have everything or what’s wrong with me?” Sometimes we feel sluggish and unable to make sense of what we thought was perfect.

As we review everything around us, our head wonders if we have somehow made a wrong detour. We seem guided toward areas of life that pertain to spirituality.

Out of nowhere, a silly tarot reading pops up as a recommendation to watch a video with someone we’ve never heard of and feel like they are speaking about our personal life. It almost beckons us to pursue more information and keep going toward an unknown path.

Our soul or inner core longs for more and often leaves us feeling left out. Maybe we’ve missed a vital piece of our lives, and if so, how would anyone find it in today’s chaos? Perhaps it’s my imagination or worse, feeling like we are going a little off our rocker.

Trying to discuss our unrecognized feelings with our family and friends doesn’t seem to fit well enough to take action, so we don’t. We search for anything that can give our conscious minds clarity. We find ourselves in a foggy and distorted moment where nothing makes sense as we listen and watch.

It is an unfamiliar territory where we must “Micro Vibes” by LA Gonzales, our way out and not know what it is or how to do it—taking a leap of faith that leads us to the true meaning of faith itself.

There is a difference between our life purpose and our soul’s purpose, but what is it? These stuck or low vibrating energies can fly in from nowhere without warning or a cause and trigger us to go deep into a world unknown. We begin a personal journey that can feel exciting and scary. A push and pull effect leaves us on a mission to find the real meaning of life and its role.

Through this time, obscene and far-out unimaginable events occur to lead us toward our real reason for being here in today’s society. We all handle it differently through withdrawal or doing something out of character.

For example, we’ve heard of a doctor that quits their successful practice and runs off to a third-world country. On a mission to help others without questioning what they are leaving behind. Is it their soul’s purpose to give to others? Perhaps we start new projects or fight for something. We have little understanding of the guidance and wonder if it can help us or others, even if we don’t understand the unknown new age of life’s existence.

Aquarius Rises LIVE!

Join us to begin our New and Unique LIVE segment called “Aquarius Rises.” Starting on March 10th and every other week, we will discuss the Age of Aquarius and how it touches our lives. Each series will be a topic on which we can gain information and clarity on the intertwining of our life and soul’s purpose.

  • Am I walking my life and soul purpose?

  • Do outside events impact our life and soul cycles?

  • What is destiny?

  • Are aliens and angels real or a myth?

Aquarius Rises- isn’t just you going through this moment of change; it is billions of others. We all have a role to play, and if we Micro Vibe” our way through it, we will find the right path. Ebb and flow are vital now, where we no longer over give nor under give. When we take NO action, things will be removed from our lives, leaving us longing again. So we ask you, are you walking in your life and soul’s purpose?

Members of our soul community can ask questions about the subject and see how it relates to their lives. Aquarius Rises is an interactive Live forum held on a YouTube channel. We invite spiritualists, tarot readers, energy healers, and astrologers to contribute with fresh perspectives as we discuss what it means.

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