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The Twin Flame Journey

Over the past decade, the phrase “twin flame” and “soulmates” has become ever so popular amongst all ages, races, and demographic locations. A tremendous amount of searching for answers regarding a situation or person has altered our perception of our actions and beliefs, only to find a lack of clarity.

The soulmate-twin flame journey triggers us to reflect on unresolved issues locked in our core. Reviewing the love, energy, and effort we put into something or someone that seems to have a backfiring result of our efforts. Whether we’ve lost a job that was sabotaged by a coworker that stole our promotion, a friend that told a private conversation with others, a family or loved one that convinces us something is one way, only to find it out it differs from what we thought. No matter how we all arrived in the journey, a secret button to a trapdoor of self-reflection about loss, lack, abandonment, ignored, unwanted, or the ultimate feeling of being invisible.

The pathway that leads us to multiple doors that we can choose only one to open. Keys that open the inner doors locked up inside our subconscious mind, which harbors our soul. Once we unlock the door of choice, we can begin a new beginning.

If that sounds super simple, many would agree. It is simple, but not always easy. Go back and figure out why we can’t stop thinking about the experience or perhaps unable to end it altogether. Find it, fix it, remove it, and we are home-free. Rid of anything or anyone that makes us feel the same way or undervalued. Now able to manifest the ideal job, career, friends, and romantic love relationship with what we believe is our divine one and only.

Why are so many still unable to receive what they thought was coming, their ultimate divine partner? The path filled with illusions, tricks, puzzles, and more created by the universe keeps us from getting what we want. The invisible energy that swirls around us and through that somehow still shows the healing isn’t complete. Blockages that arrived from the past hold us back from the ultimate life hidden within our souls. We bury them from decades of programming by family, friends, and society, even our sabotaging methods.

If you’ve questioned the why, what, how could they/it, and many other unanswered questions, we have the answers to clear it all up. From the reflective receptors of the soulmate/twin flame to the profound past life experiences hidden, we can find them and pull them out just like a splinter in your finger.

Twin Key

All we need are the keys to the inner door of hidden wisdom and knowledge. The twin flame has everything to do with what we believe we deserve. They are one key to the mystical and magical journey where the spirit connects with the universal and humanistic experiences. The journey leads us to a path of abundance and prosperity that will emerge in this lifetime and the next revolving rise or fall of our soul’s experiences for the future lifetimes as well. Karma will balance, restoring the positive or negative experiences. The justice will follow where accountability is spoken and releases us to find the other keys to what we already know from the depth of our infinite soul.

Were you triggered by a person or a situation? Leave a comment and open the inner chakras of expression and reclaim your power. Join us in our upcoming Twin Flame event or an original program we offer that will help you grow in your journey.

The event is closed.

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