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September Zodiac and Spiritual News

September Zodiac and Spiritual News
Photo by Samuel Berner/Unsplash

Remember When…..

Mercury retrograde will be with us until September 14 (giving an additional seven days for those sensitive souls), when the memories of things said and done return. Not only memories but people - soulmates/twin flames are finally coming together again, both telepathically and physically. More and more of my clients are contacting me to gain clarity on the person that was so loved, followed by flipping around, leading them to their ascension now, after years of wondering.... reunions are here. Are you seeing your spiritual love in a dream?

Praise to each person who has mastered both negative and positive thinking and released anything that brought fear and doubt in repeating cycles. We are in a fast-paced and vivacious shift in our journey where we feel reborn and start new careers, jobs, businesses, friendships, and, yes - romance! The second we meet that new person, now that we are ready, here comes someone unexpected, leaving mouths open and a swagger back so we can observe a little more.

The awakening journey for those who completely went through all the stages is remarkable to know a high vibing, powerful side of ourselves that was lost in one of the chosen paths of life.

No matter where you are in your journey, the shifts will be of the utmost importance to pursue toward your goal in September. Remember to acclaim your destiny with your inner psychic, intuition, and spiritual essences.

** We learn from our past to move to a better future. Never live in the negative, but grow into the positive portion of the experience. If it’s a person, pay close attention to their changes or lack of change. Wait five minutes and take a deep breath…. Ask yourself, “Does this feel right?” and listen to your inner voice.


Cut and remove spiritual ties and energy blocks and gain abundance.
Cutting Energy Cords and Protection

Release spiritual blocks and attachments from soul connections of all types with our guided ceremony - you’ll be amazed at who may still be attached from years ago.

Cord Cutting Ceremony


Word of the month


The energy is shifting in favor of those who’ve been working on new creations, ideas, patents, businesses, and careers. Whether it is an ascending dream upon waking or a goal created to start in a new direction, pursue it with vigor and passion to make it become a reality. Ignore people, automated interruptions, and out-of-the-blue distractions to maintain your focus. It is time to show others how far you’ve grown and your real soul.


How to use micro expressions and universal energy to create prosperity.
Micro Vibes cover by LA Gonzales

Micro Vibes by LA Gonzales

How to use micro expressions and universal energy to create prosperity.

We live In a world filled with dream catchers and dream squashers - those that can help or hurt us in our life path. Somewhere in between lies a sweet internal centering where the gateways of life and the universe intertwine, allowing us to see ourselves and everything around us with clarity. A gift presented with a bow to unwrap and lead us toward our life and soul's purpose.

A place where using Micro Vibes offers a golden silhouette that radiates positive changes in the world we create for ourselves. The ultimate pairing of universal energy and micro expressions guides us to replace lack with prosperity and achieve our dreams. An alternative path where magic becomes a reality.

Find out more and make the changes for your life based on inner strength, Download your copy, and please post your comments - Have you noticed the interconnection between the two?


Love letter "Address Unknown" by LA Gonzales
Love letter photo by John Jennings/Unsplash

Read our story "Address Unknown"… where love holds more power than imaginable.

Please leave us a comment and support our work for others' growth. *This story has been entered in a contest with my peers.


September Zodiac and Spiritual News

Zodiac Mantra

September zodiac and spiritual news are important this month. If there is one thing to take away without messages, this mantra is it.

“Incredible offers easily come to me, filling my life with abundance and prosperity!”

Say this every day and have faith everything is coming your way.


We Are Back!!

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“We meet because of unconscious fear

We part because of aligned consciousness and faith”


Gain clarity in your path to achieve your goals with one of our September Specials. Whether it is a quick glance at your progress or in-depth answers to your situation, one of our choices will help master the outcome that is meant for the soul.

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