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Spiritual Gateway to Infinite Rewards


Universal alignment uses Venus in Retrograde and the August 8th Lions Gateway to bring powerful spiritual energy shifts, leading to abundant opportunities and rewards.

Spiritual Gateway to Infinite Rewards

As we move into the last segment of the year's third quarter, an incredible energy shift will create new opportunities, bring in new love, and navigate us in our life and soul purpose. We are being led through the spiritual gateway to infinite rewards. Each person's soul will complete a lengthy time travel while walking on earth to fulfill a destiny. The mysteries revealed to some are broadening, while others are getting ready to unravel the blending of humanity and the universal laws. No matter what challenges we've faced in the past, they all have a connection to us and others that encompass destiny, harmony, awareness, righteousness, stagnation, and abundance. Now is the time to step into our spiritual greatness, no matter what zodiac sign, share the inner power of strength with the help of the unseen, and reap the rewards that are due to us.


Over the past several years, Ascending Souls Journey and others have repeatedly reiterated that we are born for a purpose. Not strictly of the earthly realm, but an intertwining of higher plains and as a human being, all of which hold a meaningful reason to benefit the cosmic construct of universal humanity. From one planet to the next, we move freely, falling to earth, as we learn through trials and tribulations to create goals, conquer, and achieve them, guiding us to our life and soul purpose.


To see the reality of everyone and everything, we must be in a harmonic balance, including having a clear mind-filled intellect and ancient wisdom, an open heart healed from tragedies and painful inflictions, and a physical body backed with stamina and quality nutrients. If any of these are not at their highest peak, it is impossible to understand our human and spiritual purpose. Aligned in full position, we can achieve the most significant successes and rewards and receive the positive karma (dharma) meant for us that we chose before we arrived at birth.


What are the 5 energy shifts bringing to your life? Are you on track?



You have mastered the balance and can meditate into a higher vibration, something to receive applause. Hours of our days, you can sit in silence and allow the radiant internal voice to speak to what must be done next in our journey. The understanding of how we all play an intricate role in the outside world is revealed, exciting, scary, and invigorating; it's time to move in a direction that gives help to those still stuck in delusions and confused about the difference between a spiritual illusion and a human delusion. Awareness is the truth in both worlds.


The righteousness emulates through us to others, and it is only visible to those in an equal position of awareness and understanding of our individual greatness. Morals that coincide with divine laws and human ways can now be seen clearly as we step into our authentic roles during these times. The perplexities of others, pain-filled separations, and delusions that continue to feed the minds with conflict bringing empty fuel to those we love, are left behind as we march on to complete our soul's purpose.


Sitting idle for months or years has ended, as every person and thing is now eliminated while perpetual spiritual energy shifts us into the spiritual roles designated for our soul. On 8/8, the Lion's Gateway of eternal paths opened as some of us prepared to go on an upscaled infinite journey that would match the images shown to us through our dreams. The duo reality is now in unison, allowing us to have more faith than ever, but only if we take action. Stagnation and standing still are replaced with waking early, staying up late, or whatever it takes - the spiritual ancestors, guardian angels, and inner soul are prompting us to do what we came here to complete. Supporting businesses, honoring the reputations of those who helped us, supporting communities, and standing by like-minded others is now a priority and will grow more through the next few months. It's okay if you're still tired; don't stop now! It's okay if your material life is on the rise or you still fear your soul's purpose - just have faith and take action!


Universal laws, divine guidance, and our inner alignment all say the same thing - Abundance is yours when all of the above are present. The infinite gateway will speed things up for those who had to wait and perhaps even lose everything only to start from scratch once again - now the karmic rewards are accelerating. Work with the lion and walk with courage as the tokens of love, necessities, and connecting kinships from our soul family finally come to participate with us. Get ready to thank the people who were there for you, and always remember:

- We are never alone - We never have been - We never will be -

The Soul Is A Mystery

The soul is a mystery, A puzzle that can't be solved. It's the essence of who we are, The spark that makes us alive.

The soul is eternal, It never dies. It travels through time and space, From one life to the next.

The soul is connected to all, It's part of the universe. It's a force of love and light, A beacon of hope.

The soul is a gift, A precious treasure. It's something to be cherished, And never taken for granted.

The soul is a mystery, But it's also a source of great comfort. It's the reminder that we are never truly alone, And that we are always connected to something greater than ourselves.

(*An AI-generated poem)


What are the 5 energy shifts bringing to your life? Are you on track?


For the second half of August 2023

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