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Solar Eclipse - Massive Reset!

Solar Eclipse
Photo by Justin Dickey | Unsplash

The Powerful Solar Eclipse is here!!

A Psychic Forecast

We know that a powerful solar eclipse is happening on April 8th, 2024, but what does that mean? Things are changing, and time is speeding up faster than we can imagine.

Yes, we will see earthquakes happening across the world. However, it is the time for the earthquake of the soul. We are setting ourselves up for the next 19 years.

Remember to DECLUTTER throughout the entire month and going forward.

Big Transformations


On March 25th, the full moon small eclipse started to release old stuff from people and life experiences and will continue for the next few months. (You may not even remember past situations if you align with the new changes.) The solar eclipse on April 8th will last for the entire year and is here to help us in a powerful way. Let's look at some of the highlights for everyone.

  • Changing your habits, patterns, and future plans.

  • You may feel the urge or even a push to review self-value most of all.

  • How you talk to yourself.

  • Following your higher self and listening to information received from the higher realms

  • There will be a new way of everything

  • How we think and treat our mind, body, and soul

  • How we talk to ourselves and others

  • How others interact with us

It's the greatest time for our soul to ascend into a brand new journey. Remember, we create our destiny, and that time is now!

Substitutions and Reprogramming

Release low mindset and low self-worth and replace it with positive programming. For example, if you tell yourself things like; Starting my business will be hard, or Relationships cause me pain - You will inevitably bring that idea in for the next 19 years. Pay attention to how you speak to yourself. Treat yourself with kindness and watch your life transform like a blooming flower.

You may find shake-ups with anyone who isn't vibrating on the same page. If someone around you thinks, speaks, and acts in a low or negative vibe, it will become impossible to be around them. For the first time in our lives, we will see people who speak and act negatively to others, causing harm in all areas of life. They will become a group known as the old term "Nay Sayers," where the high-vibration people will stay clear and isolate themselves into a group showing their influences. You can stay around them; however, the universal backing favors high vibrations during this time. That would mean you'll be with them and others like them for years to come.


Spiritual Coaching, gaining insight, and a private soul cheerleader to help you make new life changes.


Let Go of Resistance and Come Into Acceptance

We can move into a beautiful disposition to allow all good things to flow in . . . abundance . . . prosperity . . . and yes, relationships. You can do this by:

  • Learning new things

  • See yourself in the new setting, career, or relationship that is right for you

  • Travel

  • Knowledge

  • Take the incentive to bring in new, positive outcomes regardless of what has been happening.

In addition, Saturn (the Master Builder) and Mars (the Muscle) will arrive on May 10th to give some extra help. This will start a new 10-year cycle of what we are creating now. To take advantage of divine support, we must do a few things. With all the hard work you've been putting out, you'll start getting the best results at this time by focusing on:

  • Mastering our light and dark side to stay in balance. (Make sure your clutter is gone!!)

  • Be aware of everything you're putting out there. In relationships, society, and working with the universe, we will need to become:

  • Detail oriented

  • Meticulous

  • Mastering Resources

  • Building qualities to grow your money

  • Help with Self-restraint and willpower

  • Being resourceful

  • Cook your food

  • Start or further Eating healthy

  • Minimalize everything around you

It may feel fragile at the moment, but keep in mind the future is yours, and the divine is constantly working with you to create the good things to come in. We are the ones who block this divine power, the energetic shifts that can move us into abundance and prosperity.

If we embrace the energy shifts that are happening now, there will be many more powerful opportunities throughout the year.

You are creating a new soul journey . . . a new path . . . a new destiny!

Watch for our Zodiac mantras posted tomorrow on our social media accounts, Saturday, April 6th, to say every day for the rest of April.

Also, check out your zodiac sign for April and the 3/20-4/20/24 energy shifts on our @ascendingsoulsjourney YouTube channel.


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