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The Eclipse Brings On Ascension Symptoms

Are you experiencing any of the Top 10 Ascension Symptoms?

Eclipse photo by Nat | Unsplash

The eclipse has begun to tussle through each person's life. As this massive energy shift continues, it can trigger us into unexplainable feelings, emotions, and thought processes. Although some have already gone through a similar time and Ascension, a new level is being presented for us to experience. Whether it is the first time to come through this process or not, this eclipse will bring bold awareness and spiritual growth opportunities.

As the old stuck energy shifts into a new energy, we can go through the Ascension Process one or more times. Many people are feeling these old energies infusing with the new energy, giving us an opportunity to grow. The soul's growth will vary from person to person without discrimination, bringing greater intensity in many areas.

You may be on the right path. Everything is going great, but now things aren't feeling quite right. It may seem like all of a sudden, you've become stagnant or even sliding backward. The universe is bringing us a swift energy reboot to help us move toward our soul's purpose. Doubting if you have made a poor choice or picked the wrong person will play a part in all of these energy shifts. Along with what's happening in your human life events, most likely, you will be experiencing Ascension symptoms.

10 Top Ascension Symptoms

Intense Emotions:

Worrying, Anxiety, Stress, Anger, Joy. Any emotion can become heightened during this time as the old energy (experiences) becomes infused with the new energy.

Vivid Dreams:

Intense visions, seeing the beyond, vivid colors, words, and symbols in the visions. It may feel as though the dream is real, but not in today's setting or even appearance.

Physical Sensations:

Headaches, sinus pressure, change in sleep pattern, dizziness, fatigue, and tingling, such as the tip of the tongue. The doctor can't find any problems, but you do. These symptoms will leave, and you will recharge as the recalibrating process is completed.

Increases Synchronicities:

Symbols, numbers, names, and other repeating signs from the universe. These are confirmations that you are spiritually growing . . . Ascending to a new level of awareness. The feeling of being connected to the bigger picture, collective consciousness, will be enhanced through the process.

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Emotional Clearing:

Crying, laughing, or other emotions tied to past experiences will now be released. They are shifting out to allow new, or clean, emotions to come in while shifting into a higher consciousness.

Increased Intuition:

With an expansion of consciousness, psychic visions, auditory perception, inner knowing, and intuitive abilities will become stronger. Instant flashes of past or future experiences will pop in, along with other intuitive abilities, to help you make choices in the new energy.

Dietary Changes:

Effortlessly and without thinking, foods you love may no longer seem interesting. Old nutrition habits will begin to change to a healthy way of eating. Taking care of our physical body will become second nature like a blink of an eye . . . The higher self will carry you through.

Heightened Sensitivity:

A stronger feeling of attachment to others . . . feeling their emotions, seeing beyond the social boundaries, and tapping into the energy around you will be intensified. Touching nature will help to decipher who the feelings or energy is attached to, giving us a deeper connection to ourselves and how to proceed further.


A feeling of being disconnected and detached from others. Isolation allows the soul to become cleared, cleansed, and purified for growth and awareness. Through alone time, new energy can infuse your authentic self to ascend to a higher plateau.

Increased Creativity:

A straight-line connection to your higher self and the universal connection will bring sparkling fresh ideas to increase your spiritual bonding and give to others in the process. It can show in our dreams, daydreams, and deep meditative experiences.

What symptoms are you experiencing through this divine cycle?

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