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40 Signs Of A "Keeper" For A Prosperous Relationship

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

Here are forty signs the person we choose for a relationship will be the right one for us, allowing for security and growth, leading to a prosperous life with Ascending Souls Journey love and relationships.

The idea of falling in love is an unbelievably uplifting and stimulating experience. Thinking about what to say on a first date through to the question of "will we ever be in a committed relationship" emerge as we move closer to that special someone.

Holding hands as we stroll down a moonlit path can bring out the fluttering hearts' desires, and before we know it, we fall for a person that seems to fit everything we believe is our perfect partner.

Many ask a question as we continue to be open to the new perfect partnership: how do we know we are with the right person? Romance, passion, adventure, and long night conversations signify that we may be investing our time and energy with that particular person. But many other signs, gestures, and communications can guide us spiritually, mentally, and emotionally to know this is the right one for us.

Everyone has a distinctive way of sharing themselves and showing they're committed to their romantic partner, and still, the tell-all signs will be there as we create a keeper partnership for years to come. Here are forty of those signs to begin the journey of learning the interconnection with our newly acquired love and even those we've been with for decades.

A good partner will:

  • Live in the moment

  • Never keep you a secret from others

  • Show you that they care

  • Work to express their feelings

  • Want you both to laugh until you cry

  • Never flirt with someone else

  • Never be jealous of you

  • Not run away out of fear

  • Be spontaneous

  • Always support you in new projects

  • Focus on your conversation, not listen to others talking in the room

  • Be support without overgiving

  • Never secretly listen to your private conversations

  • Never cheat on you

  • Never say you're not worth it

  • Give you space when you need it

  • Respect you

  • Not treat you like their ex

  • Talk to you when you're scared

  • Not be embarrassed to stand by your side

  • Never hide you from their friends

  • Not speak to you with disdain

  • Always tell the whole truth about what's important

  • Keep a secret that won't damage the relationship

  • Participate in life with you

  • Be proud you're their partner

  • Listen when you need to talk

  • Never flirt with your best friend or family

  • Always include you when around their other friends

  • Make time for you

  • Wipe tears away when you're sad

  • Watch scary movies with you

  • Help you when you need it

  • Love you when you wear your sweatpants

  • Never call you stupid

  • Never steal from you

  • Never use children to manipulate you

  • Never intimidate you

  • Have patience when you're stressed

  • Feed your cat

Forty more are in store.

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