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Empowering Connections

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

by Ascending Souls Journey

There are people we meet who come into our small world and touch our souls. They affect us with their words, their actions, and most of all, their beliefs about us. They understand our wants and desires, making us feel safe to become vulnerable. No matter what happens, this is the person who leaves us with a smile and a feeling of warmth in our chest.

An unexplainable bond with someone we met in a meeting or went on a weekend trip with that impacts our core profoundly. They trigger us to transform where we become a better person. A unique, unseen tie that seems to connect us forever, even when we are miles apart.

The soul connection has a seemingly unimaginable strength attached that seems unbreakable. A mention of their name can make us perk back up from years ago when we last were with them. Empowering us to restore the courage we once lacked to make significant changes toward wholeness.

They bring a silent and soft feeling of knowing the meeting was destiny. Something profound that is surreal and felt on both sides. The materialistic aspect that may come through the encounter holds no value compared to the laughter, crying, and sharing of times never forgotten. These chosen people always show up at the right moment to help us in our life journey.

They serve as a rare, precious gift to let us know we have meaning and are not invisible. These chosen individuals show us we can make the right choices and release any weaknesses stored. If we open our hearts to them, an unexplainable connection can be one of our greatest assets. The rare moment we gain the strength to keep moving forward is buried deep within returns. Even if they disappear, their memories will last for eternity.

Living without soul connections would make us want to give up and lack the feeling of being in love with life. Sadness and loneliness plague our thoughts and bodies with an emptiness that nothing can replace. Their memory keeps us going because we now have confirmation we aren't crazy - there is such a thing as a soul connection.

The deep intertwining changes us, breaking down the barriers that make us want to quit on our dreams. A remarkable experience rejuvenates and fills us with passion, motivation, and desires. We hold it close to our hearts, always in the back of our minds. Confident they will remember this gift of bonding with each other.

28 Love and Ascension Recipes

by LA Gonzales

Is there an easier way to understand the life and spiritual processes we encounter?

Laughter wakes up the soul and allows our human and spiritual interconnection to hold value and purpose.

Laugh - Grow - Empower with the humorous life and soul recipes filled with human logic and emotional ingredients to gain empowerment in our journey.

We know we are to cherish those memories and put them to good use in the world. Finding another soul connection and helping them feel "new" like that one special soul connection did for us is the best part of the experience. When we do, their warmth returns in our hearts, and we hear their words that make us believe in ourselves.

These encounters lead us to take action to help others, adding to the chain that grows with new connections worldwide, from one ocean to another, where we know no matter how far apart, we are always together.


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Much love and light

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